Thursday 21 July 2011

More random than usual....

Hooray - I have something to say!

I've never had serious bloggers block before... but for the last 2 weeks I've had NOTHING to say. Not a single thing. That and the fact that I keep meeting myself coming backwards...and it's not a pretty sight!

So, this week I discovered 2 things, the irony of which won't be lost on you.

No 1: Zumba for the XBox. 

Oh yes - I am one hot salsa dancer.  
(In my head)

I actually can't believe how hard it is - after the beginners session I'm needing oxygen and sweating like the 
fat lass I've become. 
But it's fun!

No 2:  toasted Soreen! 
I've always been a fan of the fruit loaf (fruit, loaf, what's not to like?) 
but last week Granny recommended toasting it and OMGoodness - it's a whole new kind of tasty treat. If you haven't tried it, and even if you think you don't like fruit loaf, give it a try.  
If you do three Zumba sessions you can eat the whole loaf (Dietary experts may dispute this...)

Now,  when I'm not eating loaves of fruit I've been busy with a mixture of the end of school whirlwind and plenty of chipper nelly orders and commissions.

...this next one is going to some special friends who are loving their new life by the beach! (we miss you)
Loving Cleggys new wall stickers - his business is called ABC Does....because his initials are ABC and because he is in education! 

I've also got around to placing some of my birthday gifts - and this was one I didn't want to photograph until it was hanging, for obvious reasons. 
It's another of Cleggy's gifts....I know, ABCDoes NOT know the meaning of the word budget! (unluckily for him I do!)

 It's made by an artist called Cindy, who has an Etsy shop called Marys Granddaughter, which you can find here . I LOVE the way our hearts are joined together - so true. Cindy's work is beautiful and I will treasure this piece forever.
And finally a tale of tears and laughter! I've very briefly mentioned before that when our #2 son Kenzie was little he had a rare form of cancer - and gallantly taught us all a lesson in courage and braveness. He underwent chemotherapy for 2 (long!) years and had long and frequent stays in the marvellous, if antiquated Pendlebury Childrens Hospital.

The whole time he was poorly, and for some time afterwards, his favourite film was Monsters Inc. Thankfully we liked it too - since we must have watched it together at least 2000 times. His favourite toy was called Little Mikey, a replica of the bear that Mike Wazowski had in the film. I've no idea where it came from (think it might have been from your house S & A?).

Anyway - here's the sad bit... during one such visit to Pendlebury we LOST LITTLE MIKEY! No one knows how...when we arrived we had him, when we left we didn't. Everyone was upset - I'm guessing things were pretty emotional at the time! (I was also heavily and unexpectedly pregnant - you can imagine the scene!)

We searched everywhere - we sent letters with a picture of Mikey, every time we visited the hospital we had a search, but to no avail. We tried to find a replacement but these were rare toys (bloody typical!) and they weren't EVEN on Ebay! years later I still looked sporadically and recently found out that Cleggy did too!

The happy ending is that Kenzie eventually beat the disease (he was given 50/50 so it was some battle!) and is now, as far as we know, well. He has a few weird hangovers too tawdry to go into - and may well have some health issues later on - but he is here, and for that we are unbelievably grateful.

Now, I was reading a blog post by lovely Gem a couple of weeks ago where she lamented the loss of her son's Noo Noo. I laughed out loud when she said she was going to look on google earth! (here's the link to her post - our comment convo still makes me laugh!) So, it reminds me of Little Mikey - and I have another look on Ebay. Yep - you've guessed it I FOUND one! exactly the same. Naturally, as he is flamin rare, I had to pay over the odds for what is effectively 3" of velveteen. And to make it even more ridiculous, Kenzie doesn't even remember the thing!!!
Little Mikey arrived this morning - I was beyond excited - and will now be seeking the perfect shadow box frame to keep him safe forever.

