Tuesday 20 March 2012

♥ So Much To Show And Tell ♥

One of Annie's giveaway winners!
It's been a very happy week at Clegg Towers. 
Why, 'that's always the case', I hear you say....well, to be fair, it isn't! But I made a decision when I began to keep my blog (mostly) light and chipper. Partly because it's very much linked to my little business, partly because there are some things I wouldn't want to share with some people who read my blog, but largely because I'm not particularly good at sharing anything deep and meaningful with all but a clutch of people. 
 Anyone who knows me well also knows that the last few years have, at times, been incredibly difficult, and I appreciate that my posts only reflect part of my life - the part I'm happy to share with anyone.
Every now and again I feel the need to mention this!

So - here are the highlights from around these parts:
Firstly NED WOKE UP!!!
Well, he was woken up. This was his second 14 week hibernation in the workshop fridge, and although I weighed him regularly and checked for movement, it's always a scary day when we get him back out 
He was eating within an hour and although he's still a little slow, he's off round the kitchen exploring, until it's warm enough to live outside again. It's lovely to have him back.

Mother's day was a glorious day - treats and sunshine! 

Cleggy (the amazing present wrapper!) chose wonderfully well - including some new passion fruit plants. We had the most beautiful climber up the back of the house but it gave up last year during the building work.

Check out the pot wrapping....
A new Pip cup to replace the one I chipped! I will never tire of Pip...EVER.
Some gorgeous looking chocolates (YES!) with interesting flavours
I just tried 'marzipan and rosemary' so I could confirm they are as good as they look...and they are (don't worry Cleggy, I saved you half!)

My favourite (bought) gift was a  Hen's Teeth purse. I am a huge fan of Viv's intricate work - and this one is as special as all her others...
 Cleggy asked Viv to include a big black chicken in homage to Delilah (my favourite posh lady)...the irony being that she was eaten by the pig, not a fox!!!

Thank you Cleggy and Boys, and Thank you Viv!
 We spent the day eating (my favourite) and watching a film together - followed by tea with The Granny. I became (literally) obsessed with sewing straight on to cards and tags - not sure why! the feeling was incredibly familiar - like those old shoe lace sewing cards we had as children. 

We also baked a cake as a family 
(not easy in our little kitchen!)
Highly recommend the recipe...
Earlier in the week Nelly and I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend from Blogland - Emily (unravelled-blog.blogspot.co.uk/ )
(please don't move down South new friend...)
When Emily bought some things from my shop we realised we lived a mere 10 minutes apart - so it was only a matter of time before we found an excuse for a coffee in John Lewis. I can report she is as witty and lovely as her blog suggests! We both confessed to being jealous of Cuckoos 'Swine' club so have decided to start our own!
We had a bit of a swap thing too - I gave Emily my perpetual calender and she sent me the most beautiful wool and buttons to make a collar with. I can't show the wool because in my desperation to get crocheting I pulled it into the most hideous mess and had to spend 2 whole hours last night untangling it. Lesson learnt.
I will show and tell when it's finished!

I also got a lovely little thank you parcel from Jooles this week (I told you it was a good week!) for some blocks I made her! How lovely is that?

Two more things to share - one is a picnik replacement (thanks for sharing Stocki). I use picnik almost every day when photographing products - and was seriously worried what I could use instead when it closes next month. Well here is the answer - it's called Picmonkey and has been set up by ex picnik folk. It's not quite all singing all dancing as yet but promises to be - and faster too. Fingers crossed.
Finally, here are two of my home made mothers day presents to make you smile. The bookmark made at school is from GB
I was particularly pleased with 'mickey taker' and 'money spender'!

And the note left on my pillow from #1:

I translate:

"Just for one last mothers day treat
It can't be felt and it would be hard to eat
It is the love from your family
Cos there's nowhere else I could want to be
I love it when we have a cuddle
You help me when I'm in a muddle
You buy me cards that say willy and bum
we love you mum"

yep, rhymed mum with bum. Lovely!
fee x
(I rarely see cards that are suitable for a 12 year old but this one had Alfie's name all over it!)


  1. I am practically blubbing at the bookmark and the note - your boys are amazing. Impressive wrapping from your Mr too. Glad you're having a happy time - long may it continue!

  2. Hahahaha this post so made me smile! So lovely to hear to had a lovely Mothers Day....sounds as if it was truly good for the Chipper Nelly soul :) and you met Emily!!! How exciting! Why do all the nice, cool people live in Cheshire?!! I'm obviously seriously misplaced!! Hehehehe :) I'm now off to look at this recipe....just the thought is making my mouth water.

