Thursday 24 February 2011

Creating a chicken spa!

A grand day out it was not! For various reasons (concerning secondary schools, our middle son Kenzie who had cancer as a toddler, unfair policy....and therefore many tears on my part and lots of 'don't worry we'll sort it outs' from Cleggy) we didn't manage to get out and needed cheering to the garden we went!
lovely spring flowers on the grass    

The chicken area is starting to look great and since it was such lovely weather we made the ladies a proper dust bath. All the information suggested that when offered such spa facilities the chickens should relish a good roll around to spruce up their feathers.
When making said spa the ladies were very interested
yes, that's a beautiful original belfast sink being used as a chicken bath!

....but other than that they showed little interest. 
The rescue girls loved it - although they seemed to jump in, have a little preen, then a snooze in the sun!
I managed to sneak in half an hour in the workshop (went in under the guise of fetching a drink and never came back!) and, inspired by the garden, tried out a little string of birds and eggs tied together with twine...

Think it's got potential!
Now, off to break the 'no wine on a school night rule'!!
fee x


  1. Me thinks you need a nice the day lovely friend and we can distract each other till the cows (boys) come home x x x x x x
    loving your birdy garland, is it too early for the easter tree??????????

  2. Oh my friend....your day looks sunny...and your flowers happy. I need a day at the spa..your new gals are very clever...using their new facility to the max...what a good momma you are.

    So so sad to hear about you sweet middle son...that is soooo unfair...sending you all special prayers.

    I do love your filled with JOY!
    Our weather has been very sweet primroses were doing so they are all limp and frozen and I am feeling that way as well. Limp and frozen...nothing a good spa would fix...might have to come over for a visit.

    Hugs xoxoxo

  3. Thanks ladies, (wishing all my blogging pals lived as close as you Jane!)
    Feel much better about our ongoing fight with mean secondary school - just want to feel we've done what we can.
    No sunshine for us either this time of year it's definitely a rare treat!
    have a sunny day anyway,
    fee x


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