Monday 1 August 2011

I married Dr Dooflamin'little

                    Before I begin I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who commented on Geordie's post. I 
know it was a while coming...I'd promised he could do the next offering, and he so wanted a great post with good pictures, interesting anecdotes and some good old facts...but to be honest he couldn't really be bothered (know just how he feels!) and by the end it was like pulling teeth. Anyway, we got there - and he has LOVED reading your comments. Also, like Kenzie earlier in the year, he's amazed by where everyone lives - which once again reminds me how ace blogging is! So thank you.

Alfie has declared that he will do a post for me sometime over the summer. Oh I look forward to that one!!! He currently seems incapable of saying anything pleasant, knows everything about everything and has barely moved away from the TV/XBox since the day he finished primary school last week! I look forward to how he will translate this joie de vivre onto my blog (and I may need to edit)

So, the end of term finally arrived, the boys seemed to do nothing at school but empty their trays for the last 2 weeks (making me wish I'd broken the golden rule and taken them out of school early. Even Cleggy agreed and he's IN education!) 

It too was a long time coming and already I'm wondering why I was looking forward to it. So far 2 out of 3 boys (the usual suspects) have been nothing but grumpy and moany since they finished and will need to have a HUGE change in attitude before the treats are unleashed!

Here's a little round up of the other things that have been happening alongside new ducks:

Firstly we had another sad day when Muriel was found dead in the coop. There had been no signs of illness - and it looks like she died in her sleep (Cleggy had to prise her little feet off the perch!). For those new to the goings on around here we got 2 rescue hens earlier in the year from British Hen Welfare Trust. 

The Orpington Ladies did not like the look of them one bit and made sure they knew their place, but over time the rescue girls held their own and were transformed from scraggy, bald, timid little things into fully fledged beauties. If you like a 'my fair lady' story about chickens you can find it here and here!

Poor Muriel was bottom of the pecking order - probably due to the unfortunate bonnet. We were amazed when, over time, her crown flourised into a red tiara to be proud of! 

 We are all very sad (again!) but happy to know that Muriel enjoyed some fresh air and freedom after such a harsh start in life.

SO....I say to Cleggy 'lets not get any more animals for a while. We really have enough. Lets stop here'

'OK', says he. 

So how come there's a new girl in our back garden?????

Yep, Cleggy took on board what I said , and waited, ooooh, 5 days, before coming across a ('very rare fee') young chocolate brown Orpington Lady (young lady). She moved in on Saturday - and what a sweetheart she is. The mean Orpington Ladies didn't let her in the coop last night - so she sprung out of a bush this morning, all sweetness and light! 
I have some fab photos of her trying hard to make friends, but they need some work so I'll save them...

...because I cant wait to show and tell THIS:

After three excellent lessons from Jane I'm properly up and running and can start and finish my own grannies. She just needs to show me how to attach them together and I'm there! Wool from Wilkies (£1.26 a ball - is that good?) and colours to suit any self respecting dining room. I'm unbelievably pleased I can do it, feel fully in the gang and look forward to my Japanese flower scarf (kidding...)
Thank you Jane! you are the best friend a girl could have

Now, I've more to say, but realise I'm pushing my luck so will be off to watch Britains Next Top Model (Julian McDonald is really annoying me / Juste is my winner) and will check in soon!
fee x

ps Nelly - of course they simply shoot the flamin' crow and ruthlessly hang it up to scare off other crows from stealing eggs. The boys are 7.  S.E.V.E.N. Cut me some slack - its a slightly tamer version. Looking forward to Mabel's nightmares! (love you!)


  1. Fee and Dr. Doolflamin Little...ha! you must never stop writing these novelettes. We all just love to hear we are not alone in our madness. My boys Jerod and Mac (short for Mackenzie) have 16 short days of xbox left before school starts. When their mouths get them in trouble the proceed to clean a toilet of my choice. Can't tell you it works all the time but at leat I am trying. Love the new girl...sorry Muriel...thanks for keeping us along for the ride. Smiles...Renee

  2. yes I know I'm on here instead of watching Mad men with Mr H but i just popped sad about Muriel, do you think Bertha had anything to do with it?? she was looking a bit strange the other day!!!
    I am SO proud of you and your granny blanket
    well done you are so in the crochet gang :)
    x x x x x x x x x x x x
    ps same here with boys and grunts we should get together x

  3. I was reading it all ok until you said Cleggy had to prise her feet off. Sounds a peaceful way for her to go with her heart giving out, but sad finding her like that. I'm the one who normally drags lots more animals home, but since we've got the numbers down from 16 furry and feathered friends to a more reasonable 7 I'm clearing up less poo and not four sodding hutches. I never thought it through when they turned they cute little faces my way. Mind you want a couple more hens since we lost two of ours so might find others on the way.

