Tuesday 1 February 2011

Gladys and Muriel get settled in

Our new girls are doing really well and getting more and more confident. They can now happily keep both feet on the floor and have ventured out into their little area. 

Feel sure there's a "one pot chicken dinner" tag just waiting to be written here....but couldn't do it!!

The only one of our ladies showing any real interest is Pearl, who is bottom of the pecking order at the moment. She spends quite alot of her time peering through the wire fence, clucking away

(check out that beady eye!)
I'd love to think she is saying "don't worry girls, we were all new once..." but I suspect shes's actually saying "just so we're clear, you two are at the bottom"!

Meanwhile, The Granny's Basement Cottage is coming along well, although we're all more than a little fed up with our cold, noisy and very dusty house.

This is the hall at 7.30 last night...(heating still off so we were driven to eat pie in front of a heater in the lounge - boys in heaven!!)

 Thankfully, 4 weeks in, we still like our builders and have got the hang of 'tea with 1, coffee with 2, coffee in the morning but tea in the afternoon' x 8!

Cath Kidston mug....on a precipice....
in the cellar...WHAT???

The picture below is Granny's new lounge, still some work to do!

and her new front (but back) door...

In the chipper nelly workshop it's still love, love, love. The messages I'm writing on personalised blocks are making me smile...who said romance was dead?!

I'm selling lots of dinky rudey ladies

lucky boys, fee x

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