If there's anyone still with me (!) we have some more news in the shape of new ducks! But I'm whispering because Geordie Boy has requested a guest post to show and tell. Now, there was a lot of love for Kenzie's guest post about Ned - and GB has high please don't let me down!!!

fee x


  1. Kenzie's post is how I met you and fell in to this deep addiction for anything Nelly!!! Don't you worry I'll be hooting loudly for Geordie Boy.

    I'd like to give Zumba a go but I'm worried I might shake wee across the room.

    Lovin' yer work dahlink, amazing as per usual. Thinking I might need to get me a piece of the action....hmmmmmmm. yes. What to have, where to put it. I shall procrastinate a bit I think.

    My Cleggy crush has grown since seeing that gift. I must get him to have a word with my husband.

    ummmmmm, where have you been? Toasted Soreen is the only way to eat the stuff. The Only. Ok? Now go do some Zumba and scoff some more.

    Missed you, man.


  2. What a story! I still remember the stuffed puppy I lost as a girl. I swear,it still makes me feel a little sad. I am SO HAPPY for you that your son is well. We had some scares with my younger daughter and every day I look at her I thank God. She turned two this week! (
    Congratulations again on your son. I am so glad you found a replacement toy, even if it ends up being for you. :)

  3. By the way, I am terrified of Zumba! If only I could convince myself that I was a salsa dancer... Anyway, i applaud you, and I think your fruit loaf math definitely adds up!

  4. FEE DEAREST!!!! YOU are a charm. I love how you write, EVEN THOUGH you felt you had nothing to say! I GET THAT EVERY THURSDAY...LIKE TODAY...when I start to compose my posts. THEN VOILÀ comes. Dearest, to learn that your little one had childhood C.....thank GOD he survived and has done are BRAVE my dear. YOUR ART, YOUR HEART, YOUR is so what I need to keep me laughing and looking always on the bright side of the BIG POND ON YONDER where many of my dear and beloved blogger pals are. Thank you for spreading your cheer and I JUST VISITED GEM YESTERDAY after she came for a visit! I must go to your link on this post....HAPPY DAYS MY DEAR and have a super day! Anita

  5. WOOW I just went to the link to Gem's post....I NEED TO GO TO WHISTABLE....ooops, bad spelling for this American!!! Oh you wonderful Brits that an appropriate use???? WHAT A LOVELY SEASIDE TOWN THAT IS, and that COTTAGE, and that shop, WHAT'S UP CUPCAKE! I need to research this place!!! Anita

  6. Loved your blog post and so glad you found a replacement for your sons lost toy even if it was years later :-)

  7. Hmmmm - Zumba.....I did star jumps ONCE after baby no 3 was born...I'm saying no more, but let's just say, they don't call me Tena Lady for nothing.
    Rather lovely makes, Mrs - I have plans to fill my entire house with your things. Cleggy is a wonder - did you cry when he gave you that amazing picture? I would have!
    Emily x

  8. yeah!! your bloggers block is no more! We recently tried 'Salsa in the park' when we were away on holiday and I was dreadful! far too self concious with NO hip action! I love the picture Cleggy got you for your birthday, amazing - how clever of him to buy you such a beautiful piece of work! (never in a million years would my other half think of such a thing!) x

  9. Wow, where do I start? When you have a block you unblock like billy-oh don't you?!

    OMFG WHY, WHY, have I not thought to toast Soreen?!!!!! There just so happens to be a loaf in my bread bin downstairs, can you guess where I'll be headed after typing this?!

    Cannot believe what you and your family have been through, kudos to you for coming through it and being so together that you can mention it in passing in a post about a plush toy, huge hugs to you and your brave boy. xx

    Loving that hanging, Cleggy has impeccable taste, I love embroidery and may have to try my hand at some more, that piece is inspirational (will be taking a look at her Etsy whilst eating my toasted Soreen!).

