Saturday 29 September 2012

!♥! OUCH !♥!

It's been quite a week here. Apart from the usual shenanigans Alfie managed to break his wrist in spectacular fashion, by literally falling over badly at Scouts.

Not one for mollycoddling, I picked him up and on the way home suggested a dose of calpol and a good sleep. I changed my mind when he turned a peeky green and winced every time we went over a speed bump, so (reluctantly) took him to A&E. As we got out the car I had a look under the cold cloth his wrist was wrapped in:
His arm was very wrong!  and he was struggling not to pass out.

Fortunately we received excellent attention at the hospital; he was taken straight through, given a shot of morphine and seen straight away. I was between phones (I had a new iphone but it wasn't working) and we took nothing with us - it was a loooong night! 
(How did we ever EVER cope without mobiles?! HOW?) 
We ended up staying in for three days, alongside family from HELL in the bed next door, and leaving with the mother of all cough/colds. 
Eating a homemade Thai green curry sent in by lovely friends!
Alfie's arm is well pinned back together and in a nice big cast - with strict instructions to do very little. Of course it's his writing hand, which he's thrilled about.

Meanwhile I have a finished project to show...and it's a nice big blanket! I have a VERY short attention span and have struggled with anything that takes longer than a night or 2 to make (I'm not proud of this) BUT I've found the answer....
 a 15mm crochet hook and some unfeasibly chunky wool!
This took me about three nights to make - using Cygnet 'seriously chunky'. I reckon it cost me about £30 in total and it's incredibly thick and warm. I didn't use a pattern - I just did a row of single stitch followed by a row of double. (or UK treble) 
I wanted a simple edge so just did a row of single stitch around the outside. Easy!
Perfect for snuggling under!
I'm now addicted to big hooks and big wool and have started another project - I'll be showing and telling by next post at this rate!

Before our little hospital escapade I made plenty of commissions too this week. My favourite was for a (nother!) friend of Nelly's, who wanted something special for her grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.
Kate asked if I would try using photocopies of photos  - something I've dabbled with before but it's tricksy.
 If you use photographic paper it's hard to get it to stick well and difficult to sand and varnish. Whenever I've tried photocopied images in the past the ink has run and the paper has been too thin. 
For whatever reason the ones Kate gave me were the right size and worked a treat. I think they are one of my favourite sets yet 
(I know I say that all the time!!)
I couldn't use the big photo in the background as it wouldn't fit on a block without losing something - 
but loved using it as a back drop...
I also enjoyed making another set of blocks for someone's 21st - with words of wisdom from the wise on!

...and my first graduation blocks:
A sign for my BF (happy birthday Jane!)
A BIG christening box for Lucy:
with a nice tag
...and some more anniversary blocks - this time for a ruby wedding
 Our new lady hens have settled in well (the other girls have finally  allowed them in the coop!) but are looking a little bedraggled from all this rain!
Before I go I thought I'd share this classic comment I received on my last know the one where I celebrated wonderful family time in the lakes and the fact that Kenzie had been signed off from Oncology!!?

 "The very next time I read a blog, Hopefully it does not disappoint me just as much as this
one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I really
believed you would probably have something helpful
to say. All I hear is a bunch of complaining about something you could fix if you were not
too busy searching for attention."

Thanks 'Anonymous' - you really made me chuckle!
fee x
(see cuckoo - you're not the only one full of yourself!)


  1. Blimey what a break - can see why he went green :( Am sure he is loving all the fuss and not being able to write.

    Sorry about the family from hell in the hospital - I had similar when I had my last baby (nearly 15 years ago).

    As for Ms Anonomous - I'd best keep those words to myself!!

