Sunday 27 October 2013

Sad and Happy

Thank you for the kind comments and messages after my last post. There's more sad news here this week, but hold on...don't go...
there is some truly joyous news too!

Our lovely Granny finally left us a few days ago. She had been sleeping most of the time since our last visit, and stopped eating and drinking. She was ready to go.

But she was singing the last words of the songs she could still hear being sung in the hospice and 
she had some ice cream the day she died. 
Go Granny.
 When I was 18 I went on my first visit to 'meet the parents' of the man who was already my soul mate and future husband. I can't remember why, but for some reason I was getting changed in the front room of their house. They lived on a busy road, but not one you often saw people walk along. 

Rather than shut the huge curtains in the bay window I stripped my top off - bra less, boobs well and truly out there 
(ah, they were the days!!) 
As I did so an old lady walked right past the window and got an absolute EYEful.

Of course a few minutes later there was a knock at the door and I was formally introduced to the same said 'old lady' - Cleggy's Grandma, who simply gave me a cheeky wink and no more was said!

I've been a bit short changed in the grandparent department (and the parents to be fair!) as all mine had died when I was much younger - so to gain a lovely Grandma in my life, who went on to love our children too, was a real treat. 
As the Scottish contingent pulled together and helped Grandma and Granny during these difficult few days Cleggy and I volunteered to clear out Granny's house. There was a tight time frame, it was difficult both logistically and emotionally - but an absolute pleasure to be able to help out. 
One photo that summed it up for me is this one
I never found out the story behind it - 
but for me it represents a life lived and loved.
We will all miss her.

So, we needed some cheering up - and it came in ABUNDANCE 
this weekend.

Two of our friends have suffered the tragedy of a life lost, both to cancer. Our friend Ruth lost her lovely husband Chris a few years ago and we have been full of admiration for the way she embraced the challenge of raising her three young children to become the gorgeous, well rounded young adults they are today.

Yesterday we were thrilled to be part of the celebrations - as Ruth married the new love of her life Simon. The wedding was in Manchester Art Gallery and was both beautiful and moving. We wish them all the love in the world for a happy life together and many more memory making adventures.
Another friend lost their little girl Lydia, aged 7, just last year. They had the same Oncologist as we had for Kenzie - and the knowledge that we could have lost our boy just as easily has made our admiration for them all the more poignant. 

They too have been a HUGE inspiration to everyone who knows them. 

On Thursday they welcomed a new addition to their family - a beautiful baby girl 
We can't wait to meet this little bundle of gorgeousness - and wish the whole family lots of love and happy times ahead. 
They really deserve it.
Fee x

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Another lesson learnt...

Well, after the joy of a successful fund raiser things went a little pear shaped around here.
We got the message from up North that Cleggy's wonderful Grandma had taken a turn for the worse and that we should think about making the journey to say our goodbyes.

But before we got there Cleggy's Dad died. Such a shock.
I share many things with Grandad, including my birthday! 
It's not always been the easiest of relationships. 
He's a man of too few words - I'm a girl of far too many. 
And our views on life haven't always been harmonious. 
But I think that our values were the same, and I have 
alot to thank him for. 
Not least that he was the BEST role model for my gorgeous husband in showing what it is to truly love a woman. 

Grandad Clegg was also a BRILLIANT musician. When I first met Cleggy at college his parents were in a jazz band - his Dad playing the saxophone and clarinet and his Mum singing. 
Some of my happiest memories of that time in our life were going to watch them play - just ace. Grandad was self taught, he could improvise like no one else...the blues were just in his blood.

 He didn't fill my life with words of wisdom (in fact the one bit of advice he did give me was both hilarious and inappropriate - hmmmm, can see that in my husband too!) but he made a great job of raising 2 wonderful men, both of whom I love very much. I'm immensely proud of how they have supported each other and their Mum through what has been an incredibly difficult few weeks.
 Meanwhile Great Grandma hung on in there - and is seeing out her last days in an amazing Marie Curie hospice in Edinburgh. It's been hard, but we've had some very special times with her and have said our goodbyes, with chance to tell her how much we all love her. 

And as with any difficult situation there are some good life lessons learnt. I had already decided I needed to take a year off from my business in order to reassess my work/life balance - and events have shown me that this was absolutely the right decision. I've also realised how much we need to see more of Cleggy's family and vow to stop the distance between us getting in the way. (love you guys)

We've also had to clear out Grandma's house - which has given me much to think about. I have too much 'stuff' and don't need any more. Life has already shown me that TIME is the most precious commodity...but I've had a sharp reminder and plan to make the most of knowing this. fee x