Sunday 27 February 2011

Moaning all day but a little family sing song cheers everyone up!

I try hard to avoid moaning for tooooo long (usually able to catch a grip pretty quickly) but a major computor virus has made me whinge and whine for much of the day. 

Apart for paying a decent amount for protection I also purchased a couple of other clean up programmes today - all to no avail...the spyware has well and truly embedded itself. So, off to be (hopefully) fixed tomorrow.

Since it was raining I decided a family film was in order, and decided it HAD to be The Sound of Music! The boys took some convincing  but 2 out of 3 boys stuck with it. 

Alfie thought Frederick and Kurt dressed up in curtain lederhosen looked like Bruno - made us all laugh...

(when did he see Bruno?)

We had to forward through all the nuns singing bits (and none of them could look at the big snog between The Captain and Maria) but, on the whole, it was a success!

Moaning has ceased, uniform is ready (yawn) and life is back in perspective (thanks Viv at, your 'self indulgent' post did me good)....virus shmirus....fee x

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  1. ha! my 2 boys loved the Sound of Music when it was on telly at Christmas - my husband (who had never watched it before) moaned throughout!! have to admit though, even I forgot what a long film it was!


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