Saturday 29 September 2012

!♥! OUCH !♥!

It's been quite a week here. Apart from the usual shenanigans Alfie managed to break his wrist in spectacular fashion, by literally falling over badly at Scouts.

Not one for mollycoddling, I picked him up and on the way home suggested a dose of calpol and a good sleep. I changed my mind when he turned a peeky green and winced every time we went over a speed bump, so (reluctantly) took him to A&E. As we got out the car I had a look under the cold cloth his wrist was wrapped in:
His arm was very wrong!  and he was struggling not to pass out.

Fortunately we received excellent attention at the hospital; he was taken straight through, given a shot of morphine and seen straight away. I was between phones (I had a new iphone but it wasn't working) and we took nothing with us - it was a loooong night! 
(How did we ever EVER cope without mobiles?! HOW?) 
We ended up staying in for three days, alongside family from HELL in the bed next door, and leaving with the mother of all cough/colds. 
Eating a homemade Thai green curry sent in by lovely friends!
Alfie's arm is well pinned back together and in a nice big cast - with strict instructions to do very little. Of course it's his writing hand, which he's thrilled about.

Meanwhile I have a finished project to show...and it's a nice big blanket! I have a VERY short attention span and have struggled with anything that takes longer than a night or 2 to make (I'm not proud of this) BUT I've found the answer....
 a 15mm crochet hook and some unfeasibly chunky wool!
This took me about three nights to make - using Cygnet 'seriously chunky'. I reckon it cost me about £30 in total and it's incredibly thick and warm. I didn't use a pattern - I just did a row of single stitch followed by a row of double. (or UK treble) 
I wanted a simple edge so just did a row of single stitch around the outside. Easy!
Perfect for snuggling under!
I'm now addicted to big hooks and big wool and have started another project - I'll be showing and telling by next post at this rate!

Before our little hospital escapade I made plenty of commissions too this week. My favourite was for a (nother!) friend of Nelly's, who wanted something special for her grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.
Kate asked if I would try using photocopies of photos  - something I've dabbled with before but it's tricksy.
 If you use photographic paper it's hard to get it to stick well and difficult to sand and varnish. Whenever I've tried photocopied images in the past the ink has run and the paper has been too thin. 
For whatever reason the ones Kate gave me were the right size and worked a treat. I think they are one of my favourite sets yet 
(I know I say that all the time!!)
I couldn't use the big photo in the background as it wouldn't fit on a block without losing something - 
but loved using it as a back drop...
I also enjoyed making another set of blocks for someone's 21st - with words of wisdom from the wise on!

...and my first graduation blocks:
A sign for my BF (happy birthday Jane!)
A BIG christening box for Lucy:
with a nice tag
...and some more anniversary blocks - this time for a ruby wedding
 Our new lady hens have settled in well (the other girls have finally  allowed them in the coop!) but are looking a little bedraggled from all this rain!
Before I go I thought I'd share this classic comment I received on my last know the one where I celebrated wonderful family time in the lakes and the fact that Kenzie had been signed off from Oncology!!?

 "The very next time I read a blog, Hopefully it does not disappoint me just as much as this
one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I really
believed you would probably have something helpful
to say. All I hear is a bunch of complaining about something you could fix if you were not
too busy searching for attention."

Thanks 'Anonymous' - you really made me chuckle!
fee x
(see cuckoo - you're not the only one full of yourself!)

Tuesday 25 September 2012

The Great Outdoors

The largest contingent of extended family on my side live in 
Scotland, Ayrshire to be exact. My parents are Scottish, and as  children our annual holiday was a week in Scotland with the cousins. For a real treat we had 2 weeks! (same for them)

We still love to get together - they are all great company. For the past 8 years or so this has taken the form of a weekend of fun somewhere in the Lakes. 

 For the last 6 years (give or take) we've stayed at 
not far from Kirkby Stephen.

The building itself is in the middle of the most dramatic scenery - until now we've always gone for a Christmas meet up so haven't really been able to get outside. This year we plumped for September in an attempt to enjoy a BBQ/campfire. And we were in LUCK.....what were the chances?! (slim)
 The top floor of the barn is one big room - complete with wonderful open plan kitchen, long wooden tables and benches and a seating area with lots of comfy sofas. Perfect for family gatherings.
 The bottom floors have a combination of double rooms and dorm style rooms - with shower blocks for girls and boys, sleeping 24 in total. It's a family run business and the owners are really friendly and accommodating.
We always have a 'theme' for the Saturday night which involves decorating the barn, lots of craft activities and an element of dressing up! In the past we've had a murder mystery (with v graphic clues) a Salsa night and Game Show night. 
This year it was Race Night, more specifically Ladies Day!
Our beautiful cousins
Two crazy Grannies, my mum and her little sister
Me and my little sister (except I'm the little short one!)
Apart from lots of catching up we managed to fit in the following:
Kite flying
Granny, being patient..
Alfie, trying to be patient...
Kenzie and Mabel
cheap kite flying
Reading stories
(my little brother Mark and his boys)
 Lots (and lots) of eating, including bacon butties, 
cooked by a very preggers Helen (5 4 weeks to go!)

and adult ice cream factory (thanks Aunty Nelly!)
 Some football (natch)
 lots of activities (thanks Cleggy!)
 and painting...
and Luca!
 Some not joining in (love my pre-teen!)
Holding hands with big girls
Mabel and Daisy
BBQing with THE best view
Eating in the sun
 building tree houses
 creating new family portraits
♥ Me and my man ♥
cooking marshmallows on the campfire
recreating ladies day
 looking at the view from the barn window (crochet in hand)
 having a little shop in nearby Kirkby Lonsdale 
..then feeling sick from too much Penrith Fudge!
and just enjoying each others company.
Next year the theme is 'wild west' 
(think line dancing and sing-a-long calamity Jane!)
I for one can't wait!
Apologies for FB pals who already know this....but last week our gorgeous boy Kenzie was discharged from Oncology after 9 years! What more can you say about that?
(apart from Yippeeeeee!)
We are incredibly thankful to the Doctors and Nurses at Manchester Children's Hospital (especially Consultant Bernadette Brennan!) 
and feel both grateful and lucky.
fee x