Thursday 23 June 2011

Sharing the crochet love

I was supposed to be having my first crochet lesson today  with my lovely friend jane (desperate to be in the girls who can crochet club)- but the lists got the better of me and I had to cancel. It wasn't helped by the fact that we had a wild duck chase this morning!

Just as I was leaving on the school run my pal Julie called to say she'd seen 2 little ducks being shepherded to safety on the other side of the village - and thought they might be ours. I hadn't finished my sentence before Cleggy was off to see if they were our runaways. On reflection I think he was thinking 'if they are ours then great....if they aren't ours I'm having them anyway!'.
I promised to meet him at the location of 'the sighting' and zoomed over as soon as I'd delivered the boys to school. Now, it dawned on me that the place in question was a very busy crossroads on a particularly busy road, at rush hour. As I approached I expected to see Cleggy in the middle of traffic chaos, stopping cars and wildly chasing two very speedy ducklings around. It gave me an instant headache - as I knew that, if this was the case, I'd have to get out of my car and do the same! (particularly since I wasn't completely what you'd call 'dressed'...)

Anyway  - when I got there it seemed the kindly (/crazy) lady in the newsagents had shooed them towards the safety of the pub car park. We spent a while having a good search (in the rain) but found nothing. Cleggy gave the newsagent his mobile number in case they ever showed up (for a packet of crisps and a paper?)

We got a call from the man at the golf course later in the day (crazy newsagent lady seemingly handing number out willy nilly) to say he thought they were on his pond - so we'll follow this lead tomorrow!
Anyway - I know some of you will have found this yourself, but the lovely Julia Crossland has posted an e-book on her site today sharing some crochet patterns/tutorials, including this beautiful bunting, a phone cover and cushion among others.

How lovely is that? Here's the link
I can't wait to crochet!!! (in my spare time...)
fee x


  1. Those little mischief ducks! It reminds me of the time I had to chase one of ours down the road and the under a bush (I literally had to roll around under it to get him) - goodness knows what the neighbours thought lol.

    Good luck on the crochet, you will love it when you get going.

  2. Happy crocheting, sweet Fee! Wish I could find some more patience to do so.
    Have a lovely evening o xx o

  3. Perfect timing Fee, I just spend the last half hour copying pages from a crochet book before it is due back at the library. (that is legal right?) Anyway, I also so desperately want to be 'one of those crochet ladies'.... :-)

  4. I hope they are your duckies!!

    Forgive me if I've already recommended this (I do to everyone I meet who wants to crochet!!) but it was this book that made it click with me after years of not being able to do it:

    S x

  5. Sounds just like our life having animals to worry about and chase after. Just off to change the hot water bottle of the third hedgie I've rescued in the last two weeks. I think they've got my address and are passing it around hedgie land.

    Can't wait to see if they're your ducks and if you'll snaffle them anyways.


  6. Wish I'd seen that this morning:) ..they must be yours! how many ducks have you seen wandering around our village??? looking forward to next week, soon we will be able to churn out grannies while drooling over Don Draper..I promise x x x x x

  7. You will learn to crochet one day, my lovely, but for now, lists and ducks are way more important.
    Good luck in catching your quackies.

  8. i hope your ducks are found soon, fee. i long to crochet, too. my girls have had lessons, but when i ask for some direction something seems to be lost in the translation.

    have a fab weekend.

  9. sarabondibeach24 June 2011 at 01:02

    I can see you both now! ...just loving the not completely dressed bit! Miss you xx

  10. keeping my fingers crossed for good news. xoxoxo

  11. You MUST buy a duck whistle calling hooter thingyma bob. You MUST!!! Or just go around quacking. Surely they'll come running to find you if they can hear you!?

    ps I think I have a small crush developing on your Cleggy.
    pps my word verification was chiaser (till I clicked edit anyway). Apt.

  12. Oh my dear girl, LOVED your message on my blog and love your blog so thank you for messaging me!
    I can join you and set up a new club "Girls who want to crochet but can't find the flamin' time" or something.
    I want to learn too. I should be freelance writing but yet here I am blogging again!
    It's addictive isn't it.
    Your blog is stunning. Very jealous of Ned. My daughter would LOVE one!
    x x x

  13. Hope the second lead proved fruitful and you've managed to track them down! By the way have passed you the Kreativ Blogger Award (more details on my blog), hope you approve and are not one of those who hates blogger awards!! haha, have a great weekend xxx

  14. This is better than mini series...fee the whole family is in on it...Keep asking Mom did they find them? Crocheted as a kiddo with my aunts and now I can't remember for the life of me? Enjoy the lessons when they happen...keep us posted...smiles...Renee

  15. Hello! Do hope by this point you've managed to find your wee charges and bring them safely home again! Such fabulous drama, better than telly actually lol!
    Thanks for sharing the link to my little E-book too, that was very nice of you!

    Sending love, enjoy your weekend,
    Love Julia x x x

  16. Mentioned you today on me little blog.


  17. excellent! im going to check her out now ^_^

    Im trying to fall back inlove with crochet.. I spent four months last year crocheting a blanket for my granny.. it was so much work I havent done anything since lol.

    So retraining my granny square hand!


  18. I love the thought of you despairing of your Cleggy as he races around trying to gather ducks in the morning rush hour. I also snorted with laughter at your comment about them coming back to the newsagent for crisps and a paper. ha ha! Is Cuckoo for real, telling you to buy a duck calling hooter? That sounds like a wind up to me....

    Get you, with your two nights out in a row. I hardly ever go out any more and when I touch wine it gets very messy indeed. Is great when you and your sis share friends and you can see each other all at the same time (sorry, replying to your latest post here too).

    So glad I found your blog, it makes me laugh a lot.

    Nicki xx


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