Thursday 17 February 2011

sharing the love...

Yesterday I was thrilled to hear from Charis at o&c photography, who had bought one of my Love Blocks and used it as a prop for a little set of photos called 'love'. 
 Of course I then spent (literally) hours looking at all their wonderful wedding pictures...didn't help with the flickr addiction!!

This one is my absolute favourite (serious camera envy!)
Camera love
Originally uploaded by o&c Photography

Here are the others in the set...

They even made a picture from the free tag I popped in their package...
It absolutley made my day - how lovely to see the things you've made be used in a totally creative way by someone else!

Thanks again Charis and Owen, 
fee x

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  1. These images are beautiful. Simple and Sweet!
    Have a lovely day , Fee xxx


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