Saturday 19 February 2011

Brightening up a grey day...and one big happy family?

Yes, it's raining in Manchester, but not enough to make me change my plans...
I've been looking forward to a free hour or so to brighten up the outside of the workshop, and since Cleggy and the boys have been busy remodelling the chicken's area, there seemed no better time than today.
 I couldn't resist adding some spring bunting 
to the bird table

And using the boy's buckets before the sun comes out for real
Round the back in the chicken area the new girls have been let loose into the main area...and the pecking order seemed to be based around who was the tallest;

Muriel tried the sticks
Gladys tried on top of the straw...
...and Florence (herself near the bottom) tried any stone she could get on!
OMG, maybe they were re-enacting the story of the 3 little pigs!!! Clever chickens.

It was the first time the rescue girls had been able to get into the main coop - and Muriel seemed to like keeping guard - whether awake or asleep
They had the best time when Cleggy was digging up some roots - there were worms a plenty and since Muriel and Gladys are unbelievably tame they were literally jumping on the trowel waiting for the next bite...
Hours of fun!
And it's saturday night so off to have the weekly takeaway debate. After all that gardening I will happily take anything put infront of me! fee x
ps. loving Treme, but not sure I understood half of the dialogue, and not sure it's ever going to replace The Wire?


  1. I love the bunting on the birdhouse, it looks so sweet.
    That pic of Muriel on guard is great, they are looking so much better.

  2. I so love visiting you....your sweet girls are happy to hear that the girls are holding their own..they do look so much better. What a sweet story.
    And your bunting makes me looks lovely.

    happy week to you. xo

  3. I love this so much! Check out my blog today. :D


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