    Loving the blanket - super chunky is fab - love the way it grows so fast :)

  2. Ooh I nearly passed out too! What a spectacular break! LoViNg your blanket Fee, I've looked at buying that wool before, looks gorgeous, is it nice to work with? Beautiful blocks as always too especially the first set. Why are these people always anonymous? If they feel that passionately surely they should leave a name?!
    Victoria xx

  3. Fantabulous breakage Alfie!! Now I guess he will have a cast full of signatures and naughty bits? Beautiful blanket hun, just right for those long winter nights :) As for Anonymous, how hilarious! You are such an attention seeker Fee ;D

  4. Off to buy massive knitting needles.
    Love that comment, though feels slightly generic, I fear it is a crazy who just copies and pastes wherever they go, disappointing, you at least want it to be a personalised criticism. Now stop making blocks and get fixing those things you have in your control like childhood cancer, you attention seeker xxxxxxx

  5. Ha ha ha! I love that these nasty commenters leave a message anonymously and the content shows they haven't really read your post properly. I hadn't realised every post is supposed to be helpful, probably because I am so preoccupied with being full of my self! Oh the mirth. It is all too funny really!

    Alfie Alfie Alfie! What a spectacular break. He doesn't do things by half either hey? He looks too handsome in that pick of him eating a thai.

    Lush blocks as per usual.


  6. Hi Fee, what a week! Glad Alfie's ok now, but what a break! Love your blanket, chunky wool's definitely the way forward! Love your blocks as always, but especially love the photo ones, what a brilliant idea. These nutters who post comments anonymously are really brave aren't they? I had one a while ago but they actually mentioned my son by name (spelt wrongly though) and it unsettled me a bit but that's the only one I ever had but now do the comment moderation thingy. Glad it hasn't worried you and amused you instead! Good on you xxx

  7. I can't believe someone would write that, I am totally shocked. I am glad that you don't let it get to you and make light of it. They must have very sad lives.
    Lovely blocks as ever. I hope Alfie recovers quickly. Sarah x

  8. Fantastic blocks as always - 'good grief' is all can say to anonymous comment - words fail me, and that doesn't happen often!

  9. Poor Alfie what a break!!! Now if you had taken me up on my offer, he wouldn't have been at scouts he would have been here and that wouldn't have happened!!!! ;)Hope he heals soon!
    Love all the new commissions but the 60th anniversary blocks are so beautiful. :)
    The blanket does indeed look very cosy!!
    What sort of eejit (N.I. for idiot, just in case anyone was wondering)writes a comment like that on a post like that. I don't know!!!!!!
    Vivienne x

  10. Oh dear, poor Alfie, no wonder he was feeling green about the gills. Glad his wrist is pinned with cast on and I imagine healing very well. That's one of the great things about kids and breaks, they usually heal well and fast.
    Love your creative makes in this post, I always do. Especially love the wedding anniversary blocks, just gorgeous.
    As for those negative comments on your blog...I feel sorry for people that have nothing better to do with their lives than waste their energy on being mean and nasty. Something is seriously lacking in their lives if they have to go to such lengths to get attention.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  11. Whoa Nellie! Who was that person and what got up her $%&*#$? LOL! I was sitting here reading your lovely post and then I read that and I sat here in front of my pc with my mouth open for what seemed like 10 minutes! OMG! What is up with people nowadays? Have they all taken leave of their senses or did they ever have any? The older I get the more I am amazed at how little compassion, empathy and just plain manners people display.
    I haven't read the post she referred to but I don't have to read it...I feel like I know you and you have always been delightful and cheery DESPITE what is going on in your life and you've had a lot! Anyway...enough of my're doing fine but I'm really worried about what's her ass! LOL!
    So sorry about the little man...ouch! I had the same type of incident happen when one of my boys were little....quite the ordeal for all involved and no, we had no portable phones of any kind...just a pay phone down the hall! LOL! I hope he is mending well and you didn't get too many gray hairs from it.
    I love the blocks...I can't even try and pick favorites any more they are all so gorgeous and meaningful to the recipients. Those are works of art and how cherished they will be. I have to catch up with your blog....I'm behind in everything! Ha! Ha! The story of my life...a day late and a dollar short! Good to visit with you again.

