Monday 25 February 2013

Spring Makes

 We took a little trip to Treacle, the vintage/craft/food market in Macclesfield again this weekend. None of the boys were too keen, but the promise of some authentic Mexican street food soon shut them up!

We didn't stay for long though - brrrr it was flamin' freezing. When the snow started I found myself in Costa Coffee getting some hot drinks just to warm my porky little fingers.

I didn't part with any cash other than to pick up this lovely pistachio teapot - from a charity shop. Of course it needed a cozy - so as soon as we got back I set to, using a great free pattern found here at 'the green dragonfly' blog (thank you Janette)

 Of course my cheapo teapot isn't standard size or shape, but now I'm a confident cocky crocheter I wasn't fazed! I also used an alternative flower pattern but only because I had one in my head.

Treacle is always worth a mooch - might try and go in the warmer weather next time.                                                          
I redecorated 'the branch' with some crochet leaves - an idea I pinned on pinterest then actually went back and made! 
(might be a first). 
The original comes from here at 'easy makes me happy'(me too Tara)
It's surprisingly hard to photograph (without getting my face in) but you get the idea
The good thing about the branch being in front of the mirror is that it looks like I've made twice as many!
(Elephants by Sarah @ Northfield Primitives - here's her Etsy shop link)
 I also made a HUGE infinity scarf for a special friend. I used a pattern appropriately called 'great big hug' available for free here on ravelry (thanks Aimee) and added some popcorn stitches and a little red heart for the back of the neck.
Other than that, whilst (still) waiting for the block mojo to return I've been playing with clay and silver leaf. Here's a sneak peek - definitely some new products on the way...
Before I go, we are visiting Cornwall for the first time over Easter (we're fans of Devon) as Cleggy is working down there...anyone recommend any places to visit/eat?
We'll be near Swanpool/Falmouth. 

And sharing this lovely giveaway over at Annie's blog
Happy new week
fee x

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Another Place

 We don't really do valentines day around here...but it doesn't stop me using the opportunity to add more hearts to the front door.

I wish I'd taken a better photo of this. The central heart is a foam shape (hobbycraft) which I covered in Tim Holtz vintage valentine paper then poked holes in with a darning needle. I blanket stitched around then added a fancy border - and am thinking it would make lovely bunting?!

Is there anyone (in the UK!) who doesn't LOVE daffodils for all that they represent....
for me it's the teeny tiny hope that warmer weather is on the way. 
It's certainly felt like Spring in the North West these last few days - and hearing that the cold weather is set to return before long we took the opportunity of a blue sky and a half term holiday to hit the beach yesterday.

I've wanted to visit Anthony Gormley's 'Another Place' sculpture installation for years - and we finally made the mere 1 hour journey to see it!
For the uninitiated the work consists of  100 identical cast iron figures which face out to sea, spread over a 2 mile stretch on Crosby Beach, just north of Liverpool. It has previously been installed in Germany, Norway and Belgium and was due to be moved to New York in 2007. Controversially Sefton council agreed it would remain permanently in Crosby.
The men are all 6ft 2" and as the tide ebbs and flows they are revealed then completely submerged.
They are also anatomically correct - which is (naturally) the thing the boys liked best. 100 willies on a beach!
I saw a model opportunity - and present my latest crochet piece - a hat and cowl:
 I was really thrilled that I managed to make the hat - it's defeated me many times before. I was less than thrilled when I had to remove it completely half way down the beach as it went baggy and covered my eyes. Not least because I had neglected to wash my hair! 

How difficult are hats? anyone got any fail safe patterns/tips feel free to share with me.
maybe I shouldn't have stretched it over a large man's head!!
          The light on the beach was really beautiful - a really low wintry sun full of promise.
 I found lots of lovely drift wood - but no hearts, so made one:
 I haven't made any progress with the crochet addiction - and among other things have made a new cowl with frill. 
I'm a frilly kind of girl - not sure about the colour combo here, the wool looked nicer together before I made it up.
  I did manage to combine my two crafting love (blocks and crochet) 
                     by crocheting over some blocks!  
                                 What a sado!!!
And to get another fix I made a square for Stocki's 
I can't tell you how happy I'd be to win! 
(nice granny huh? wish I could find the pattern again!)

Finally I'd like to thank lovely Sam Sunshine 
(that's her REAL jealous am I?!) 
for her wonderful smelling candle received as part of a swap this week. I could smell it before I even (ripped) opened the package...and when it's done making my living room smell less of boys (no mean feat) I have a Pip Studio pot. What's not to like? 
Sam fills all sorts of vintage vessels with soya candles, especially beautiful jelly moulds. 
Hang on a minute,  she's called Mrs Sunshine, she lives in Devon, she shops for pieces of vintage crockery then fills them with candles for a to cross her OFF my new pal list!!
fee x
(not really....thanks again Sam, it's perfect)

Tuesday 5 February 2013

But's an addiction

As my friends and family know (some more than others) I have a VERY addictive nature. I would like to be able to apply this personality defect to useful things like, say, treating my body like a temple, practicing yoga, saving money..... 

However, instead I feel the need to say 

'my name is Fee and I'm addicted to crochet'

Seriously. I can't stop.

SOooooo, I've decided to make the most of it (hoping it will pass in time) and have started making things to sell in my notonthehighstreet shop. Ties in nicely with the fact that I've lost my block making mojo.
 The only issue I'm having (and I know this is a common problem) is keeping the price reasonable whilst taking into account the buying, designing, making, packaging, posting costs. Turns out you have to crochet like a demon to make any kind of profit. Lucky I enjoy it so much! And as soon as I don't I'll be straight back to wood 
(also hard to eek a profit out of!!)

 I've started with jar cosies and brooches...
...and hope to move on to the capelets and cowls!
I sit on the same chair in the lounge and the mess just grows and grows. Cleggy is working away again (second family?) and it currently looks MUCH worse than when I took this photo!
 I've really enjoyed making these little versions - using the lacy net curtain (cheapo from Ikea) and crocheting either side. They work a treat with a candle - but I think they are too fiddly to make for the shop - the joining takes an age.
 Of course I have made some blocks too...most of which I forgot to photograph. I love using old photos and these ones worked a treat. They are another 60th wedding anniversary commission.
There are more images on the back - will share next time as they are really beautiful.

Before I go (to tidy wool mountain!) 
I need to share two links that are both family related and both about little people.

The first is for all the teachers/child minders/anyone who works with young children - and it's a GIVEAWAY on Cleggy's blog. I don't think it's the current post but the giveaway doesn't end until Feb half term.

Secondly, my little brother and sister both have their own individual blogs... and now they have a joint one too. It's called 
and is a collection of anecdotes, advice, musings, confessions and general mutterings about being a parent. It's very readable and there are some funny things on there - pop over and say hello.
fee x
(ps I'm also addicted to Instagram and Pinterest...let me know if you're on there too so we can share!)