Thursday 26 April 2012

Patient Update!

Thank you SOoooo much for all the supportive comments over the last couple of days - I was completely overwhelmed. And the love for Kenzie's buns made us both smile!

I'm pleased to report that his operation went well, they didn't find anything scary inside his head (!) and he is happily recovering beside me on the settee.

I realised right from the start of this journey that Cleggy would be better equipped than me to take Kenzie down to theatre (after sobbing uncontrollaby the first time - you know the real gutteral sob that you know is embarrasing even though its perfectly understandable?)

But I always insist on going to collect him - much easier.
UNTIL yesterday. It's never nice, but At least at that point it's over and everyone is telling you with confidence that he's OK.
Unfortunatly the relief, the heat and the horrible hospital smell all combined to make me woozy....and the next thing I know everything is swimming and I'm being lifted onto a flamin bed. With a cot side 'for my safety'.  

The SHAME!!!

Of course, there's always an upside. Cleggy thought this was hilarious (and promptly texted all family members to let them know...thanks). Fortunatly he arrived in recovery without his phone, so no nothing to show. I'm surprised he didn't ask to go back for it.

Anyway, after the inevitable sore few hours Kenzie was soon back in the room and enjoying a biscuit boost!
Unfortunatly his ear wasn't so happy - and he ended up having the full head bandage:
 The Giggle Doctors in the top photos are brilliant. They are paid for by a charity called Theodora Children's Trust and do their job in such a sensitive way, in children's hospitals all over the country.

They get a feel for how much a child wants to be included, and tailor their fun to suit the age and nature of the child. Far harder then they make it look!

They were very funny and we all enjoyed their company and the distraction. Cleggy enjoyed it a little too much!! (and I liked their shoes a little too much!)

So here we are...the lucky ones. We are forever grateful for our brave boy, for all the amazing doctors and nurses at our hospitals, and for our luck. It certainly stops you moaning about the weather....fee x

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Full Circle

About 9 years ago our gorgeous boy Kenzie went into hospital to have a routine operation to remove a polyp from his left ear.

It turned out to be a tumour.

Our lives were turned upside down in an instant and we entered a world we never knew existed...

After investigation the doctors discovered not one but many tumours - all over his skull. 

Kenzie had 6 months of intensive chemotherapy and the following year was given the all clear. We had big party (and another baby!)

Then it came back. 

And this time the doctors discovered it was not only in his bones but also in his pituitary gland, bone marrow and possibly elsewhere. 

Kenzie then had 12 (long) months of chemotherapy and spent many (many!) weeks in and out of hospital, missing his first year of school.

9 years later, I feel able to say he is well! He's one of the kindest boys you could meet. And SO funny. We love him very much.

When he was 2 we were told his odds of survial were 50/50 and it felt like the end of the world. I now know how lucky we were. 

I know others are not so lucky, and I know some people reading this know someone who is going through the nightmare, or is living it themselves. My thoughts really are with you - and although there's nothing else I can do to help I hope that picture of our happy boy with his cherry buns makes you smile.

Tomorrow Kenzie is going into hospital for a routine operation... to patch up the hole in his left ear.

It feels like full circle.
fee x

Thursday 19 April 2012

GB is 8!

Brrrrr, it's cold here again today. Where has the sun gone?

You know how I like a random post - well here goes:

Firstly I made a purchase and have developed a new obsession...a slow cooker! 
While we were at featherdown farm we slow cooked some delicious stews on the stove. When I got back I had a comment from a new follower Sam who lives in Arkansas. I popped over to her blog say hello and found an interesting recipe for slow cooked pork. I took it as a sign (from who??!) and was on Argos online in a jiffy getting myself a crockpot! (£24 for a huge one...bargain)
 So, with  my little sister and G Kisby over for dinner the following day I set about throwing the bizarre ingredients (I didn't measure anything) into the pot and left it cooking for 9 hours. Yes, there was some questioning of my sanity ('pancake syrup? really?) but the consensus was that it was de-flamin'liscious!

Obviously I am now seeking out more recipes...loving the idea of putting dinner together after the morning school run - leaving me more available for the witching hour!
Last week I received 3 gorgeous packages 
(but have only photographed 2. Annie - yours has been cut up!!! see later)
The first was from Helen as part of a swap. A gorgeous monogrammed pin cushion in my favourite adorable?
Thank you Helen - it will be treasured forever.
Helen's current post is a visual feast of nautical colours...pop over and prepared to be inspired.

The second was a giveaway winning! Who doesn't LO♥E a giveaway?!
This pocket bunting is beautifully made by Jooles from sewsweetviolet blog, another of my all time favourites. It's currently hanging in my hallway - and already has treasure in the pockets!