  12. My dear and beautiful Fee,

    OUCH INDEED!!!!!! OMGOODNESS,I am eating my dinner as I read and when I saw the xray, I thought I was going to upchuck!!! teehee....really, I am SO GLAD that he is OK, but oooooh, as a teacher, I have seen this before and usually it is with the writing hand of a student! I WISH HIM WELL! And again, the wonderful news about your little man Kenzie; how fantastic is THAT!!!!!

    Your art is super duper fabulous, of course! BUT WHAT IS UP WITH THAT COMMENT? I do not understand why this person would say that???? I re-read your post and I saw nothing in there that indicated you were complaining! You are wonderful and cheerful at all times and that was totally uncalled for !!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend my dear. Sending you love and wishes for a bright Sunday! Anita

  13. Dear Fee
    I have been following your wonderful blog for some time now. I love your words and your work and I am in awe of how fab your blocks are - how do you get them so distressed looking? They are so pretty.
    I simply cannot believe anyone would leave a comment like that. Thankfully my little blog has such a small following of now wonderful bloggy friends I have not received such a visitor. Or maybe all my posts have been so 'useful' they have no need to complain - I doubt it though I moan like stink sometimes. So 'anonymous' if your reading this get over there and do your worst. I could do with a laugh (to busy moaning you see).
    Much love to Alfie poor thing. That's quite a spectacular break! Honestly, how 'unhelpful' if him ;-)
    Sophie x

  14. Your new blocks are, as usual, gorgeous. I love your crotcheted blanket too. I look forward to your blogs, they are such fun to read.
    Liz Phillips

  15. Yikes Fee, that's a break and a half! Poor Alfie.

    Your blocks are getting more and more beautiful - you are a clever sausage!

    Naturally I nipped back to your last post to see what 'anonymous' had gotten her knickers in a twist about. Firstly and most importantly, I am so thrilled that Kenzie has been signed off. I can't begin to imagine how you all coped with such a hellish journey. No wonder you're so relieved. Kenzie you're officially a hero!!

    I can't help but wonder if your anonymous commenter may be the same as Cuckoo's. Nothing more than a jealous cow frankly. How she can pour scorn on such a particularly joyful post astounds me. She should be ashamed of herself.

    Heather x

  16. Oh sweet lord poor Alfie!! Jesus what a break! I can imagine mine would be beside themselves with glee if they couldn't and weren't allowed to write lol :) hope it mends swiftly and well x

    As for that anon comment, well words defy me.

    Take care of yourselves and no breaks this week ok!!

    Jo x x x

  17. Crikey that looks like it would need more than a drop of Calpol! I'm not good with injuries. We had a couple of nasty ones at work this week. I called the ambulance and left the First Aiders to it!
    Loving those wedding blocks.

  18. Ouch! That's some break!! What is it with boys, mine were just the same, I think the girls managed one broken toe between them but the boys were always throwing themselves to the ground and breaking something!!!

    Love the wedding blocks, have emailed you about the photocopy problem :D

  19. Wow, that's a break and a half! Not good but then again boys do like to brag about their cuts and fractures. He'll be the 'cool kid' in the playground. Do kids still collect signatures on their casts? So hard to keep up with what's in these days.

    I absolutely love the wedding blocks, such a different way of commemorating the happy event. Actually, I like all your blocks, they're so pretty. Such a talented lady :)

  20. Echoing all the lovely comments that everyone's put on here already, sending big hugs to you all, and feeling glad that you're able to laugh off such a hurtful (but pathetic) post. Good for you! Love ALL the makes, by the way. How do you do it?! Astonishing. A x PS - Am cooking up an order for more blocks.....!

  21. Hey Fee,

    Just wanted to thank you for my blocks (I was the Ruby wedding one! lol)
    The arrived safe and sound and in just about a weeks time will be with their new owners! Can't wait to give them to my mum and dad they are beautiful and I was so amazed at your fast turn around too! (Look out for a mention on my blog in a few weeks.)

