Tuesday 30 October 2012

Back in the swing...

I'm pleased to report that I'm fighting fit and back in the chipper workshop, albeit with a new set of dust masks. Attractive!
And to prove it here are some of my Christmas products:
(sorry about the major photo tomfoolery...I can't help myself sometimes)
All available @ www.notonthehighstreet.com/chippernelly
 I'm also pleased to report that I have still got my crochet mojo on (completely addicted in fact) and amongst other things have started making a fair few snowflakes for the Christmas Tree 
 I bought some really cheap wool with added glitter and shading...looks lovely but man, it makes my eyes itch! 
Next step is to spray starch them so they hang flat....
 Other than that I've been playing with dried orange (like you do) and mod podging dictionary print on to leaves to 'Autumn Up' the kitchen.

Yes, I clearly fail to prioritise and put painting leaves before the washing pile. In fact WAY before!!!
When a kitchen needs Autumning up what can you do?

On a more productive note Cleggy and I have both been busy cleaning (in my case FINDING) our half of the workshop. It's such a lovely space and has been neglected of late. 
We still need some more storage so I can't share the whole room 
but here are the finished bits:
Cleggy's side
and my side....

I can't remember the last time I could see this much desk!
And now we have a new window I can see the chickens in the very back bit of the garden!
It's a Mummy and GB day today 
(big boys had their half term last week Grrrr) 
so we're off to see Madagascar 3 in 3D. Wooo hooo! 
I'm taking both chocolate and crochet!
fee x
[EDIT: although I am more than happy to accept orders through notonthehighstreet.com feel free to email me if you ever want to order anything. I can make things a little cheaper for fellow bloggers/readers... email me on chippernelly@hotmail.co.uk]

Sunday 21 October 2012

Autumn Sun

Thank you for all the get well messages - I feel so much better this week...although I've yet to venture back into the workshop without a mask (when I say mask I mean a dust mask, not a random Halloween one!) I've still spent an inordinate amount of time ignoring the state of the boys bedrooms (really, REALLY grim) whilst crocheting away in front of the TV.
 EVERYONE in our family is getting a crocheted gift this year for Christmas (in order to justify my habit) and with plenty of boys in the family that's no mean feat. Thus justifying another addiction...Pinterest!

The annoying thing is that I can't show and tell for risk of ruining the surprise.
Anyway, since I've been more sedentary than ever before I've noticed how many beautiful shadows the low Autumn sun creates in the lounge. Obviously they don't translate well on a photograph, 
but you get the idea?
 Since putting up the cheapo Ikea nets 
the whole wall is frequently covered in a shadow of lace...
 The sun also looked inviting on the stack of cases 
under the loft stairs
When I have been working it's been weddings and anniversary commissions galore of late. Here are some of them, starting with a winter white Christmas wedding. The snowflake blocks are reversible, with hearts on the other side for the rest of the year...
 A traditional white wedding:
...and some first anniversary blocks. Matt and Amy's anniversary is on the 15th October - I don't always have the right numbers to do a date but did this time...
 I used plenty of book print as they are celebrating their 
'paper' anniversary
Amy wanted their wedding vows on the biggest block. I decided to make life really hard for myself by making them run along the whole set. Especially hard when the blocks are different sizes so you can't lay them on the desk and stamp flat.
If I make a mistake with one letter I have to 
remake half the block again. 
No singing while working that day!
 I love making signs - and I like the sound of this cosy corner:
 Last year I made a few double sided Family blocks - this set is for a regular customer Sallyann who requested browns and creams on the regular side

There's not a hint of Christmas until you turn them upside down...
I'm hoping to get some made for my shop this year!

That's it for my makes...happy new week, fee x

Sunday 14 October 2012

Smiling, not smiling, smiling....

I've been struggling to find my normal chipper self this month - a mixture of feeling seriously hacked off with the hackers and feeling v poorly (I got a chest infection then lost control of my asthma...no fun!) I actually contacted the hackers personally, using the email address they were sending all my mail to. Sounds like a weird idea, but I read about a journalist who did the same and the ensuing conversation sounded interesting.               Needless to say they didn't get back to me. 
My brother has also contacted me (or should I say the fee who is stuck in spain with no money) and arranged to meet up at the hotel they suggested. They didn't answer him either. Made us laugh though. Or wheeze, in my case.

So, I wasn't smiling, but after some rest, crochet, a break from the dusty workshop and a seriously high dose of steroids I'm smiling again. And can even see the funny side.

Here are some other things that have made me smile recently:

1) having Mabel here again for the weekend - though mostly downstairs with Granny.
Is there anything cuter than stripy tights?    

2) Making gingerbread cookies filled with sweets to 
hang up at the window
I was smiling less when I realised that hanging them above a radiator has resulted in cookies dripping with hot syrup, which has dropped all over the radiator cover!!!nice.
3) A wonderful surprise package from my blogging pal 
Helen - lets swap forever more..it makes me smile wide to both make and receive!
4) GB's hamster Mr Bob Boblingson. You can't really see in the photo but he managed to cram a whole mini shreddie in his mouth - gross!
5) Lots of comfort baking. This cake was first introduced to us by my pal Emily
I didn't have any chocolate chips handy so threw in a packet of whole malteasers...which worked a treat
Recipe here

6) Sleepover brownies - a packet to send with the boy on the sleepover and a tray full for the remaining boys and the boy who filled the bed space! (3 x v tired boys today)
7)Return of the crochet mojo. The doctor prescribed full on rest... surely that doesn't include crochet?
I think this little scarfett would be better in a chunkier wool 
but I still like it.
pattern here
7)  a rare lunch out with my little sister. No photos, too busy catching up. Mabel's little sibling is due anytime now...can't wait.

8) working with Cleggy on a lovely fairy project for a future book. 
Amoungst other things (and with the help of the boys)we made;
pebble pets
Tiny fairy cookies
fairy doors out of lolly sticks
Garden baubles that sparkle in the sunshine
 and  ice pictures full of fruit and berries

9) receiving a photo full of smiles from my blogging friend Roos. Her man Kenji is currently well - long may it last....(sending love to you guys)

10) some lovely commissions. It's taken me a while to catch up with myself and my turnaround time isn't what it normally is... but enjoyed the making all the same.

A larger home picture
 Some blocks for a boys 18th...not always the easiest!
Home Blocks in creams, with gold leaf hearts
and finally a christening block in lovely new paper
   Here's to more smiling this week! fee x