    Looking forward to Kenzie's guest post too! x

    Anyway, enough ramble from me, enjoy your evening. xxx

  10. Toasted malt loaf? I am taking it for granted that it requires a lot of butter.

  11. I am glad you now have a Little Mikey - even if its just really for you ;) My little son has a tiny Alien from Toy Story (about 2cm tall) - he's had it since he was 3 and its been lost and recovered so many times.

    Look forward to a guest post from GB - wonder if we should all get our kids to do this over the summer?

  12. OMG where does one start...
    Firstly, I had no idea you've been through much with Kenzie, as a relative newcomer to this blogging lark. He is one handsome kid though, I love that photo in your side bar. I am praying he remembers Little boy went to bed sobbing tonight and saying "Noo Noo" and shunned all his other toys. Oh dear...
    Secondly, you are so weird. Or maybe I am. I hate everything about Soreen, from the "Doreen's having her Soreen" ad to the vile taste of this wet, malty, crumbly brick. What is wrong with me/you???
    Does anyone else out there have it? I am so disappointed when someone offers it to me, having gone to get me some cake. It's not cake. It's just weird stuff that pretends to be cake when actually it is like bread gone wrong.....
    Thirdly, I LOVE Zumba. Been to a couple of classes. Never sweatd so much in my life. Have NO rhythmn but hey, I don't care what people think. Could feel the wobbles (and I am sure the tremors reach the rest of the village) but I loved it!!!
    Hope you are well my lovely. LOVE Cleggy's gift to you. I do love a romantic man.
    x x x

  13. I meant HATE it not HAVE it (in above post)....grrrr.

  14. I remember the incident but don't recall the toy looking like that...?
    I've been missing your blog updates for when we don't speak daily - ha
    Nelly xxx

  15. So glad you eventually found a replacement Little Mikey!! reminds me of a similar story that happened to us (sorry am going to bore you with it now!)... when we were very little, I was 4 and my brother was 2, we went to Australia for a holiday with mum and dad. Laurence - my brother - had a toy clown he called 'clowny', a raggedy cloth thing that he loved so much and took absolutely everywhere. But on the long haul flight, he left it on the plane, and they wouldn't let mum back on again to fetch him! So lots and lots and lots of tears followed as you can imagine. Then the next week, we were at a local fete in our small country village and what does he spy on the bric a brac table - clowny!!! It was totally fate, as it wasn't a well known make and we've never seen another one since!
    Ok so that was a very long story!! But funny how these things sometimes happen :)

    p.s Enjoy your zumba and malt loaf, hehe. My friend is a zumba addict, I've never quite got the appeal, looks like far too much hard work! xxx

  16. Great post again! I'm glad that you have managed to find the toy. My eldest daughter has a skunk that has been her best friend since she was a baby, it does now smell like a skunk.
    I can't wait for GB's post about the ducks!

  17. Just discovered your fabulous blog, i'm finding new ones every day and im up for eating an entire loaf IF I do Zumba, well i'll have to think about it!! x

  18. Fee love these little novelettes. Gives me a moments rest from my frazzled life. Still running at 100' every day here I would much rather be over playing with the ducks. Can you believe what we moms do for our boys and their toys. He will never now how much that teddy bear means to us too! Smiles....Renee

  19. Hello dear Fee. Thanks for visiting me yesterday. I should tell you your email is the spark that got me started so thank you.

    I do normally hang the hoops closer together though now that it belongs to you I feel you should hang it as you see fit. I love your blog and envy your way with words.


  20. Your post brought back memories.

    Gatwick airport, bound for Disney. Suddenly realise son's much loved bedtime buddy is no longer with us. Frantic retrace of our steps and find buddy is playing the slots. I believe I would have been as upset as my son had we not found buddy. xx

  21. Well hello! So nice of you to stop by and leave a nice crop of comments. I feel like it's been a while for both of us! And I know how you feel about the bloggers block - hence my stupid post about the heat wave. Who cares about that. I'm turning into my grandmother who always wants to talk about the weather... :) Anyway, love all your postly goodies above. Those pieces from Mary's Granddaughter are sweeter than words can say.