    Hope you have a super delightful week :)

    Jo x x x

  3. I'm glad to see your explanation of your blog. My blog is also a place where I share all the best parts of my day. It makes me smile when I look back at all the happy posts!

    You had me frantic for a second though when you said you had a lovely Mother's Day. It's in May in Canada but I still quickly searched Google for the date afraid that I had missed it. I love mother's day, moms deserves to be treated like queens everyday, so it's only fitting they have a holiday for them!


  4. Exactly what I try to do with blogging Fee. I only put the good stuff in for the most part as I want somewhere good to be, I'm sure other people do too, there are a few nutters who I've known so I'm careful what I write about and like you I'm not a poor old me sort in public. Behind the scenes there's loads of stressful stuff happening and I sometimes wonder if people think what a happy no worries life I lead as I only put one part on.

    Sounds like you've been having a good meet up with other bloggers. Like you I think Cuckoo's club sounds good. Emma at Silverpebble's started a weekly meet too which sounded great. Like the idea of it, but not too often. Bet you'll have fun if you do get going.

    Lovely words from your boys, so much better than the old gush in cards. Miss Rosey promised me less arguing in hers. At nearly 12 the eyes are a rolling and hormones are bubbling.

    Have a good week.


  5. I'm new to your blog and I'm not going to lie, those chocolates look DIVINE. Same with the tea cake. Perfect for a family spring tea party!

  6. Those choclates !!!!....wowwwwwww...SPRING is finally begin !!...spring kisses from me...xxx...

  7. What a fab, fun and witty update. I love love love to read your blog. Keep up the good work x

  8. Wonderful post, Fee! I enjoyed it all from Ned the tortoise waking up to the boys' sweet mother's day messages. Loved all your photos too! I know you've had tough times to cope with, and love how you make your blog such a happy place to visit!
    So glad I found your blog (and your blocks)!
    Helen x

  9. Ah glad to read you are not perfect after all! Looks like you had a fine mothering time. I am deeply impressed by Cleggy's wrapping skills. Mr Jam's presents have been known to fall out of the wrapping as he passes them to me.
    Love the bookmark!!

  10. How cute are your boys? Bless them, that is immense effort. The bookmark will no doubt will treasured for years and I bet will always plaster a proud grin on your face.
    Sounds like you've had a lovely weekend, I'm glad. Everyone has ups and downs. No one's life is perfect and whilst no one wants to moan too much on their blog, I think we have to leak out a little now and again. Nope, now I sound incontinent...
    LOVE the sock covered pots. How did you do it? Literally chop off the feet? Brill idea which I shall have to nick some time.
    Glad you are sorting out your own club.
    I've just been invited to join a book club but found out today they spend most of the night drinking, then briefly mention the book and they carry on til at least 1am. Bit nervous at that. Need to man up my party staying power (on a school night too!)
    Lovely post Fee.
    x x x

  11. Every visit to your space is a glorious treat fee and this one was no exception.

    Thank you for sharing all that you treasure and have been treasured with - the sharing is a gift in and of itself.

    Happiest of happy days Sparkler!

  12. In no particular order ...

    Firstly, thank you SOOOO much for the Picnik replacement - I must admit I was starting to panic a bit. I've been browsing apps and free software and found nothing that compares. (I even downloaded Picasa but I don't like it at all).

    Secondly, I do so love my block. Sorry again for being such a poo and taking so long to thank you. Keep doing what you're doing my love; it's quite rare that something so original and beautifully made crops up these days.

    I try and keep my blog breezy and pretty but the odd bit of low level yuck does creep in now and then. I think your blog has to be exactly how you want it. Some people use theirs as an outlet, others don't. I know you've had a really trying time and the important thing is that you do what feels best for you. I love that you've had such a happy week though :-)

    Brilliant card - what does dinkle mean?

    Keep smiling.


  13. Dearest FEE!!!!!! It is so good to see you back in action, for it seems like so long since you posted! I so enjoy hearing about your daily escapades and those of your clan! Your world is bright, your little HENNY purse is so adorable, and NED IS AWAKE!!!!!

