Friday 23 November 2012

It's only a bloomin' Chipper Giveaway!

 A few weeks months ago I won a 'carry it forward' from Lisa at Bobo bun blog. She made me a wonderful crocheted cherry brooch and sent me some gorgeous little bits and pieces to play with and inspire me (see here).

The idea of a carry it forward, for anyone who doesn't know, is that if you win you receive something handmade from the blogger in question. In return you hold your own 'CIF' and carry on sharing the crafting/making love. It can be anything at all. Luckily there's no time restriction!!

One of the things that made my heart sing in Lisa's package was a battered old set of vintage Top Trump cars 
featuring modes of transport 
(including horses!)
I used some of the cards to make three blocks (naturally) which I've inked and sanded to give a real aged feel. They are very tactile and are part one of my carry it forward offering.
Thanks again Lisa x

In the past few weeks I also hit the 300 followers mark and 100,000 page views - how many reasons do you need to have one 
GREAT BIG carry it forward style blogging giveaway!? 

My first giveaway offering a was vintage Ladybird blocks, the second Alice in Wonderland,and for giveaway number 3 (part 2) it's...
Topsy and Tim!
 The blocks are made from pages of the book 
'Tospy and Tim go at the fairground'.
There are 7 blocks in total and they make up a couple of full page images and lots of smaller ones.
So, I have 2 prizes...a set of vintage transport blocks and a set of Topsy and Tim blocks. 
If neither of the sets of blocks are for you I hope you can think of someone who might like them for Christmas! 
To enter all you need to do is mention my giveaway on a post on your blog, or pop one of the photos on your sidebar and hopefully be prepared to hold a 'carry it forward' of your own sometime in the future (not obligatory!)
 I'll draw two names from a hat on 9th December - plenty of time to post in time for Christmas!
 Let me know if you're in!
fee x

Saturday 10 November 2012

Totally Unprepared...

This is my third Christmas (officially) in business - you would think I would be better at it by now. Not least because I spent a whole other career in retail! 
Obviously having to take October off didn't help, but I am WAY behind. I still have things to make!!

Anyway - on a positive note it's largely non Christmas commissions that are keeping me busy. Here are some of the ones I can share:

This is actually 2 sets - one for a best friend and one for a sister. I love using Cath Kidston paper - 
just wish I could sell them 'legitimatly'! 
Always happy to take low key orders though...
 MORE home blocks
I've just finished a lovely big wedding commission - gifts for the wedding party. The theme is navy and grey, with accents of cream and pale green - and worked a treat! 
I won't share too much as it hasn't happened yet - but here's a hint of the beautiful colours

 I have wrapped and posted all the December wedding blocks - 
these are all personalised on the back
1) glamorous black lace and cream
 2) Winter white Christmas 
(with hearts on the back of the snowflakes)
 3) Traditional winter wedding
 A hook for Ned. 
His big brothers got theirs a few years ago so I had to dig deep to remember how I made them 
(and find the right kind of matching hook!)
 I also had a lovely commission for a new baby Felix who has been poorly and not yet left the neo-natal unit (in Madrid!). His parents are from Manchester and support Manchester United (thus the red and white theme!) and the nurses in hospital call him 'Felix el gatito' (Felix the kitten)
I found the kitten images in a vintage book gifted to me (for playing with purposes!) by lovely Renee from 'My Vintage Mending' as part of a swap last year. I knew the images would find a special home....

 I have of course been busy with Christmas treats too. 
Santa's Magic keys are flying out (hope he appreciates how much easier it will be for him for houses where there isn't a chimney) and some Christmas commissions too. 
These hearts are for grown up children who still love snowmen (who doesn't?) and retro
  And lastly for today some blocks inspired by my lovely pal Jane - who is the Queen of the vintage print. I liked them so much I'm going to make them for my might even be in time for Christmas!!! Fee x

Sunday 4 November 2012

W is for Wilf

Welcome new baby Wilf! No not mine....(I would have mentioned it!) but #2 for my little sister Nelly and G Kisby and a little brother for Mabel.
Here he is less than 24 hours old - and if you're thinking he looks quite large then you'd be right! A whopping 11lbs and delivered unexpectedly in the spare bedroom. If you like a good birth story (who doesn't?) then pop over to their blog.

I think we share the same double chin!!!

Our own #2 adores little people and was so excited to meet him - here he is having a hold,
then just holding hands...
GB is a little bit interested...
(how big is that baby?!)
And there are no photos of Alfie - 
he barely noticed there was anyone new in the room!
I've had a really busy first week back in business - thank you for all the lovely comments (and orders!) on the Christmas stock. 

I've had some wonderful commissions too but as they are for Christmas presents and December weddings I don't want to risk spoiling any surprises...

When not making blocks I've been making more Christmas presents for our extended family. I feel sure Great Granny doesn't read my blog so I'm safe to show you her newly finished blanket!

I finally managed to manage blanket stitch!! Man, I appreciate it's not hard (now I can do it) but it literally took me all night to decipher a simple instruction. I don't have much patience at the best of times (and almost felt a little teary!) but worth learning!

It looks rather lovely in the still tidy workshop...I'm going to struggle to part with it!
        Happy Sunday
                fee x