Monday 21 February 2011

Dress making proves tricky....but I managed a brooch!

So, as expected, turns out making a dress IS much harder than it looks! (knew it!)

The pattern clearly said 'Easy' but I'm wondering who it was aimed at, clearly not me. Saying that, Mum and I got half way through before stopping (giving up hurts) and my lack of patience/boredom threshold didn't spoil the afternoon...

She's taking my (super complicated) half made dress and pattern to one of her pals tomorrow for some expert advice, and we're back on the project on Wednesday evening.

I did learn some things
1) you have to look after your pattern (Mum said that about ten times!)
2) you always need more pins to keep in place than you think/can be bothered
3 I won't be wearing my dress anytime soon (and hard dress making does not justify cake)

I couldn't bear the thought of sewing all day without producing something, so took a few little bits and pieces along to the hairdressers
Beautiful little sewing purse bought by Cleggy last year (many brownie points were banked)v handy for sewing in hairdressers

and managed to produce a cute little brooch....felt better as a result.

Must just add that due to frolics with Cleggy yesterday (not that kind...) neither of us can move very fast (or in anyway other than forward and upright)today.

We decided that we couldn't wait for a team of burley builders to move the railway sleepers - we could do it ourselves (over confidence in ability wrapped up as 'spirit of adventure' yet again)

I'm not kidding, they weigh A TON. And had to be moved from the front garden to the very bottom (150 feet?) then dug into the chicken area. However many times Cleggy told me to try I simply couldn't even remotely lift one end.
GB digging with Gladys. Yes, he kept his PJ's on all day week.
 The boys were all in charge of keeping the chickens amused and out the way following a near decapitation when Muriel literally leapt under the pickaxe (Alfie maintains it was a suicidal leap)
and after some serious huffing, puffing and engineering skate board carrying contraptions, we finally got the sleepers in place
they look sooooo small and moveable here!
We wanted to watch the brood get themselves to bed but there was a 'no wine on school days' rule to be broken, so went down later to check they had all gone into the coop.

We had been wondering why the two new girls didn't go in at dusk and last night found out...Pearl sits at the coop door and refuses to let them in!!! Mean.

So Gladys and Muriel were asleep behind the compost bin
Think it might take a while for them to be fully accepted...
fee x


  1. Love the fabric brooches,and I am very impressed with your dressmaking, you are inspiring me to stop putting all my fabic in the shop and actually use some!! watch out for a 70's duvet walking around the playground any time soon :) tea this week?? x x x x

    pinterest!!!!! have avoided but just peeped at yours and I can see another day gone without getting anything done....gulp

  2. You my dear are to produce such a lovely brooch! I could not do that! I am not a dressmaker either...I have made a few in my day but never wear them. Good luck on wed. night.
    I feel bad for the new girls...hope they are accepted soon.

    Hugs for another day at the Farm my friend. Oh how I love your blog! I must add it to my sidebar right now so I do not miss a single post. xoxoxo

  3. Making dresses from patterns is hard. I am sure you will get it done though, I find a piece of cake helps sharpen the mind.

    I love the chickens. Well done for lugging the sleepers.

  4. sharperns the mind you say? I'll get some in, and tell Mum I took advice!
    Loved the crocheted cactus - amazing.
    (and The Natural History Museum is one of my all time favourite places - can vividly remember being taken as a child)
    Thanks for visiting.... fee x


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