Tuesday 18 September 2012

The C word...

I put my (on line) shop on holiday for a huge 6 weeks over the summer - with great plans. I was thinking MASSIVE sort out, HUGE tidy up, evaluate my product offer, design some new blocks, make plenty of back stock and mostly...get ready for Christmas.

Instead, I did... hmmmmm...
Obviously I did plenty, just none of the above.

So, I'm battling through the commissions and frequently running out of girl and boys blocks (flying out atm) whilst anxiously watching my fellow sellers flaunt their beautiful Christmas wares.

(I feel compelled to point out/justify myself by saying that I also play a large part in Cleggy's business as well as perform my motherly/wifely duties to a standard you might, on a good day, consider adequate!)

Apart from being a lethal combo of very busy and totally disorganised I fight the whole Christmas thing. 

I spent my whole career in ruthless retail and hated the big annual Christmas planning meeting every August. Now I work for myself I LO♥E the fact that I can be fashionably late! 

I know it's wrong, but I just don't want to immerse myself in all things festive...yet!

That said, I've made my first Christmas 2012 offering - and it's not overly christmasy!
It could come out the cupboard as winter starts...
with a little hint of festive glitter!
Here are some of my other recent makes:
a sign for friends leaving for pastures new
some more Mr & Mrs blocks, this time for some friends of my little sister Nelly  who got married at the weekend
(liking this paper for wedding blocks - have ordered some more)
a set of christening blocks for a new customer 
(hope they have arrived Leanne!)
and some anniversary blocks for a fellow blogger 
(30 years - good work!)
GB - they are on their way...
fingers crossed they cross the pond in time!
and some more blocks for Vivienne.  
Pop over here if you haven't already, 
for a lovely walk through British wild flowers...
Can you believe that book is over 50 years old?

Apart from all that we've had some more lovely time with little Mabel, having her here for the weekend while Nelly/G Kisby were attending said wedding!
I love 18 months - such a funny age!
She spent ages enjoying the 'plop' of a stone in a bucket of water:
And making cookies with Uncle Al
You know we are short of girls round these parts so as soon as Nelly's back is turned we have to do something with her hair....can't WAIT for the years to come!
Before I go (Great British Bake Off calls) I thought I'd show and tell the one tiny bit of my workshop that IS sorted....the buttons!
happy days! fee x


  1. Oooh, I want some vintage Ladybird blocks.
    Let me know how to order some please. Xxx

  2. Little Mabel is such a cutie! :)
    I am so with you on all things festive, I'm not ready to go there yet either. I would much rather be among the wildflowers! ;)
    I love all your yummy buttons. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. You will now be inundated with Ladybird books to be made into blocks! It certainly crossed my mind after I saw Vivienne's lovelies on her blog the other day!

    Mabel is clearly an absolute darling, what a joy!

  4. tidy shelves? I am coming round for a workshop inspection :)
    happy christmas....( I'm getting in early )

  5. I adore your winter/Christmas sign, not too Christmassy at all. :)
    I'm looking at all those blocks and buttons in your work space imagining all the beautiful creations that are going to be make. Loving the button colours.
    Anne xx

  6. Fee dear, it's 40 years but who's counting. : )


  7. ♥...love all the things you make darling !!...enjoy your week...xxx..

  8. Hello Fee, I'm sure you'll get everything done that needs to be done ... I hate how Christmas is already in the shops in the form of Advent calendars and selection boxes ... and is going to get much worse shortly! Absolutely love your blocks, the set you made me for a christening were very well received and will be treasured forever. Love, love, love, Great British Bake Off!

    Have a lovely day

    Claire xx

  9. Is it really fair that one person should have so many buttons? LOL :) Fab blocks as always. Mabel with curlers, how sweet!!

