Friday 15 March 2013

Easter 2013...a mini tutorial!

There's been loads going on here recently - despite a constant stream (!) of coughs, colds and for two of our boys a heavy dose of tonsillitis. 

Fortunately all was well for World Book Day  - GB was unfeasibly excited about being 'Wally'. All the teachers came as Wally too so it sounds like good fun.

There have been some nice parcels too - this little stack of books from fellow blogger Zoe, who hoped it would help with the block mojo (it did!)

Thank you Zoe - your blocks will be with you after Easter!
The next parcel came in this adorable bag... 
 ...from another fellow blogger Oooh Betty
Mmmmmmm, I luuurrrvve vintage Ladybird!
 Thank you Emma - your blocks will be with you after Easter too!

Lastly a birthday present. 18 months late....which might beat even MY record!! 
Jane - I'm going to call it my first 50th present instead - 
so you can consider yourself organised!

Fellow blogger and all round good egg Jane has recently started selling her wares on Etsy - wonderful wired words of your choice carefully wrapped in beautiful fabric. 
For me Jane chose Liberty prints in pink florals - how can she know me so well??!!
In the chipper workshop I've been making all sorts this week, 
some signs for boys:
  some signs for girls:
some blocks:

I've made quite a few trial versions of these wedding/anniversary blocks now and am thrilled to say I am happy to take orders (after Easter!). All I need is a photograph, either as a jpg or similar,
I can re-size and re-colour it. 
If you fancy a set for your next anniversary email me 
to discuss!
Here's a link to others I've made recently for ideas
 I came across another brilliant idea on Pinterest (see here) where you can find a massive range of letters to make stuff with. The letters themselves are on Flickr (link here) and I just had to have a little play on some wood I brought home from Crosby beach a few weeks ago
 here it is in it's new home in the kitchen

We had a lovely Mothers Day this year - with all the Mums in the (close by) family here for tea and cakes. I loved my gifts and couldn't wait to fill my new Pip fruit bowl..with wool!!
I also managed to use the excuse of mothers day to make The Granny a crochet brooch for her hat - which I shamelessly wore before giving to her (I'm not proud)
Speaking of wool...I have also had fun making my new door candy. Here's how
1) get yourself some polystyrene eggs. Mine were 99p for 12 from Hobbycraft. They come in lots of sizes but if you use the egg size ones you can sit them in egg cups while making!
2. find some old yarn in cheerful colours and pin the end of the yarn to the bottom of the egg. Paint some mod podge (or any white glue) on to the egg and wind the wool round. It's a bit messy, a LOT fiddly but worryingly therapeutic! I did half an egg at a time then left it to dry while doing the next. Finish the opposite end with a second pin. Leave to dry.
3.stop and admire your own handy work
4. when the eggs are dry find a length of coordinating ribbon and tie a bow in the end...take the top pin out the egg and push it back through the ribbon and egg together.
 To make my finished work of art I took the glass out of an old knackered frame, sprayed the frame white and tacked some cheapo Ikea net curtain to the back of it (don't worry Emily - still some left for you!)

I then used little tacs to secure both the eggs and the matching bunting.

The frame will look much nicer hung on the glass on the front door with the light shining through - but the weather is SO grim here today I can't bear to put it it is in the kitchen instead!
That's me signing off for Easter - 
hope the chocolate bunny visits!
fee x


  1. Love it all...hope you all feel better soon xxxx

  2. Sorry for the boring comment above... I just was so childishly desperate to be first to comment :D happy weekend Fee xxxxx

  3. What fun Fee...all these goings on, all in one house ;0) Glad that Mo Jo has come home, I never doubt that it ran away. Enjoy Easter and mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate. Take care, Jane x

  4. What a fun idea with the frame and the bunting etc. It looks like your MoJo is indeed baaaaack! ;-)

  5. So many lovely things, I don't know where to start! Love the frame with netting - so gorgeous and your anniversary blocks are fab.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Love the eggs....what a great idea.

  7. Wonderful blocks as always and I loooooove your eggs! :)
    Wishing you and yours a lovely Easter. :)
    Vivienne x

  8. Cool project, thanks for sharing! And.. "cheapo Ikea net curtain" is in my bedroom to keep the eyes of the neighbors out. Right. You use it for crafting. Now what should I do .. ? :-)

  9. You is well creative, like. I LOVE those woolly eggs. Don't think I would find the time or patience but your hard work has truly paid off. Well done.
    LOVE those Ladybird books. I have all three, natch!
    Happy Easter dear.
    x x x xx

  10. Lots of loveliness, Fee! Love the door wreath, I copied your Christmas skate idea, so might have to pinch this too ... You're so inspiring!

    Gad yoy've got your mojo back

    Love Claire xxx

  11. Liking a tutorial. Not as much as I like GB dressed up as Wally.
    Would now be a good time to remind you about my belated wedding present request? They are up from Brighton next weekend - what are the chances of a little something being ready? Hoping house of illness is getting better...
    Love you xxx

  12. Fantastic Easter make! I'd be proud to hang that on my door. definitely have to get my girls going at the wooly eggs. They'll love that on a rainy day.

  13. Fabulous fluffy eggs you clever thing :) Hope everyone feels better soon and looking forward to Easter time xxxx

  14. Love the eggs and the whole frame, net and ribbon display! Your blocks are gorgeous as always, and your son makes a fab Wally!

  15. Just waiting for our newest family member to be born then I can commission some of your lovely blocks for them :)

    Love Wally :)

  16. Lots of lovely things as always ... your blog never fails to put a smile on my face :D

    Wally is looking very pleased with himself, which is hardly surprising, what a brilliant idea for a costume.

    Hope everyone's feeling better x

  17. Wally looks fab, our school dressed for world book day too. I adore the anniversary blocks too, gorgeous!

  18. Oh Fee, what a great post - so much inspiration here!! I love the wally costume - my kids dressed up too - you can take a look if you'd like?!
    I Have to have a go at that superb egg/ frame / crochet combo!! Just gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing, J9 x

  19. Oh I love the woolly eggs! They look amazing, I will definately be trying this. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  20. Gorgeous post...loads of lovely things to enjoy! The pastel woolly eggs are so pretty! Lots of block inspiration there I see....I have a new block idea to share with you which I'm hoping you might be able to pop on your to do list......but will wait till after Easter!
    Happy Easter!
    Helen x

  21. I love everything in this post Fee, everything! Might make an Easter frame too (maybe)
    xx Sandi

  22. So many pretty things. I love your signs and the blocks. The Easter decoration is just gorgeous! I looked at some polystyrene eggs and was wondering what I could do with them, now I know.

  23. Gorgeous woolly eggs Fee...I've shared this pic on my FB page this evening..I love them and the pic is so pretty!...(love all your new blocks too)..Hope you have a fab Easter with your boys...I'm looking forward to my girls coming home from excited...lots of baking going to be going on and eating chocolate!
    Susan x

  24. Wow you have been busy - I love the yarn wrapped eggs I feel a Hobbycraft visit coming on. Happy Easter x

  25. HELLO, How are you? Iv been following you on ig for a while and kept meaning to pop over here to take a nosey at your blog, Im so glad I have, its wonderful, I love your craft project and your pictures, they are such an inspiration

    Laura xxxx


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