    Ouch indeed to your poor boy lord that makes me queasy too. Hope he is on the mend now.

    Oh what is it with these wierdo commenters that want to pour hate and scorn on everything. Sorry you had to deal with that too.

    Hope you have a better week.

    P x

  22. That break reminds me of the time I went ice-skating and fell over on the ice and broke my wrist. I was more concerned about the new and expensive sheepskin glove they had to cut off my hand before it swelled up out of all recognition. Also, my friend took me to A&E in his little Fiat Punto and I felt each and every bump in the road on the way. He's subsequently got himself a Merc 200SL so I wouldn't mind breaking my wrist again - seriously, I would!My sister said I should have been acting my age instead of going ice-skating! Hope your boy makes a good recovery for it is indeed a very painful thing.
    I love all of your new makes and especially your crocheted blanket - good job on that.

  23. Hi Fee,
    Simply love your blocks!
    Sorry about little guy,ouch what a break!!
    I am in shock and had to reread the 'comment twice' to take it in really...
    Just undesirables types that like to spoil and am sorry you had to deal with this...Glad we could chuckle at your comment too! hehe..
    Wishing you a week full of kindness Fee.
    Maria x

  24. Hi Fee

    That nutter reminded me of one I got years back now. It wasn't nasty to me, but he was a vindictive spiteful wee nutter all the same. Called his blog the Crap Blog Detective or something like that and dressed in a deerstalker and pipe in mouth. His task was to out crap blogs. His comment to me talking about running a crochet workshop with some happy hookers was to ask how much I charged per hour. As he wasn't anonymous I replied ask your mother she'll probably let you know the going rate. Never heard of again. I agree they're weirdos probably just cutting and pasting the same crap everywhere, rather like hackers trying to do a spot of mischief. Mind you there was that nutter who sulked that Jane favoured me and sent me better fabric wasn't there, so some do have a bit of a tantrum. Got to laugh at the saddos when your life is infinitely so much more blessed.

    Great news about the end of Oncology - whoo whoo. Not so great news about the break though. Millie did that when she was 3 and a half. Just chasing around teh car as we left a friends, tripped and her arm was swinging while she screamed. We bundled all teh kids in the car, friend driving whiel I called Mike who met us at the hospital. Hours later after morphine tehy x-rayed and found it was broken above teh elbow. Then teh dr's kept feeling her wrist and then said there was no pulse (the bone was holding down the vein) if they didn't operate there and then she'd lose her arm. I lost it a bit then. Anyways all operated on and pinned, Rosey sent off home with grandparents and thinking it was a massive adventure. She came out of surgery at 11pm. Mike went home for her cuddlies and jammies then and didn't get back until 1am as he got lost on the marsh road in the fog. Long old night that one. Not easy this parenting lark is it and you'd know with your long hospital years.
    Must shut up soon. Just wanted to say blankie looks fine and well done on big hooks and showing that man you would finish it before winter 2012.

    Lisa X

  25. Wow - you are one talented lady. Your blocks look amazing. I especially love the photograph one - what a success!! I like the other bits too - the keepsake box and sign!! Well done! J9 x

  26. Oooh and p.s. I can't believe your closing statement - people never cease to amaze and shock. I for one am happy to hear all that should be celebrated and commiserated over at your wonderful blog. I am glad that you seem strong enough to have chuckled it off - I'm not sure I could have. You deserve more... also, I couldn't comment on the arm thing cos I really nearly vomited at the xray (bit of a lightweight!) J9 x

  27. Gosh...what a week.....what a break!!! I hope Alfie is mending well! Love the chunky blankie, such a great idea for speedy crochet and lovely texture (and we have very similar slippers)......the new blocks are so inspired, especially the anniversay ones, and the graduation ones it all though :) sorry you got a mean comment....glad your wonderful sense of humour saw you through like it does with so much else dear Fee....
    My exciting package hasn't arrived yet....will let you know as soon as it does....
    Happy October!
    Helen x

  28. Hello! My what a lot you've had going on! So sorry about your poor boy! Glad he's on the mend. After being in the hospital for 27 days before baby O came, I can totally understand hospital neighbors from hell and wanting to get out as soon as possible!

