Tuesday 10 July 2012

Where does the time go?

I can't believe it's a year since my last anniversary post...
how does that happen?
So 19 years ago today we made those special vows...
(don't worry, I didn't say 'obey') 
and to celebrate this year we I decided on a country house hotel/spa for our obligatory cheeky night away.
I had planned on a picnic in the gardens, lounging in the sunshine doing nothing but cloud watching. 
 Clearly that was never going to happen this summer. 
However, neither was I expecting a Brit to be in the Wimbledon final, so being inside wasn't so bad!
We took cream tea in our room and I have never been so pleased to find a TV in the bathroom!!
 We did manage a walk around the grounds in between showers - 
pretty and wonderfully green

The grave stones belong to family pets from the time when the property was privately owned.  Apparently the building has 2 ghosts, one a maid who took a fatal tumble hanging curtains in the main hall, and another boy who still walks the grounds looking for his lost dog (buried above)!
 Overall it was a lovely treat - good service, posh dinner, wellies and croquet widely available and time with my favourite person.

Unfortunately for my gorgeous husband, taking a job 300 miles away  means this is our first anniversary APART. 

Yes, we agreed to celebrate a couple of days early, but I couldn't let it pass without some sort of forfeit.

Since I posted a couple of wedding pictures last year I thought I'd share some of our honeymoon, just for a chuckle. (for me, obviously)

We spent our honeymoon in Santorini - which is SO beautiful I can't believe we haven't been back. 
HOW young we both look...
(Sorry for blurry pictures, it was years before the beauty of digital cameras and these are photos of photos)

Here's Cleggy in stripy dungarees!!!
What the???? (he hee)
 and the last night...we REALLY didn't want to come home!

Check out Cleggy's brown neck!
(I loved that Swatch watch)
I hope you are laughing along lovely husband...
I'm thinking you need to make it up to me by planning something super special for our 20th anniversary this time next year.
(New York?)
fee x


  1. Happy anniversary! Rookery Hall looks fabulous! Love the honeymoon pics!
    Victoria xx

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both ... looks like you had a lovely time .... We went to Santorini the year before we got married, best place I've ever been to, and we're hoping to go back for our silver wedding in 2 years time. Have a fab week! Claire xxx

  3. Ah, the "Wimbledon in the bath" post I've been looking out for ;-)
    Rookery Hall looks beautiful and Santorini is one of my all-time favourite places too - hope you get back there sometime soon again. xx

  4. Happy anniversary - ours is Thursday !
    And you know what you still have great pair of knockers! Xx

  5. Ah, dont you two look gorgeous!! This place looks amazing, happy days!! x

  6. Think you might be spending your next anniversary looking for a new husband! The worst thing was those dungarees weren't even mine they belonged to our lovely friend Sue Val! Yes, I seem to be wearing girls dungarees! I wish I could say I was wearing them for a bet - but I wasn't. In the same dungaree pictures I also seem to be breaking in a pair of false teeth for a horse.Thanks for picking really attractive pictures of us both! The more I think about it the more of a miracle it is that you married me in the first place. Then again, always knew I was punching well above my weight. Happy Anniversary x P.S Alison - you are right about the knockers!

    1. I can't belieeeeeeve it...your first comment on my blog!!! (you know Ruben comments on Anita's ALL the time!)
      I had forgotten they were SV's dungarees, and can't actually believe you admitted that.
      I hadn't noticed your teeth in that photo, but have just looked and chuckled all over again.
      You and I both know there were worse photos I could have shared...
      And why are we having a conversation via my blog....Oh yes, because you're NOT HERE!!!
      Happy Anniversary back x (same knockers, just in a different place!!!)

    2. GET A ROOM......sheesh.

  7. Oh my....god I nearly swore. Sorry Blogger. Jeez. I want to talk about Santorini as we were v close to going there too for our honeymoon. I want to talk about your tremendous knockers. I want to talk about the long time love affair between you both. I want to talk about the wonder that is Rookery Hall. But I can't.
    Because I've just re-stoked my crush for Andy Flamin' Pandy.....

    1. andy pandy....genius!!!
      Poor cleggy, those knockers showed such promise 20 years ago. Now they (literally) need scaffolding to get them above my knicker line!!!
      You make me chuckle too Gem x

    2. That pic of Cleggy in the stripy t shirt, reminds me of Matty Boy when you first met him! no?

    3. Yes totally agree!!! I thought that as soon as I saw it. Here hee. X x

  8. Ah, the 'play date' - I see now! I LOVE these photos - they're just brilliant - but I'm slightly disturbed by the fact that I've just had my hair cut into the EXACT style that yours was 19 years ago... That's nearly as bad as someone telling me on Saturday that they were 'going to plan b' that night and me replying 'what's plan b?' I seem to be stuck in the early 90s.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday - odd question, but related to me coming to see you - do you like cardamom?

  9. Those dungarees had me roaring, reminded me of when my cousin came visiting with her husband in matching really tight (on him) brown cord dungees. My mum and me were peeing ourselves watching them get out of the car and then had to get it together straight faces and all when they came in.

    Sounds like you'd have a great anniversary anywhere, but New York sounds a great idea to me.