    Wahay you're in the hooking gang good and proper now. Love the colours and amazed you found them in Wilkinsons. Normally slurry colours and white only. Wonder how addicted you'll get.

    Lisa X

  4. fee, I scooting around Blogland today and wasn't going to read anything in too much detail when I read your post title and giggling had to stop by and read the whole thing.

    It sounds like commiserations and congratulations are in order and wish you well with all that unfolds with the school holidays [yikes!],

    xx F

  5. Sorry about Muriel, but I love your blanket.

  6. Enjoy a happy day

  7. So sorry to hear about Muriel but like you say, at least she enjoyed the last months of her life. I would love to have a few chickens but a) our garden is too small b) the dog would terrorise them and c) I'd be too scared to pick them up. As I sit here typing I can hear the chickens in the garden next door making a right old racket so that's enough for me. (Thankfully they've never 'escaped' into our garden. Not sure what I'd do, would have to catch it with a butterfly net. Which I don't have, obv. I'd probably try the 'spider removing' trick... Chuck a bucket over its head and slide a big piece of card under it to pick it up. Wonder if that would work....Going off on a tangent here, sorry).

    We have our stepson coming to stay for the week soon, he comes every summer holiday. I absolutely cannot cope with him slouching in front of the TV every single day so am planning a schedule of activities to keep him entertained in manner of crazed children's TV presenter. (I'm also clearing off to Glasgow for work for a couple of days to let the boys do their thing, nice timing!)

    Oh hey, loved your Pinterest photos... Your 'toasty' workroom is lush... can we see more photos pretty please?

    Nicki xx

  8. oops, sorry, bit of an essay there ^^

  9. NONO NO .......MYRTLE HAS PASSED?????? Oh I don't know how you do it. I am a city slicker and the sight of even a dead bird on my walks in the neighborhood makes me cry!!!!

    Dearest, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Tell that Geordie boy that he must continue to formulate his is fun to see a school child form their ideas!

    Are you having a fun summer? I love your endeavors on making a blanket; heck if I even try to crochet or knit, let alone darn a sock!!!


  10. Hi Fee, well done on the crochet front, beautiful blanket and SO neat! Can hardly belive we have just over a week left of the summer hols before back to school - my alcohol consumption has rocketed, which is not good, and most days I can feel that exquisite 'school holiday' headache creep in! ENJOY x

  11. Oh poor Muriel...I feel so bad for her as I had grown attached to her through your images and words...but she did have a great few months with you...I wonder what happened?

    Love your amaze day I should give it a go! I am not sure if I could do it.I think I may have to ship Jane to Canada to teach me. Love the colours.

    Sending you some love...oh yes and Geordie must continue....his blog post was amazing. xoxoxo

  12. Ah, poor bird; can't think of a better way for a chicken to go, though.
    And, uh, like, helloooooo.........CHECK OUT THE CROCHET!! I'm v v v impressed, lady - before you know it you'll be posting your first 'ta-dah'!
    Emily x

  13. wow, I can't believe the difference in Muriel's before and after pictures. Glad she had a good rest of her life after you rescued her.

  14. Poor little Muriel, how happy she must have been in her last months tho.....freeeeee!!
    I hated it when one on my chooks died.
    Am thinking of you over the holidays with grumpy bored boys. Perhaps you could get them to make up and then ,dress Bertha in differnt costumes might keep them interested for an hour or two :)
    Wow I am totally impressed with you, a blanket already, it took me almost a year to start one.
    xx Sandi

  15. BOLLOCKS, fee you've only just gone and ruddy done it, that granny blanket is coming on (bit like my wobbly bits), well done you and the colours are super duper delicious, not jealous at all...ok, a wincy bit. So the games begin, who can finish first???? aaaaaahhhhhhhhh...come on!!!! x x x x x

  16. So sorry to hear about Muriel - she had a good life with you so you can be thankful for that. Your blanket looks fantastic - well done for doing so well - are you addicted to crochet like the rest of us now?! x


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