Monday 14 February 2011

Inspiring photographs and fighting a new!

Finding out how flickr really works (the shutters have been down for a good few years) has developed into an/other addiction.

 I started off uploading some general holiday photographs (for my family) moved on to looking at other peoples pictures and even joining some groups! 

The list of groups I 'belong' to reflects the bizzare variety in my life - everything from "freedom fighters" (for sharing wonderful photos of rescue hens enjoying their freedom), "requium for a red box" (where I can share my love of the red phone box), "shutter sisters" (share your best/interesting images) plus everything inbetween.

It's been a steep learning curve - it didn't take long to realise that tagging a picture of my boys 'boys' would attract all the wrong kind of interest (doh! so naive). 

Mind you - it did take me quite a while to appreciate that changing said tag to "swings" only served to attract a different type of attention!!

Anyway, apart from being a great source of inspiration (you were so right JH) I have rekindled a love for photography that I didn't think I had room for in my life (I dont!)

Here are a couple of images from my favourite photographers:

This one is from Lucia and mapp see her beautiful photostream.

I struggled to pick a favourite from Steve Mckenzie's photostream but had to go with the heart for Valentines day...

I Heart Polaroids
Originally uploaded by mckenziemedia

I don't often yearn (who am I kidding...) but I would love to be 22 and studying photography!!!

It's raining hearts (365/351)
Originally uploaded by JenniPenni

You can also buy jenni's images here on Etsy 
Finally my first Etsy swapper 
Keri-Anne who is sharing her 
fairground series 1 with me in 
exchange for some shabby bunting.

Thanks Keri-Anne - I can't wait to get my pictures! fee x

(happy valentines day Cleggy - I love you)

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