Tuesday 22 February 2011

Special time together!

Due to the fact that Cleggy was convinced the boys half term holiday was this week (to be fair, for many people, it is...)
and therefore isn't working, we have found three days almost free of anything else to share together! THREE FULL DAYS!
(when I say full, I do of course mean between drop off and pick up)

We have been very (very) well behaved and 'done' the huge stack of boring paperwork that comes with running 2 businesses on day 1. 
It made our heads hurt (not helped by persistant banging from the basement - update tomorrow) but we stuck with it. 

I, for one, resisted both 'America's next top model' (sorry - sad but true, addicted) and some lovely new stamps that arrived in the post from Paperbag Studios (also in America)...which I LOVE!
My favourite is this one

can't wait to have a play...   

We didn't get it all finished but did enough to warrent a couple of days playing out tomorrow.

Now, I gave my little sister Nelly a good talking to today about the guilt that comes with motherhood. I found myself saying that it never leaves you...not sure how that helped her, but my point was that it's normal! (Mabel had been v v tricksy yesterday and Nelly felt bad for not enjoying it!). 

So, not sure why I feel bad doing anything fun, just me and Cleggy, without our gorgeous boys...but I do.

To limit the guilt I think we'll go to see a film they wouldn't enjoy (The King's Speech), eat somewhere that wouldn't top their list (YO Sushi!) and mooch around John Lewis, spending money we now know (from said paperwork) we don't have!!! Guilt appeased...?

I also wanted to share some words I read on one of todays blog finds....it was written by someone following a really sad family tradgedy so it didn't feel right to link to it but here are the words I'm going to try and keep in my head 

"...we have today. I have today- with my girls, with my husband with strangers with friends. I have this one special day to show LOVE. I don’t know about the future but I know I have now. I want each moment to count and know I’ve done all I can to love fully each day

We can’t always choose what happens in life. We can sit back and fight it and become hardened and angry. Or we can embrace the path we walk on and allow our hearts to grow fuller and richer and show that to others in each day we have."

That's it....fee x
p.s who am I kidding....the boys love sushi!


  1. Hello! Just found your lovely blog via Teawagontales. I'll definitely be back.

  2. Thank you for sharing those inspiring words...I soooooo agree...but must must must remember!!!

    No "girl" talk today..how are they doing? I hope they were able to get into the coop last night!!! huggadoodles my sweet friend. xoxo


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