Friday 18 February 2011

Baker's twine, ric rac and new buttons...

I've been playing with new Easter bunting for a few weeks now and getting frustrated with ribbon and string...of course, Baker's twine is the answer, and I was delighted to find The Ribbon Girl, who sell it in loads of colours.

Ok, the photo isn't as beautiful as Saskia's (Join my Joy, Rope of life) but how lovely are these colours?!

Better than that, I ordered on Tuesday afternoon, and my lovely parcel was on my doorstep on Wednesday morning, very beautifully wrapped! I also ordered some ric rac and buttons in specific colours I find harder to get hold of (as if I need any more buttons!!) and they too arrived packaged in little bags like sweeties.... 

Thank you ladies!(I'll definitely be back for some more treats)

After a trip to the cinema (boys watched purile film, Cleggy and I had's the future!), and the obligatory mooch round John Lewis,  I decided that the bird table 'needed' brightening up (photos tomorrow). 

Whilst playing I caught a glimpse of Foxy Loxy staking out our lady hens

(another rubbish picture!)

...then when I went to put all the chickens to bed I found the Lady Orpingtons in Gladys/Muriels area and vice versa.Do not know HOW they managed this!
Muriel was in and out of the main coop - clearly thinking 'this is more like it'!!
Tomorrow is the day we let all our girls live together as one big happy family....what fun. I will of course provide photographic evidence of any shenanigans! fee x

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