    LOVE your lovely, chunky, cozy blanket! Wish I could just throw something like that together. You're so good.

    And those sweet anniversary blocks?! Fabulous! What a special things for a 60th. Love them.

    I'm using my other blog address for this comment, so you can hop over now and take a peek. Oliver is growing like a weed! I've been posting about football season here in the States. My husband and I both went to the University of Nebraska and all of our families are big Nebraska football fans, hence all the posts.

    xo friend!

  29. Oh my goodness, enough to turn any of us green. Hope he is healing well and that you are getting over the grotty stay in hospital.
    Your blocks are wonderful, as always, but the 60th anniversay ones are so special. You have such a good eye for composition.
    Will be going jumbling thurs morning if you fancy a cuppa at St Js? x

  30. I have been following your blog for a while now and always enjoy your posts Fee! I didn't realise that blog posts had to be 'helpful'. Perhaps that's why I don't get many comments on my relatively new blog, I am clearly not being helpful, but just rambling on!

    Wow, that was a break and a half, poor Alfie. I wish him a speedy recovery :)

    Gorgeous blocks, I LOVE the anniversary one!

    Love Caroline x

  31. Ooh, poor Alfie...that's a very nasty break...thumbs up that there's no writing to do for a while though!!
    Your crochet blanket looks fab Fee...How did you manage it in 3 nights?..Aamazing!.. love the colour too.
    Beautiful blocks as always and I hope you find a way to use the photos more as they look really special and unique.
    What's the strange comment about?...Might be useful to read the post first and at least make it constructive...I just don't understand it?
    So looking forward to my blocks Fee...thanks for leaving the message on my blog last night (and entering the Giveaway too!)
    Happy Wednesday,
    Susan x

  32. Darling Fee!

    Listen, I just wanted to tell you that I just went into my email inbox and I saw a message from YOU...however, it was one of those scams that says, "While we were in Spain, we got mugged....." and I am sure you are aware of these types of emails that go out, right? ASking us as the recipients of the email to SEND YOU MONEY!!!!! I just wanted to make you aware that this came to me with a RED highlighted message about how the "SENDER'S email account could be compromised."

    Check out your email dearest. LOVE! Anita

  33. Fee, dear, Just as Anita says above, I am writing to make sure you know your email appears to have been hacked. Hope that young man is feeling better after that awful break! xoxo

  34. Fee, read the email ive just sent you, something funny going on hun x

  35. Fee, I just sent you an email about one I got. You need to check out your email, it may have been compromised.

    I love, love, love the 60th anniversary blocks. They are really lovely. So sorry about Alfie's wrist. My goodness, that was a nasty break.

    As for the comment, eh, there's one in every bunch. I like your attitude towards it. Is there an anonymous person going around trying to be hurtful? Guess we just have to stick together and not let it get to us.


  36. just going to tell you that your email has been hacked .. but it looks like a few others have already alerted you.

    Hope you get it all sorted.
    Fleur xx

  37. Fee I too have had a email, went to my spam box but it appears you have been hacked. It's about you being stuck in Madrid with no funds and need money!!
    Hope you get it sorted.

  38. Beautiful blocks as usual, Fee! And so sorry to hear about Alfie's arm! He's a trooper - tell him that chicks dig scars. Also, got to say that I love the classy comment made by anonymous. Got a laugh out of that one! :D

  39. I was just going to let you know but someone has already - I too have had an email asking me 1450 euros. My email wasnt in my spam box but my in box.


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