Thursday 24 March 2011

Busy x 3

What a beautiful sunny day we had here in Manchester (we don't get to say that very often!). The hens have started producing 4 eggs between the 6 of them, Ned has been getting himself nicely warmed in the sunshine and most exciting of all...we candled the duck eggs and they are both growing embryos!

This is not my photo...try as I might I just couldn't get my (rubbish) camera to pick up the spider web pattern.

Ducks are notoriously hard to incubate but so far so good.
Not liking the fact that the resposibility of turning of the eggs like Mrs Duck would be doing is lying largely with ME! I keep forgetting! (I'm guessing that in the world of nature some Duck Mummys are busier than others....and I'm just one of those busy ones)

Anyway, it was another productive day in the workshop. I finally posted the BIG order for Olga, a set of 20 blocks to celebrate her Godson's baptism, in Dallas!

And lots more makes:
New birthday blocks (available on Folksy)

some bigger vintage nursery blocks (also available on Folksy)

some bits and pieces for a charity event Mum is involved in
and classic Love/Home blocks (unsurprisingly available on Folksy!)

and....some more easter products - too many pictures to update tonight but will do so tomorrow (housework avoidance!)
fee x

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  1. Those birthday blocks are really nice.
    Looking forward to spending the day together tomorrow x


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