    So good to enter into your world. Have a great Wednesday! Anita

    1. So glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day full have lovely things.
      Anne xx

  14. Hi Fee!

    From your fans over at PicMonkey: Thanks for sharing your monkey love! We're so excited you're enjoying it -- don't worry we hope to have you completely 'singin and dancin' soon :)


  15. Oh Fee, what a fabulous, rambunctious post. Love it! I'm so delighted you also have a Viv handbag - so do I and it's one of my favourite things. And thanks for the heads-up on PicMonkey - I am so indebted to you. J x

  16. AAAAAAAA! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was devastated to learn Piknik was closing. I've been freaking out over which program to start using - thanks for pointing me in the right direction! :D

  17. You must be over the moon with the lovely stuff for Mothers Day, and what genius covering a pot with a sock (fabulous idea). Hens Teeth is one of my favourites too, although I have yet to buy a purse (on my to do list). Grateful for the link to Picmonkey xx Have a great rest of the week Fee xxxxx

  18. I can completely empathise with you on the subject of how much/little you chose to divulge on your blog. I am really not very good at story telling, and some things are best left unsaid in cyber space.

    I love your blog, and look forward to your posts particularly ones that include furry and feather friends. I am so jealous that you have a tortoise. My mum had one when she was a girl, he escaped, and was found 4 miles away- and they say tortoises are slow.

    I am so impressed with your gifts, the men in your life certainly know how to make you feel special ( great photos too Fee). I have to say that I laughed out loud when seeing your last photo- just hilarious and very fitting :) Have a delightful week.

  19. I'm glad you had such a lovely day. Your men are tops aren't they? Can I be in you Swine Club please Fee?? Pleeeeeze? xxxx

  20. Chocolate, cake, a tortoise, lovely purses, and a card full of 'swear words' that'd have my 2 in hysterics for hours - I like it!
    And, erm, I wanna be in your swine club... Am I on the wrong (Manchester) side of the Mersey?

  21. What a heart warming post, such lovely gifts and words to treasure. I love Viv's work too, it is so special and she puts the elements together so well.
    Loving the idea of the sock plant covers, what a great way to jazz up a present.
    Me too for swine club please if you aren't already inundated!!

  22. I could have sworn I'd already commented here, I just came back to look at the lovely pic of the knit block. So many gorgeous gifts you got there (I can't wait to show folk what I was given but I don't actually have it yet, I've only seen a picture). But Geordie's book mark, nothing beats that!

  23. Ello lovie, oh my, we all have some cripity crapity stuff happening behind the scenes, can quite understand why you don't want to put it on your blog. I usually go 'quiet' but that can also be because I am over the top busy. Luverly Mother's Day bits and bobs, your kids are a hoot. I did LOL at the card you found Alfie, my kids would have loved that too.
    There is so much I would love to buy from blogs or etsy shops from the UK but the postage is over the top expensive. AND I am envious of your very own 'swine' club that you have up and running.
    Hugs xx Sandi

  24. Hello Fee...Ned is just wonderful...I would love to have him meandering around our house..it must be such a great moment when he wakes up!
    Love your purse and it's going to be another lovely place to explore...
    I can't stop laughing at your bookmark...'pig lover' is a winner for me...you must have so much fun with your lovely boys!
    Thanks for the Picmonkey recommendation too...I have software but have always used Picnik instead...It's all a bit of a worry..
    I'm another one who likes my blog to be my happy place and it is such a treat to visit you here...
    Susan x

  25. No way, I thought you were always just that chipper - ha ha!
    My comments are as follows:
    - Picmonkey - I will get right on it
    - Ned has woken - woo, can't wait for Mabel to get her grubby little mits on that poor tortoise. He can hide but I am pretty sure he can't run
    - LOVE the presents from your boys. GB's bookmark really made me smile (do you think he had to describe to the teacher what he meant by 'mickey taker'?) and the poem is a work of genius.
    See you tomorrow (hope you have the ability to edit out Mabel's snot which is currently all over her face) xx

  26. Yahooooooo for Ned...will tell my class once I get back from Spring Break...they will be excited!
    Love all your sweet gifts...and your boys are adorable! xoxoox Hugs dear one.

  27. Wow!! I have just discovered your blog and soooooo glad I did. Its beautiful!! Thank-you. x

  28. Hello Dear Fee! Thank you for the sweet love and hugs you sent my very preggo self. Gave me a good laugh too - which I can certainly use these days. Guess I should just be grateful I can reach my toes to paint them, eh? :)

    What a beautiful mother's day you had! I tell ya - I'm always impressed with those men of yours and all the ways they show you love. And those chocolates - my goodness. I'd take a box right now. That would raise my spirits, no doubt!

    Lots of love and thanks again friend. xo

  29. I am new to your blog and with a cup of tea in hand I plan to spend a while reading past posts. The poo, bum card is one that I bought to put on my fridge. I love it, you can't beat a bit of toilet humour! X


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