Friday 25 February 2011

A whole day in the workshop, with a little visit from Mabel

Nelly and Mabel were over today - not for a social visit, but to work with Cleggy on a business idea. Nelly managed to park the baby brain and the old one (way sharper) kicked in just like the old days! Helped by some toast...

(we frequently congratulate ourselves on how well we make's hardly difficult!)

 Mabel had a little snooze in the sunshine, then I tried to get one of the brand new smiles she seemingly saves especially for Granny....but she spent the whole time trying to focus on my outfit, which consisted of spots, stripes and florals. Her brand new eyes were really struggling, and when I caught sight of myself in a a shop window a couple of hours later I completely saw where she was coming from. Proper crazy lady outfit.

 Mabel had a lovely home knit cardy on, which made me think I should start knitting again, 'til I remembered the half made dress on the dining table and the pile of half started cross stitch.

Anyway, I heard a quote today that went something like..

"a clean desk is the sign of an empty mind" it's a good job I didn't clean up the workshop as planned and instead played with wood and paper some more!
New boxes

and some new blocks

There were some exciting developments on the basement conversion too as our (still lovely) builders finally made the gap for the main door.

It's looking great inside too -  there's a family trip (!) planned down there for tomorrow when the builders aren't there.
Here's to the weekend....fee x

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  1. Happy creating! I love your treasures.

    I am off to bake owl cookies...the cutest little things you have ever seen. Wish I could bring a few over to you. Happy Weekend. xoxo


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