Saturday 30 April 2011

The royal wedding post

Despite declaring myself 'not that interested' in the royal wedding I did of course find myself glued to the television from about 9am, and got cross when Cleggy wouldn't pause for me to make fresh coffee!

Needlesstosay, I had an opinion on everything, not least outfits of the rich and famous.

Here's my 3 favourites (apart from Kate's.... of course!)
Sophie Winkleman, Princess Máxima of The Netherlands and Miriam González Durántez (aka the other Mrs Clegg!)

...and my favourite image of the day? 

DID YOU KNOW....that you can view The British Monarchy's photostream on their official Flickr site?
Here's the link
Happy days!
fee x

Thursday 28 April 2011

In need of a happy post!

 Something just doesn't sit right when you have a dead duckling as the last image on your most recent blog post...
So I thought I'd share a recipe for
happy jelly!
For some reason I've never had much (/any) success with jelly (yep, know its not hard) but this version always works. And it looks nice!
  •  Place the jelly in a small pan with the orange juice and warm over a gentle heat stirring well until dissolved.
  • Thinly slice 6 of the strawberries and place in your jelly mould, reserving a few slices to decorate the top. Using a hand-held blender or food processor, puree the remaining strawberries. 
  • Place the strawberry puree, evaporated milk and the jelly mixture in a large measuring jug. Using a balloon or electric hand whisk, blend together well to aerate until the volume reaches about 1 litre.
  •  Pour the mixture into the jelly mould, allow to cool, then leave to set in a fridge for 2 hours. Turn out the jelly by dipping the mould in hot water briefly first. Serve, scattered with the reserved strawberries plus the blueberries, if using.
Meanwhile, I’ve finally managed to get back in the workshop. Our lovely builder Mark had a baby last week (his 6th!) and called her Clementine. Thought that beautiful name deserved a block.
 Chipper nelly is officially back in business next week so hopefully get some more making done over the weekend.
There… much better than a dead duckling!
  fee x
thanks for your lovely comments!