Sunday 20 November 2011

All about Family....

What a busy old week...and a lovely weekend full of family, friends and food. Yesterday we had a visit from my little sister Nelly and G Kisby with gorgeous Mabel. 

I can't believe I didn't take any new pictures....especially since G Kisby is sporting a ridiculous moustachio for Movember. I HATE it (and am secretly glad Cleggy didn't know about it!) but it's for a great cause. 
I know lots of you will know someone 
 with a budding moustache but if 
you don't, and want to support the fight against mens cancer here's the link to

Every little helps.

Loved seeing you three x

And in the spirit of home and family, here are some 
new chipper nelly offerings (all available here):
These blocks are double sided - so they have a Christmas Home option on one side, then you can turn them upside down and back to front for a non Christmas version! Cool huh?
A set of 6 blocks spelling 'family'
And my favourite product of the season - some mixed sized blocks spelling 'family' which can also include an 'established' date and personal family name. They are made with my absolute favourite Tim Holtz paper - which took me 6 weeks to be able to cut up. Better late than never!


I also finished a couple of commissions:
This large wooden box for special memories was made for Sarah, to give to her sister-in-law. It has been one of my favourite pieces - but one I took hardly any photos of it.
I hope she liked it as much as we did Sarah!
The next blocks are for Renee who has the most adorable blog full of vintage eye candy...
pop over here if not already familiar!
The next set are for Santa to leave for three little girls who write him an annual letter - you can't see very well on the photo, but they are glittery too for extra girly sweetness:

And my little purchase this week? Well, since I didn't win one of Joole's little peckers in her giveaway I popped over to her   Etsy shop and bought me one! Actually, the little peckers were long gone - but I got my hands on Belle Bullfinch instead...what a treat!

...and here she is in her new home (our hall!)
 Thanks Jooles - she's adorable, and SO beautifully wrapped.

That's it...Cleggy has gone down south somewhere in preparation for work tomorrow - so I'm off to hunt down some chocolate to accompany my sunday night blues.
fee x

Monday 14 November 2011

The winner is.....

so much to everyone who entered my 100 followers celebration giveaway - and hello to some new followers who found me as a result....I'm hoping to pop over and visit some new distractions soon.

I wrote out a list of entries and used a random number generator...but couldn't get it in my post so have copied and pasted! How base!
True Random Number Generator 10 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Which means the winner is Jane, who lives in Tasmania and also has a wonderful thought inspiring blog called Planet Baby
Jane...I'll be in touch and look forward to personalising your blocks over the next few days!

Now, what else has been going on? Well, Elvis has officially left the building! Kenzie's hamster Elvis died yesterday. Kenzie wasn't particularly concerned at the news - but then we have done the circle of life in a big way this year (already losing 2 hens to a fox, one hen to natural causes, one hen drowned, 2 ducks escaped through the hole left by the fox, and one other hamster!).
Since we gave GB's hamster BJ (yes, really) a mini gathering of thoughts in the back garden it seemed only right to do the same for Elvis. The ceremony will be tonight after school. It may be just me and Cleggy!

Ned the tortoise got put in the workshop fridge for the winter at the weekend. 
It always feels wrong to do it but after a successful hibernation last year we feel a little more confident this time round.
 Granny really doesn't like the fact he goes in the cold and asks me lots of questions (to boost my confidence about the whole thing!) like 'are you sure it's ok to go from the warmth of the house to the fridge without cooling him down?' Granny, he'll be fine!!! (fingers crossed)

 Speaking of The Granny...she is getting ready for her big trip to Israel next week. She and I went on a big shop for appropriate clothes a couple of weeks ago (I bet Gok hasn't had the remit 'capsule wardrobe for The Holy Land'!) so she's all ready.  

Well, I thought she was! She popped in last night to show me the wares she'd bought yesterday, from, of all places, Joules! I have to admit, I was a little green at the gorgeousness of them (and look forward to borrowing them on her return!)

I got a wonderful package in the post this week from a lovely customer Sarah (will show and tell her latest commission next post) who somehow knows me extremely well! It contained 2 fab old ladybird books ripe for chopping, a gorgeous collection of buttons (from her own collection- we all know how hard it is to share!!) and a bar of Green and Blacks Maya Gold. As good as any package gets - THANK YOU Sarah!It made my day, and the chocolate made my lunch!

One of the books was about puppies and kittens - which I MUST have had as a child as these 2 pictures in particular were very familiar:

My Chipper Nelly shop is nicely busy in the run up to Christmas. I had a great week last week so treated myself to a new glasses case (I know, last of the big spenders!)

It's from a fellow seller on NOTHS called Samantha who has a shop Pants and paper - her things are lovely - do take a look (here)

And finally here are the latest Chipper Nelly offerings:
A new block with bells on:
   It's made with Martha Stewart papers which I haven't used before but am liking. Quite Scandinavian
 A new size of Girl and Boy Blocks - available with any letter or number stamped:
 And a single Bird Block:
 Before I go and start the week, has anyone else felt their eyes well up just a little at the current John Lewis advert? The one with the boy counting down the days? And not because they've used one of my favourite Smiths tracks (that's OK with me BTW, I know there are some up in arms about the whole thing....aligning the genius of Morrisey/Marr with middle class shopping etc! I happen to think John Lewis is genius too, so find the combination perfect!)
Anyway, off to contact the winner!
Happy week to one and all, fee x 

Monday 7 November 2011

another random post

I found this little thing outside the workshop today, soaking up the warm Autumn how vintage those delicate wings look.

So, I know I'm late with the Halloween thing but had to share the campest red devil (sorry Geordie - but all your pictures have that foot thing going on!) and a genuinely scary kenzie clown.

So scary that none of the boys wants to keep said clown mask in their bedrooms!
We had a lovely big family trip to Lyme Park at the weekend (setting for the BBC's Pride and Prejudice new film The Awakening). The new (ish) play area there is a boys dream and we even managed to get a photo of The Granny with all her grandchildren, nearly all looking at the camera         ...a first!
The sunlight at the end of the afternoon was begging for photos - unfortunately boys were begging for tea so I only managed a few:
 In the Chipper workshop it's been a mixture of commissions and Christmas blocks galore. This treasures box was for my lovely friend Sue who has become a fairy godmother and wanted something to welcome little Eva into the family. Sue writes stories about fairy folk and also paints - she designed this little fairy Betsy for inside the box (complete with tinkle bell on back)
The next set of 9 blocks depict the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, made for my SIL Alice. Lots of the paper used on this set is recycled wrapping paper (previously given to me by Alice!) which mixed in well with the other papers I already had.
... a new size of Love Block

And some new designs - single Christmas blocks 
(available here!)
Finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has entered my first giveaway! I was full of trepidation when I posted it - can you imagine the shame of offering up your work and no one being interested??! Anyway - I really appreciate all the supportive comments - and hello to the new friends I've made as a result of my button being on some fancy sidebars! Isn't blogging fab....?
fee x
(if you haven't entered - it's not too late - just leave a comment on the previous post!)