  10. Hello Fee,
    I agree about the big 'C' and I work in retail,soo the build up is crazy!!!
    LOVE those blocks you make and Claire from Thriftwood is my friend out side of blogging land (soo I experienced them for real) just wonderful!
    How cute is Mabel! and 18 months is a magical age hehe...
    Fee, I wanted to thank you also for your sweet words over on mine!
    Yep it has been a very 'special' time for us all!!
    Have a Wednesday full of kindness.
    Love Maria x

  11. What lovely pictures :)

  12. Love the blocks - perfect for prezzies!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  13. Oooooohhhh I could just eat Mabel, she is sooooo cute. Your blocks are as delish as ever. You made me laugh with your comment on my post :)
    We have had mince pies out in the supermarket for a couple of weeks already, really!!!!!
    xx Sandi

  14. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! Oh where was I yesterday in Blogland......I was out taking walks in this gorgeous fall weather of ours! I come to see you visited, now to see you have a wonderful new post! I LAUGHED THIS MORNING as I saw your comment....teeheee......those dresses on my post would even constrain my LESS AMPLE chest to a point of suffocation!!!

    Ohhhh, thank you for supporting me dearest. This summer was my first Etsy summer and I had no idea what to expect. However, ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY, I am fearing that what I have made will not attract buyers, so YOUR FIRST SEVERAL thoughts here really are wise....to EVALUATE your stock. For now, I am hoping to go LOCAL in terms of my art. I am not interested in however, selling to retailers...at least my finer art. Cards and tags, sure. But there is a local artists' guild that is SUPER and I want to expose my better work in some of their art fairs and also take some classes on book making....that is up my ally.

    Your words are just perfect to confirm in my heart that I am not one to BEND to what the holidays dictate.....but one must make a little money! Oh, what to do....


  15. How adorable is sweet little Mabel! I love little ones of that age too...everything about them is so cute and entertaining! Your new blocks and signs are wonderful, you always come up with something new and special and I love to see them. I can totally understand your Christmas makes dilemma....
    Have a happy crafty time anyway, Fee, and enjoy whatever you feel inspired to make!
    Helen x

  16. I loved this so much I read it twice. The new signs and blocks are so beautiful. Simple yet elegant. Not overly blinged! I don't know what you are talking about it looks like you have been plenty busy. You are supermom you know. Mabel is a doll. I miss mine being young and impressed with me. Now she knows everything and I am always in her way? Smiles...Renee

  17. The anniversary blocks are gorgeous as is everything else you make. Little Mabel is just tooo cute. M x

  18. Your new signs & blocks are fabulous as always - and life's too short not to pick The GBB over tidying up! I'm addicted too, and my craft room currently resembles a tip. It is what it is! ;-)

  19. Such beautiful blocks shown again this week. You are so creative. I do love your organised button shelf. Excellent work - I say, start small and eventually the whole will be pretty!! If not, you've always got your shelf!! ;0) J9 x
    P.S - I'm blocking the C word out of my mind too!! Good on you - it's too early!! x

  20. My OCD is loving the button reorg, I sooooo need a crafty space to call my own, currently I have a bureau two shelves in a cupboard and behind the sofa in the dining room to house all my crafty supplies, it's just not conducive to creativity if I have to haul a sofa out of the way before I set to work.

    Top Tip: Bypass Christmas and start making items for Valentine's Day and Easter now, that'll put the wind up the other sellers! x

  21. You know I always love your blocks, Fee! But I have to say that my favourites are the Ladybird book ones - they remind me of being little! :-)
    I stared longingly at your button jars photo for several minutes...... (or should I not admit to that)?????

  22. Your pieces are really cute!! I, too, am having trouble getting geared up for the holidays. Oh well, they'll get done.


  23. Love your blocks and your writing style!! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me back! =) Deanna

  24. What a delightful post, Fee. So much to savour, especially sweet Mabel. But my favourite shot is the last with your bounty of beautiful buttons. Fabulous. I was just organising mine today! J x

  25. Happy Autumn!!! pure joy on your blog today...I love your blocks and that October calendar one is amazing.
    Oh my heart is in love with your sweet Mabel. xoxoxo

  26. Hi where do you get your wooden blocks from ? I need some (400) plain wooden cubes for a children's project at the children#s centre where I work... thanks for your help x


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