Tuesday 15 February 2011

Lots of new keyrings and a rescue chicken update

I haven't done any Chipper Nelly keyrings for a while but found myself inspired to make loads today.
I give you Three Queens (don't worry, have learnt my lesson about tags!)

some more 70's classics...

and some faries to watch over you...
There are 8 faries altogether (the other four are diet, friend, good man and pouty face)

I also made some fresh new bunting for the kitchen
which I like....especially the yellow bird....
but fear Cleggy won't! (has a slight aversion to yellow)

Now, I did spend quite a while with the chickens today - the new girls feathers are really coming in, but it was hard to photograph them as they kept pecking my toes through my Uggs! 

The beginning of each feather is like a straw tube and looks spikey. When Delilahs came through (she had been over mated at the farm!) they were bright blue and looked like slug pellets.
Anyway, Gladys and Muriels are 
also a bit of a strange purple colour but are coming through thick and fast.

Notice Muriel is still choosing to wear her comb as a fringe!!

(or maybe a Victorian bonnet?)

I know this isn't the best picture of the girls but it's the clearest of their new feathers.

Perhaps I should make them a little 'feather fairy' tag for their coop key...
"she'll make sure they are as beautiful as the other ladies!"
fee x

ps while looking for information about chicken feathers I came across this link:
 It would make me chuckle if I saw Jesus in our chickens feathers - but you know noone would believe me!


  1. The 'feather fairy' keytag is a must!!! Too funny - LOL! Their feathers are coming in nicely! :)

  2. Loving everything over here today....especially your Chicken girls. xoxoxo


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