Wednesday 2 February 2011

Vintage Childrens Blocks

Today I was mostly inspired by my beautiful little nephews Sonny and Luca...

...whose nursery is inspired by vintage metal toys. Since I don't do metal (and for once am willing to accept I never can!) I've done some new children's vintage blocks instead.

Nursery blocks

I'm worried that they are verging on a little creepy....but still love them. Hope they do too, fee x


  1. Thank you for visiting me the other day....I adore your sweet blocks....and your blog is lovely!!! xo

  2. Hello there, would you please accept the Stylish Blogger Award? As you know, I love your blog and would be honoured if you would accept.

  3. Hi Emma,

    Of course - I'll accept with pleasure! thank you, fee x


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