    Happy Weekend Fee! xo

  22. Some things you're just meant to get even if you have to pay trillions for them. Completely understand all that Little Mikey means for you.

    Last time I exercised it was Step and I laid in the car park flat on my back half way through thinking I was going to die. My ex's old girlfriend was in the class and she was fit as opposed to me. I battled on not wanting to show myself up in front of her and then ended up doing it big style by laying like road kill outside. Indoors Zumba sounds like a much better way to punish yourself and then reward with the Soreen. Have fun.


  23. Zumba! I nearly passed out a couple of times, did it for around 6 weeks and then they called it off, that pic on the front of the xbox disc (?)looks just like my pilates/zumba teacher. Gosh what a post, so many feel good moments in it, now we don't have soreen...I'll take your word for it. Loving all the artwork, so clever. Your son's great health, and may he continue to do so (clever boy) Oh and Mikey, just shows hey...never give up on your dream/goal and am looking forward to Geordies post.
    I haven't much to report this week, just chugging along with the Edge.
    xx Sandi

  24. Fee darlin'!!! YOU, NOT IMAGINATIVE? Oooooohhh not from my point of view! YOUR WIT and charm JUMP out through the computer screen, all the way from over THE POND! You are so kind to visit today!

    HEY! I found another image of a little cute coat that you will love!!! IN PINK!!! I will see how I can weave it in for YOU in the next couple of posts.....

    HAVE A FAB DAY!!! Anita

  25. Scary to read about Kenzie, I never knew! But I am fairly new to your blog so I guess that's why...
    So glad it ended well!

    And I might have to give Zumba a go :)


  26. Toasted Soreen - YES YES YES!

  27. Off to get me a cuppa and have a good read through all your recent posts, feels like i have missed a lot! Glad Kenzie has been able to come through all the trauma and reach the other side of it all. I laughed at the tremedous effort of finding Mikey, only for Kenzie not to remember! Such a boy thing!

    Zumba looks good but would be tragic for anyone to catch a glimpse of me doing it! As for it really that good toasted? I buy some sort of fruit loaf that is less dense than soreen, but it is fatal, as it's only me that eats it in the house and a whole loaf can be gone in minutes........humm maybe I should start shaking my thing!


  28. Zumba rocks- but alas I have no xbox thingy! and Soreen, well my 6 year old is the only one who likes it, but I will have to get her to try it toasted.
    As for Cindy's work- I have admired her work for ages, I am so enviuos that you have purchased one of her pieces- It looks divine.

    Oh bless Kenzie,and the courage he shown- it would put most adults to shame. The whole saga regarding the toy , has the perfect ingredients for a childrens story ( tear in eye seriously)

    A beautiful thought provoking post- Big hug to your Beautiful Boy (((hug)))

  29. Toasted Soreen? The idea never even entered my head but I will try it soon. My version of eating soreen is slice it, butter liberally, no need for a plate, just lob it in your mouth!

    We had a Boo doll with a little Mikey which is different to the one you had. My daughter has some velveteen bunnies (Kaloo) which she has loads of as I kept buying them on ebay, just in case she lost one! Needless to say, most of them are pristine and she won't cuddle them as they are too fluffy - she prefers the two bald threadbare ones that are close to falling apart! xx

  30. New Ducks!!! You have got my attention! Can't wait for the post.

    Ok my daughter came home from England telling me all about these Soreen treats....she fell in love with them...we found some the other day for her...I will tell her to toast them! I wish I felt the same way about them..not sure I like them..maybe toasted will help!

    Your sweet son Kenzie...such a dear story my friend.

    Hugs to you ....sorry I have not visited for a while...I will try to be better now that the move is to get rid of all the ooodles of boxes. xoxo.

    Happy weekend.

  31. Hi Fee
    I think the protocol for award-giving is that I have to let you know, so....check out my latest post - I have an award for you

    K xx


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