Thursday 26 May 2011

Kindle surprise!

Cleggy had a good old chuckle at the comments on 
his wrapping skills
'an honourary wonman you say'! (not sure how he felt about that!)
He does indeed know exactly what I like and is way more creative than he lets on.
inside said beautifully wrapped gift was a much coveted Kindle
and very gorgeous Kindle case
made by my friend
jane from teawaggontales 

I love a book, and I love a real book...(especially love a vintage book) but I also love the idea of taking 10 good books on holiday!                             as well as travel guides, dictionaries, phrase books, maps (ooh, scrabble dictionary...mustn't forget)and a couple of books to read aloud to the boys.                                                           I do appreciate the above items all cost money, but much like itunes I can happily ignore this fact by quickly clicking the 'continue' button whenever anything about payment appears. Same goes for Amazon. Commonly known as denial.

So thank you Cleggy, and thank you Jane! I'm wondering when you managed to squeeze in a little cup of tea together to discuss making a kindle cover of gorgeousness! 

I try not to moan on about it (here!) but the distinct lack of pink in our house does mean I spend my pennies on things of beauty that would otherwise be spent filling a case full of spots and frills. As all boys are now perfectly capable of carrying their own little rucksacks I have filled my holiday bag with the following
       tissues, phone, kindle, sunnies and mirror (contains lip salve but it wasn't beautiful enough to be in the photo)

That's it. The dinosaurs, felt tips that leak, drinks (that leak), wallets full of pounds from granny, DS's, games, plus other boy parafernalia will be somewhere else! and the sand, stones, shells, strange foreign sweets and other holiday parafernalia can come back in their rucksacks too!

I may concede and carry a little game of 'pass the pigs'...
fee x
ps I know janes work is already widely appreciated here but if you haven't visited the littleteawaggon as yet then pop over. She's terribly clever. And tottylicious, according to he of the beautiful wrapping. 


  1. love, love, the sweet kindle and darling case made by ms. jane. just received a white ipad 2 for an anniversary gift, and find myself in need of an appropriately cute case, i wonder if she ships to the states?

    i hope you have a lovely holiday, and enjoy every minute with that sweet family of yours...

    we're heading out a week from sunday, and i'm counting every minute.

  2. I LOVE my kindle - got it for Xmas and am a convert, some of the free books on Amazon have been great reads. Have a fab holiday - I am so jealous (no half term for us Scottish schools and still 5 weeks left till summer break!!) and by the way, you can't beat pass the pig!

  3. Hi Fee - nails by no 17, PJ's by Sainsbogs! (Bargain! so glad you like them!) Oh man, I want more technology but Mr Lane he dont get it.... I am like whinging five year old, so desperate am I to get my paws on an iphone! Now you throw in the bespoke cover card and I am completely undone.....ahhhh well just have to keep entering random competitions on appalling daytime TV shows, tee hee! I sense a very jolly hols coming on,

    Love Sarah xXx

  4. Pure joy and delight over here today my sweet friend...what a team your sweet husband and lovely Jane make! glad your birthday was a deserve everything.

    I so love Jane's amazing work. Enjoy my friend. xo

  5. Fee any holiday will be worth its weight in leaky markers with that sweet kindle and cover in hand. Have a lovely time. Well gifted...Smiles...Renee

  6. Yay & WOW! What gorgeousness :) blooming lovely! Loving the kindle, your pretty case & super delightful bag! All so can't fail to have a wonderful holiday with those beauties in tow!

    Jo x

    P.S. I sooooooo want your bag by Jane @ Teawagon!! It's sooooo lovely!!! I'm slightly green with envy :) hehehe

  7. All very beautiful indeed have a great holiday.

  8. You are a lucky! The cover is so pretty, Jane is very clever indeed.
    I hope your holiday is fabulous and sunny.

  9. Oh I need to mug you! There's an award over at mine for you x x x

  10. Hello Fee
    I have been dying to leave you a comment for sooo long. Hope you are having a jolly super hols and Birthday to boot! Have so enjoyed reading your blog and now I feel I can comment. Only you will understand why! (or maybe not!!!) cryptically yours.. Cowboys & Custard. Michele x

  11. I love your "handmade Vintage" tags. May I inquire where you ordered them from? You can email me if you wish.

    my blog is
    love your blog and everything on it.

  12. love that kindle cover! What a great surprise. I have a nook and I love it but I don't have a darling case like that. Frown.

  13. Love the vintage fabrics, Fee!
    Thanks for sending me the link!!! :-)


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