  10. Ahhh brilliant post, brilliant comments!! :)
    Happy anniversary to you both!
    Vivienne x

  11. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! So glad you could get away for a super special time together. Love the honeymoon photos. Cleggy's shirt in the last photo, now that's something else!! :)
    Anne xx

  12. You are both soooooo cute!! I just love how you are best friends, makes me feel all soppy. Happy Anniversary. I had a pair of dungarees, they were dusky pink cord and I wore them when I was pregnant with a pair of 'ugg' boots, oh I was such a groover with impecable style (lol). My knockers will never be that glorious :(
    xx Sandi

  13. What I would really like to see is Cleggy rocking the striped shirt from the first picture, with the striped dungarees. Now that would be an awesome anniversary present!!
    Happy anniversary

    DID I get it right...you spent your anniversary ALONE????I understand the part if you cancelled you would forfeit the money...SO WHY not go????After all it's not your 1st one or 5th one or even 10th one....you are going on your 19th....so by now you understand that these kind of things can and DO happen...you have a lifetime of Anniversaries to celebrate.....
    I loved that place you stayed.....It is Charming as well as SO British...which I LOVE!!!!The wellies are so cute.....I live in the desert ---so I love wellies as we only get about 8 inches of RAIN PER YEAR!!!!
    Dry as a bone!!!
    I love your honeymoon pics.....You 2 look so cute and so in Love!!!

  15. Hi Fee,

    Congratulations on your 19th wedding anniversary! You chose a beautiful hotel to celebrate!

    Great photo's of the two of you from all those years ago. So very daring to show them to the world. I would be afraid to share ours :-)!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  16. Hang on! You're taking the mick out of The Clegger (my crush) and yet it is YOU who is wearing jeans with crotch patches!!!! Wah ha hahahahahaaaa!

    1. No cuckoo, I think you will find that it is I who "crushed" on him first. It's cos he does look rather like Matty boy, I think. He too looks like a very decent sort. Even in those dungarees........

  17. Oh Fee! Look at all that youthful promise in those honeymoon photos - and stunning dress sense too ;-) - and look at what you have both achieved together. Wow!


  18. Good to see you back then :-) almost 20 years, that's is HUGE !! congratulations and lots of love from A'dam

  19. Congratulations :) 19 years is a lot to celebrate!

    I have to admit, I had a pair of dungarees identical to Cleggy's! In my defence though, I was 8.....!

    Frankie x

  20. Great photos ... and to think I used to (OK, still do) take his hand-me-downs! And to think they were not only potentially third-hand from a woman's wardrobe, but that you convinced me blouses on men were the fashion of the day!?

  21. FEE DEAREST!!!

    I am so late but was out all day yesterday!

    OH TO LOOK back is always HILARIOUS! 19 years? Where DOES it all go...we had our 30th and it just doesn't seem possible. YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS! OMG you are so beautiful! THANK YOU for this rich tour of your experience and I LOVE WHAT YOU SAID in the beginning...."....to not OBEY!" teeehee.....gotta keep it FUN AND CHALLENGING FOR 'EM!!!

    Love to you dearest, Anita

  22. Happy Anniversary to you both, Fee and Cleggy....I loved the pictures of you on your honeymoon....there was nothing wrong with wearing dungarees then they were sooo fashionable at that time....you both looked lovely.....and the comments you've generated today are soooo funny :D
    Glad you had a great hotel stay, and celebrated in style :)
    Helen x

  23. By far the best comments ever on a post. Might have beat your post. Is it me or does Cleggy look hungry? Fee you haven't changed a bit. Although I hope you have been feeding Cleggy over the years! Boys will do that to you...you know needing scaffolding. They suck the life out of you...Literally and figuratively. Happiest of Anniversaries...smiles...Renee

  24. Happy Anniversary Fee, glad you got to celebrate it before your Hb had to go away..that must be SO hard. Loved the honeymoon pics, Santorini is indeed stunning isn't it and yes you do look so young...can I comment on the dungarees...LOL!!!
    Jane x

  25. All I can say is: "Come on Eileen!" :-) (dungarees)
    Oh, and congrats of course!!! ;-)

  26. Happy (slightly belated) Anniversary you two :D

    Laughing too much at the post and the comments to type anything else coherent, sorry.

  27. OM f-ing G! Those deck chair dungies are amazing, how on earth they made it through customs I'll never know. The shirt in the 'neck shot' is a wonder to behold too. I'm assuming you didn't marry Cleggy for his amazing dress sense, seems more likely that you fell for his bad boy criminal ways (crimes against fashion).

    Now, onto the rack. I too had a superb rack back in the day, these days if unsupported I have to kick each half-empty piping bag out of the way before i take a step.

    And on that note I'll wish you both a happy anniversary and add this final thought, TV in the shitter? You're living the fucking dream (jealous). Xxxx

  28. Oh I love those pictures, I can remember that cactus shirt, brilliant.
    Don't be planning NYC without us though, u know we can' t take, or for that matter leave, our brood just yet. Or can we....

    Nelly xx

  29. Happy anniversary Fee.....and what great photos....very brave of you to share....does your husband know you've posted them!? Those dungarees are brilliant!

    Have a great week...sun actually shining today! How long will that last hey?

    Fleur xx

  30. Oh my, what perfect honeymoon photos, they capture the time so well - stylish just like I was in the early nineties!!
    We celebrate 25 years next year and I wont be sharing any photos, not nearly brave enough! x

  31. Brilliant....you made my evening, made better by your hubby's response....

    Happy anniversary! It's our 13th next week.....gosh I wish I still had my beach body ....long gone! Actually, I'm not sure it ever was that fab, but it was a damn sight better than now.

  32. Now this is super cute...your guys were {and still are} an adorable couple. So glad you had a fun time on your anniversary...they do go fast....sending you lots of Summer JOY xoxox


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