Sunday 31 January 2016

August/September 15

 One of my favourite bits about getting home is finding treasures from our travels in our cases and loving them all over again. 
Port Douglas was great for shopping  our 2 purchases were a cushion:
And a metal frame with a picture of Frida:
We had ordered new sofas to be delivered the week we got back - 
and thankfully still loved them too:

I now feel like our lounge looks like ours. 

Doubtless inspired by the rainforest (!) we bought lots of big plants from Ikea...

We put up some vintage drawer fronts that we'd had for years
and Cleggy loved the trolley I'd bought while he was in Australia

 Towards the end of the Summer we visited the Just So festival

It's a brilliant family festival held about half an hour away in the grounds of Rode Hall.
 Magical walks through the spellbound forest
It was full of activities and curios

 and pom pom trees

with fairy villages

and loads of good food and drink

 and a bar in a horsebox
 There were loads of circus activities too

my skinny sister showing how it's done...
me less so!!!

 Everyone who attends is assigned a house group -  fish, fox, owl etc. 
And lots of people make a big effort to dress the part. he costumes are as interesting as anything else

Alfie had really missed his friends while we were away so we agreed to a weekend of camping in the back garden before school started in September.
 It started as a couple of mates...
and ended up being about twelve of them!
The camp got bigger and bigger!
girls essentials!
But the weather was good and they had a brilliant time.

and little brothers were allowed to join in (result!)

Kenzie had his first birthday at home for a few years - 
and turned 14
He chose a trip to TFI's for a burger as his birthday tea
Then the inevitable happened and they all went back to school. GB started Wellington - so they are all at the same school at last!
He had some tie tying training...

and the obligatory first day (nervous) photos

Little niece Mabel also started school- and looked less nervous!
This year alf sits his GCSEs and Kenzie starts his. 
GB seemed to get on fine - but was knackred at the end of the first week!
Bring on half term!!
fee x