Monday 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

The presents are wrapped...
 The decorations are up...
Granny's Beautiful Garden Cottage!
 A Christmas wall has been created...
The countdown has nearly finished...

The lips are puckered (who doesn't like a Christmas snog!?)
The table is set...
The stockings are hung...

Which just leaves me to say...
fee x

Saturday 22 December 2012

Bathroom Makeover & A Staff Night Out

 There was nothing specifically wrong with our bathroom...but when the plumber took up half the floor to fit a new boiler we decided to spruce it up a little. 

It's quite a big room - and crying out for a free standing bath - but the one we wanted was so far beyond our means we decided to a half way house make over.
So we didn't change the colour, just touched it up. The floor originally had wood effect lino on so we Cleggy painted the floorboards.
The only extravagance was one roll of Pip wallpaper and a new rug. Living in a house of raging male hormones has made me feel pinker than ever of late!
 I used some of the off-cuts of paper to decoupage some plain white tiles - it was really easy to do. I used mod podge for the glue and the varnish...
 The new towel hooks were made from an old bit of wood with some new (Ebay) knobs screwed in.
Everything else was already in there...
a chipper special!
 Overall I'm pleased with the result - the boys have barely noticed it's changed but Cleggy likes it!
Speaking of Cleggy - last month he announced  we needed a 'works Christmas night out'...who was I to argue?! 
The only people in the business are me and him...perfect.
We chose a nice hotel in our favourite local city (Manchester) and booked a swanky restaurant (Michael Caines)

I got my best dancing shoes out (cheapo New Look 's but with added vintage charms sewn on!!)
...then left them behind (genuinely)
Luckily we had planned in a little trip to Primark in the afternoon so I managed to pick up some new cheapo high class hooker shoes!!!
I can't believe I used to wear heels every single day
Anyway, we started with a couple of hours in the cocktail bar 
(I bloody love a cocktail!)
Then had a tasting menu dinner. DEEvine.
It was the first time we've been out together in AGES so was a real treat.
We stayed at Abode (near Piccadilly...)
It's a beautiful listed building, a converted Victorian cotton mill.
...making great use of the original tiles and floor
The room was equally gorgeous - industrial chic/manhattan loft softened with print, tweed and a hint of tartan.
 My current crochet project fitted right in!!
 Best of all there was no uncomfortable moment the following day after snogging someone from work!!
 fee x

Tuesday 18 December 2012

A Whopper....

I must admit I had started to fall out of love with my know how it is? 

But this week my love returned thanks to two SUPER talented ladies. One of the reasons I continue to enjoy the creative blogging community is because it continues to inspire me, and these two are up there in my favourite places to visit.

I was extremely lucky to receive a parcel from each of them - both as part of an ongoing swapping party!

The first was from Susan from Mary Jane's Tearoom. If you haven't been there GO! (not right away, look at these pictures first!)

Susan not only makes the most wonderful knitted creations AND sells the patterns, she also takes fantastic photos. It's always a lovely way to pass a spare five minutes.

A while back Susan asked me to make her some blocks in readiness for a new design she had in her clever head - and in return she sent me the finished article: Romeo himself.
(of course this is NOT a fair swap and I clearly owe her now...!)
Susan's photographs!
Isn't he the most beautiful bear? And he's so soft.  
I never wanted to be the sort of Mum/Aunty who didn't let you play with things...but this bear is staying off limits! 
He's a 'look with your eyes ONLY' kind of bear.
Susan's shop

As if that wasn't lucky enough I got another parcel at the end of the week from Helen (Philipps)'s the link to her blog if you haven't been already.
Helen makes amazing quilts and other gorgeous creations...AND takes wonderful photos and is another perfect place to waste some time (remember: time you enjoyed wasting isn't wasted time)
We have enjoyed swapping our work all year (literally any excuse!) and look what she sent for Christmas:
How beautiful?! Such wonderful detail.
She's got her Christmas get up on...but a Little Nell is for life, not just for Christmas! 
Another treasure for eyes only (harsh?)

So, that's my treats shown. What a wonderful week!
What else have I neglected to blog about recently?

Well, it's been a very busy Christmas in the chipper workshop. My biggest seller by a MILE has been the little block for baby boys/girls first Christmas. I literally couldn't make them quickly enough.
After that my next best seller was the magic keys

I only got round to making these little deer blocks near the end of the season....and they also flew out. 
Luckily I have plenty of paper left for next year!
I loved these little vintage deer blocks too - they are definitely on the list for next year
I made my first set of blocks for twins:
 And some more pictures like this one
I was also introduced to a new vintage favourite by Sam who sent me a lovely little version of
'Christmas is a time for giving'
by Joan Walsh Anglund.
I must have had one of her books as a child - the images are SO familiar.
AND perfect for blocks:
 Thanks Sam - so glad you liked your blocks!! (I did too!)
 Definitely also on the list for next year...
I've spent any remaining spare time finishing off crochet projects (and starting new ones!)
I became addicted (again) to those bangle frame things
This one is for the bathroom which has had a mini makeover - will share pictures soon!

To justify the addiction I decided they would make nice present tags...obviously I got bored after the first one but once I'd started.....
AND hanging decorations!!
I finished another massively chunky wool blanket - which has been very popular round here of recent weeks!
See Lucy's pattern here at Attic 24
I must just share these photos of 
THE most beautiful hair salon in the world. 
It's owned by my friend (through blogging!) Amanda - who not only has THE most amazing salon but also does a mean cut and colour!
Every time I go I mean to take more photos and always forget...
not this time.
The salon is in Sale, Cheshire. If you live anywhere remotely near do visit. It's such a pleasure.
Here's the link to her shop blog

I hope to be back before Christmas with a decoration share. Before then I have a works night out to plan for (the whole team...just me and Cleggy...he he!) and the traditional 'official start of Christmas hols'...snowballs at littleteawaggon's!! Cant wait x 2.
Fee x
(It's 8.30pm and GB has just announced he needs a homemade hat for the 'Christmas parade' tomorrow...GRRRRRR!!!)