Tuesday 19 February 2013

Another Place

 We don't really do valentines day around here...but it doesn't stop me using the opportunity to add more hearts to the front door.

I wish I'd taken a better photo of this. The central heart is a foam shape (hobbycraft) which I covered in Tim Holtz vintage valentine paper then poked holes in with a darning needle. I blanket stitched around then added a fancy border - and am thinking it would make lovely bunting?!

Is there anyone (in the UK!) who doesn't LOVE daffodils for all that they represent....
for me it's the teeny tiny hope that warmer weather is on the way. 
It's certainly felt like Spring in the North West these last few days - and hearing that the cold weather is set to return before long we took the opportunity of a blue sky and a half term holiday to hit the beach yesterday.

I've wanted to visit Anthony Gormley's 'Another Place' sculpture installation for years - and we finally made the mere 1 hour journey to see it!
For the uninitiated the work consists of  100 identical cast iron figures which face out to sea, spread over a 2 mile stretch on Crosby Beach, just north of Liverpool. It has previously been installed in Germany, Norway and Belgium and was due to be moved to New York in 2007. Controversially Sefton council agreed it would remain permanently in Crosby.
The men are all 6ft 2" and as the tide ebbs and flows they are revealed then completely submerged.
They are also anatomically correct - which is (naturally) the thing the boys liked best. 100 willies on a beach!
I saw a model opportunity - and present my latest crochet piece - a hat and cowl:
 I was really thrilled that I managed to make the hat - it's defeated me many times before. I was less than thrilled when I had to remove it completely half way down the beach as it went baggy and covered my eyes. Not least because I had neglected to wash my hair! 

How difficult are hats? anyone got any fail safe patterns/tips feel free to share with me.
maybe I shouldn't have stretched it over a large man's head!!
          The light on the beach was really beautiful - a really low wintry sun full of promise.
 I found lots of lovely drift wood - but no hearts, so made one:
 I haven't made any progress with the crochet addiction - and among other things have made a new cowl with frill. 
I'm a frilly kind of girl - not sure about the colour combo here, the wool looked nicer together before I made it up.
  I did manage to combine my two crafting love (blocks and crochet) 
                     by crocheting over some blocks!  
                                 What a sado!!!
And to get another fix I made a square for Stocki's 
I can't tell you how happy I'd be to win! 
(nice granny huh? wish I could find the pattern again!)

Finally I'd like to thank lovely Sam Sunshine 
(that's her REAL name...how jealous am I?!) 
for her wonderful smelling candle received as part of a swap this week. I could smell it before I even (ripped) opened the package...and when it's done making my living room smell less of boys (no mean feat) I have a Pip Studio pot. What's not to like? 
Sam fills all sorts of vintage vessels with soya candles, especially beautiful jelly moulds. 
Hang on a minute,  she's called Mrs Sunshine, she lives in Devon, she shops for pieces of vintage crockery then fills them with candles for a living....off to cross her OFF my new pal list!!
fee x
(not really....thanks again Sam, it's perfect)


  1. I would love to see those statues for real - I think the whole boy/willy/giggling thing would happen here too! Love the idea of using one as a model too - hope you manage to salvage the hat :)

  2. Beautiful pictures Fee, the beach looks amazing ... such a happy, natural, family!

    Your crochet's very impressive too!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. My dear, dear Fee! HELLO THERE!

    Thank you for stopping by today! First of all, I LOVE BLOGGING and my blog, but I am taking a trip to my home state of California and I will not have my computer. I don't leave until the first week of March, but I do need a break from having to THINK OF POSTS to put up. My plan is to read more, play more music (my harp) and to draw to get my Etsy shop filled up with cards. I am going through yet another transition of my goals for this time that I am lucky enough to be away from a full-time job.

    And you my dear...you are a bit bored with your blog? NO! It is such a happy place, but blogging does require so much energy to maintain. And it is for that reason as well that I need to step back just a bit to recharge my creative writing goals.

    I wish you well. The men in your household look fit and fun and as always, you bring a smile to my face. Much love to you across that huge pond, Anita

  4. Fab pics, and what handsome boys you have! And love that you used one of the statues to model your makes. Love your gorgeous frilly cowl too - do you have a pattern for that or did you just create it as you went along? I'm a frilly gal too!
    Enjoy the rest of your week,

  5. hi, using one of the statues as a model made me smile, looks like you had a great family day out, ali

  6. Looks like a grand day out on the beach, with all those funny men (I mean the statues!!!). Have heard of these but never seen them. The one in the hat and cowl looks so adorable! :)

  7. Mr Chipper Nelly is hot. Nuff said. I like his style and his happy, relaxed look. You have a keeper there, but you already knew that.
    And HOW handsome are your boys? Oh Fee you are so blessed.
    I am still in shock over your crochet and how much you do. I am STILL working on a giant granny as can't do anything else and it's taken me 11 months so far and still only a third of the size I want it to be.
    Am so jel.
    We have a house full of daffs in jam jars too. I Heart them.
    Happy Wednesday
    Gem x x x

  8. Oh I love your heart in the top photo, it's gorgeous. I love hearts! Also love your crochet blocks. Your blog is fab.
    M xxx

  9. Loving those beach photos, though noting that u do not feature (hmm).
    On the spades one i can almost hear the noise GB is making. And I am liking Al's outfit.

  10. Sorry hadn't finished, really struggle to comment when using e iPad. If you make an error and try to delete it just seems to freeze and u have to start again. Hence the spelling error above. Don't dare go back.
    Yes I know need Wilf on my banner, just can't now find the original and haven't got round to making a new one. Remember how LNG it took me to get dimensions right last time...
    Again spelling error noted.

  11. Very jealous of your trip to Crosby. You know we are only about an hour away too but we just never seem to get round to going - always something else going on (grrr). This might sound a bit naff but how about threading some shearing elastic through the brim of your hat (yes that does sound naff but who knows it might work!) x Jane

  12. Great pix, Fee of all those menfolk, both yours and Anthony Gormley's! I especially liked the one with the man wearing your very stylish crochet. When we visited the sculptures a few years ago one was wearing a traffic cone :)
    Lovely to see your new crochet blocks....and such a pretty heart!
    Sun's out....but chilly still...keep cosy!
    Helen x

  13. Hi Fee,

    I enjoyed hearing from you again! You have been very busy! Love your new hat and your granny squares. They are very pretty. Your men look great too!

    Have a lovely evening Madelief x

  14. Helloooo my Chipper friend :D Loving that front door heart! But I can't agree about the daffs, sorry ... they're way too stinky, or maybe I'm just sensitive to the pong! (I can't abide lilies either, for the same reason.)

    Do you remember my Antony Gormley's Bottom 'cheeky' post (which actually was nowhere near as much fun as this one of yours)? I do adore that installation!

    Happy crocheting x


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