This block is the last of the winners from Annie's giveaway. It was won by Lori from loritimesfive blog in California. Lori requested the word 'wool' on a winter white block. It was a pleasure to make.
Lori is a few days away from a massively exciting trip to Africa - which all came about through blogging! She has made some wonderful crochet pockets filled with little treasures to take with her as gifts for children in a himba village in Namibia - take a look. As if you need any more reasons to visit Lori, there's also a fab post on her knitted shawl (one for you Cuckoo!) here.

After the love shown for Mabels vintage Ladybird peg, and the gift of a duplicate book (Annie - I love them all! Thank you) I've been able to chop up the rest of my 'Puppies and Kittens' book to make some more pegs to sell here on the blog.

The first set of photos were taken before I made holes for the pegs!
 The pictures are sealed on to a block of solid birch 10x10x1cm and have a recessed hole for a screw (which I don't have!)
The wooden peg is shaker style and hammers in. I can either hammer it in before sending or send with the peg separately.

If you're interested in buying one please let me know which one you fancy - there's only one of each. Drop me an email ( so I have your email address to send you a paypal invoice. They are £15 each which includes wrapping and postage (If outside the UK then I'll add on another £1 for the extra postage)

I'm happy to stamp a message on the back if you fancy - I've done an example to give you an idea of space available. The best font is old typewriter as in the example, all lower case.

And finally, our littlest boy is 8 today. 
If ever there was a boy high on life it's our Geordie. He is NEVER still, always (very) dirty, mischievous, often highly strung, always funny, loves all of our animals (take that back - he has neglected to remember his own hamster Mr Bob Boblingson) and great all round entertainment. As third child he has to fight hard for his voice to be heard - and once he gets an opening he literally talks until someone stops him.

Happy days
fee x

Wednesday 11 April 2012

A Holiday Of Two Halves

am I shrinking?
Carry on with the holiday washing (9 loads...HOW!?) or write a holiday blog post?

Hmmmmm, tough choice!

So, we spent the first week of the Easter hols down in our favourite part of the UK, South Devon. 

We stayed Batson Creek which is just outside Salcombe. 

The little cottage was just right - and had wonderful views, which changed dramatically with the tides and the bizzare weather.
Cleggy and I sat on the bench at the top of the creek with a pint of pimms in our hand and a blanket on our knees, 
like two (very happy) old people!
We filled every day to the brim - here are the highlights: 
A long walk to Snapes Point - worth it for the views of Salcombe
A ferry trip to South Beach, where Cleggy burnt his nose (...again)and GB buried Kenzie's crocs. When, after much searching, they couldn't be found, he had to come home on the ferry with bare feet!
Dam making at Hope cove...
followed by a good game of cards in the pub (with much needed roaring fire!)
 Rock pooling at Milton Sands...
 Finding a stone with a hole in to match Thurlestone rock:
  Followed by hot chocolate and buns in the tiny, but perfectly formed Beachhouse cafe
 And eating pasties as big as your head...

 Spending time with Cuckoo and her gorgeous family
The boys decided Cuckoo was well worth impressing so spent many an hour perfecting their card tricks!

The second bit of the holiday was a surprise for Cleggy and the boys. I've long wanted to stay at a Featherdown Farm, and decided Easter weekend was the perfect time. So, instead of visiting our friends in Market Drayton for tea on the way home (the ruse) we arrived at a one had guessed!
The lovely friends from Market Drayton DID make our tea...but they brought it to the tent in a pan! 
(much appreciated S and S - and wonderful to see you all. Hope you are now enjoying Salcombe!)
If you haven't come across the idea it's well worth a look. Like camping, but with some luxuries thrown in, such as a bed!

We stayed on a dairy farm called Lipley in Shropshire

The owners Tracey and Stephen were brilliant hosts and we learnt loads about the life of a farmer, even in a short stay.  We'll never take milk for granted again!

The boys were able to bottle feed lambs and help Stephen milk the cows.
 As with any good camping holiday, the boys met loads of new friends and played outside until it was dark and cold - when they moaned loudly about coming in! 
It brought back so many memories of camping holidays Cleggy and I had as children - although I imagine the Grandparents are now scoffing that we call this camping!
There are only five tents at Lipley - with great views

The equipment was a wonderful mixture of wood, metal, and vintage coloured enamel - just begging for photo opportunities!

We toasted anything we could get our hands on on the stove
And the Easter Bunny still found us!

The thing the boys were most excited about was the cupboard bed - so we had to have a bed rota. On the last night it was mine and Cleggys turn!

All in all a great Easter holiday was had by all.

I've got loads more lovely giveaway/swap news....but think that's enough for one post! 

The post Easter diet starts tomorrow off to hoover up any remaining chocolate I can find lying around. Boys beware - no chocolate is safe....fee x