Wednesday 23 February 2011

The man from The Beano gives Chipper Nelly a call....

...and it wasn't good news! 

Seemingly, the man in question represents the company who have the sole license to sell 'Beano' products and the Beano Blocks for sale by little ol' me have come to their attention. Their main concern seems to be that my products may 'cause commercial confusion'. 
I WISH!! (love the idea of someone going into John Lewis and asking someone to personalise a block!)

Anyway, I guess the rules are the rules (and the man seemed very sure about them) so for the time being Beano Blocks are no longer available. I'm looking into what I can sell in their place, maybe something called 'Vintage Comic Blocks'? If anyone out there in blogland knows anything about licensing please get in touch!

Meantime, here are some more lovely 'vintage comic' pictures for your visual pleasure...

Cleggy and I had a jolly day out - we managed lunch but no film, so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

The rescue girls are continuing to hold their own, although when Cleggy went to lock up the coop last night he couldn't find Gladys anywhere...turns out she had got in the coop but was underneath Betty! 

Poor Muriel was out in the cold and yet again the door was being guarded by Pearl. Maybe she's going for divide and conquer! Either way, harsh!

The weather man has just announced 'spring like weather' for tomorrow - hope there's enough to go round...fee x


  1. Oh the girls will love the "spring like" weather...sunshine will make their little feathers sprout!
    That Pearl is something else isn't she???
    Your sweet writing always cheers me up.

    Sorry to hear about your adorable blocks...I know nothing about a lot of things and that includes licensing rules ..which kinda scare me...

    Sending you oodles of love for a grand day glad I found you my friend.xxoxo

  2. Hi there - only recently discovered your lovely blog, and I was intrigued by your run-in with Ladybird and the previous one with Beano. I can't believe that they have a case when you are using old magazines and essentially recycling them. Perhaps calling them Beano Blocks is a touch too close, but Comic Blocks is surely OK. And are you really sure that the Puffin order was a warning? It seems such a shame.

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