Thursday 17 March 2011

A surprise in a box...

Cleggy surpassed himself in the present stake today (not an easy feat - he's great at presents) by presenting us with two fertilised beautifully blue duck eggs in a box!

The school he was visiting today have a pond which is regularly frequented by a lady Mallard. Every year, after a hot date with Mr Mallard, she lays her eggs near the water....but every year some greedy crows swoop down and pinch them for their lunch.

So, Cleggy, always eager to expand home farm, said he would bring the latest batch home. Out came the old incubator we used to hatch the chicks last year and tomorrow we begin the exciting 28 day project duckling!
It's unfortunate that none of the lady chickens are broody as apparently they are more than happy to sit on a couple of extras! (duckling fostering?!)

If we manage to hatch them the ducks will be wild so we'll be releasing them back into a nice lake whenever they are big enough. 

Meanwhile it looks like we might have some fun!

I will of course post some photos - keep fingers crossed for some more bundles of fluffy gorgeousness! fee x


  1. What fun! And what a sweet boy you have! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for their safe and happy arrival!

  2. Oh my are so blessed! I would love to do this....yes yes please keep us all posted. Hope all goes very well. xoxoxo

  3. Oh my! How wonderful. I hope it all goes as well as can be.


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