Thursday 17 February 2011

Just a great big family day out...

Yesterday was just as it should be...a winter walk with lots of family.
 We had a valuable reminder that people with small children arrive late (an hour?!) and also that very small people walk very slowly (brrrrrr!!).
Sonny (is he calling one of us a loser?)

Dunham Massey is the perfect place for 
such a gathering... 

flat walks,beautiful historic buildings and (best of all) a great child friendly cafe

little baby Mabel slept through the whole thing
Geordie Boy found a stick that he's keeping until he's 7 (we could do with some more sticks!!)
Alfie, looking very old compared to the others...
eskimo baby Luca
wish this was our drive!

I'm on a hunt to find wooly tights 
in this exact colour!

We missed our big and little boys Gaz (at work) and Kenzie (out with friends) but a lovely day was had by all.
Finished off with a family watch of the all time classic 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'
Doesn't get any better than that...fee x 

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