Friday 11 February 2011

Vintage images

I had a lovely friday today - for lots of little reasons, made even better when Cleggy had an unexpected half day free (although we were both too busy to make the most of it!). 

My NOTHS shop was supposed to be closed as from yesterday but due to a 'technical hitch' I still managed to receive 6 new orders. Can't complain (did!)

I received the most beautiful present from my gorgeous pal Jane last week (she wouldn't alow me to post it, but I still might!) so made her something to say thank you very much. 

I loved working with the bright 70's colours (quite unlike my usual colour palette) and liked the little deer key fob so much I think I'll sell them. 

I coated them in glitter modge podge - have been waiting for the right product to use it on for months!

Hope you liked it my friend....

Meanwhile, when I went to let all the chickens out this morning, I was thrilled to find an egg in Muriel and Gladys's bedroom (they must be feeling more settled). 

I was less thrilled when the egg cracked in my hand and ruined a pair of navy (NAVY!) leather gloves....thanks anyway girls. Two tomorrow please...fee x

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  1. I loooooooooved it!!!! what a treat, so very me :) Thankyou lots x x I also love your fabric in the last post, can't believe you went to LEONs......without me.......... looking forward to our next G.W.B meeting :) x x x x x x x x x


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