Thursday 15 September 2011

My making mojo returns....(thank goodness)

thank you lovely friend!
I don't know where this week has gone - although I seem to have spent a large proportion of it in the Volvo garage...

Now that's not something I ever thought I'd write 
(nothing wrong with a Volvo you understand....don't wish to offend!).

Anyway, in between times I'm glad to say I've rekindled my love of making and been inspired. I'm not sure why I'd lost my making mojo - possibly because the retail pixie was sitting on one shoulder telling me I ought to be making Christmas products. 

Obviously, as is my nature, my obstinate side refused to entertain such high direction. The creative pixie laughed in the face of such an idea. Fortunately I found a compromise and made something that would make a good Christmas present for men, without having to start stamping 
'Ho flamin' Ho' x 1000.    (actually, that might work. Hmmmmm)

So - I set to finding vintage images for mens blocks. This is always a challenge. Of course it is - otherwise we would have no problem thinking of something to buy for the men in our lives.

I decided that vintage Ladybird books were the answer - and I give you 'football': (never thought I'd say that either)
Then, as is also my nature, I got carried away and decided I had to have some Peter and Jane blocks
which I am loving!

 All available here - but, as always, feel free to contact me directly for a little bloggers reduction!

Now, I must mention another little project I've loved doing this week. My good friend Sandra is a woman and a half. She has three busy boys, runs her own business and is always the first to help out at school or do you a favour. When the rest of us are slumped on the sofa of an evening Sandra goes for a run, or swims in a lake, or takes herself off on a 50 mile bike ride! (why? I often hear myself saying!)

Now, earlier this year she accomplished something fantastic - she was part of a swimming team who broke 3 records - 2 British and 1 European. Just amazing (She celebrated with a kebab. Class!)

When she showed me her shiny medals, knowing her as I do, I feared they would end up at the back of a random drawer, never to be seen again - so offered to make some frames with which she could display them proudly - and here they are:

SO proud of you my friend!

And finally - when I woke up to Radio 4 this morning I heard the man say that eating dark chocolate did the same things to your muscles as jogging. Obviously, I presumed I was still dreaming...but no, it was true!
Since my heart beats a little faster at the very thought of Green and Blacks Maya Gold I reckon that eating a bar must be tantamount to exercise. Result!
fee x
(Looking forward to a wee visit to Slattery's Chocolatier tomorrow!)


  1. O no !! to a chocolatier tomorrow !!...if i take a plain i on time??????...happy from

  2. Mmmm that's definitely the best news I've heard in a while ;) hehe. Enjoy the chocolatier tomorrow knowing it is doing you the world of good!! Love the new blocks too - what a good idea to use Ladybird books, they make great man presents. x

  3. I am on my way......hahahhhah!!

  4. WHAT?! Eating chocolate is the same as jogging????????????????
    Why did no-one ever tell me this before?!
    I am full of cold and looking for an excuse to lounge on the sofa all day tomorrow instead of going to the gym like normal for a Friday. And now I find that lounging on the sofa eating Maya Gold is actually EXACTLY the same as going to the gym. That's what I call a result!!!

    p.s. nice blocks as usual! Enjoy the chocolatier x

  5. yes Fee, was rejoicing at the same headline myself today!!

    ♥♥♥ your ladybird blocks - you must have an impressive stash of the books - where do you get them all?

  6. I ♥♥♥ you generally, not just for your vintage blocks.

    I am happy to keep a look out for Ladybird books for you (do I know I collect them and own more than 100) but I don't collect them all (ie football ones!) and if I see duplicates, I can bear you in mind.

    Let me know.

    Ooh, my Fri night just perked up re the chocolate. Do you think an entire Toblerone is the equivalent of 500 sit ups?

    How do you make those blocks? I have visions of you sawing up cubes of wood. I know you can't divulge too much, nor do I expect you to, but do you need special tools and a wood chopper for a husband?

    Gem xx x

  7. I mean do YOU know I collect the Ladybird books. I know I do. Oh god I should learn to re read what I've typed before pressing send.......

  8. Just the mention of Green and Blacks has me salivating. Strangely enough the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning was chocolate, so awesome timing this was one of the first blogs I read this morning!!
    Now I can justify popping into the shops on my way to work!!
    Love the manly blocks!!!!
    Have you thought of making blocks for the "nerdy Dad"? You could use old comics, Dr Who etc.
    I have a nerdy mister, and for his birthday am making him a decoupage chest (storage, not his own set of lovely lady lumps) and am covering it with all nerdy stuff he likes.
    Hope you have a lovely week
    Oh, also love the frames you made for the medals, what a sweet thing to do

  9. As I dont do dark chocolate I will have to pretend im eating it while tucking into my Cadbury milk choc bar, at the same time as wearing a pair of slimming pants. Lovely blocks - great ideas! :)

  10. Fan bl**dy tastic! Woo hoo! Now I can cook as many of Nigella's Choc Mint Cookies as I like because eating them actually makes me fitter! Now this is the sort of information we need to hear more often.
    xXx Helen

  11. fee______wiping up the drool now that I have seen those dear blocks. Lovely vintage images. You are truly clever. I must giggle at your garage rant as I spend 60 percent of my week in the car picking up kids from various schools and activities. If only my car had a bathroom I'd be set. How are the ducks? and the girls-Hens? Wonder how many calories I will burn going to get miraculous chocolate! Will be Miss Universe by the weekend at this rate...smiles...Renee

  12. Loving those blocks. They are just gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  13. Oh what a lovely blog! Thank you for leaving a comment over at the Priddy Priddy to have a bit of a nosey now!!

  14. Lovely men blocks fee. I am also partial to a Ladybird book and have a few but I too by pass the boy ones - could look out for you though as I often see them cheap as chips. How many calories do take away curries burn off do you think? I think lots and lots. BTW I have a Volvo (big confession) and I love it. Must admit though its pet name is rude.

  15. Lots of loveliness on display, as ever Fee - and some good news about chocolate to boot - does a blog post get any better?
    Have a great weekend x

  16. ooooooh I love love love Slatteries! My wedding cake was from there and I did a chocolate course there last year!! fabby!......*drooling a little*

  17. yum yum chocolate
    love love the blocks (esp Peter & Jane )
    happy weekend :) and I'm feeling a bit inadequate as don't know how to make those little heart symbols evrybody is using
    x x x x x x x x

  18. What a grand idea, to make the Men's blocks like that very nostalgic, I like the idea of comics too. It's horrid when you lose your MOJO, glad to see your's is back. I haven't done any papercraft for almost a year now, I go and have a poke around now and then, but my love affair with crochet is still too strong (bit poor that's all I'm having a love affair with) I have been looking for not square blocks but round ones to stick in my apple cosies that are on show as the apples go all dry and wrinkly, any ideas where I can purchase them?????
    Chocolate...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I had some last night.
    xx Sandi

  19. Yum.
    Slattery's without us, not sure about that?
    Loving those blocks, gorgeous and, as always, original!
    Nelly xxx

  20. Good morning, PRECIOUS FEE!

    Ahhhhh....YOUR work always enchants me and YOU LIKE MY LITTLE THEATRE and Cinderella? I call that one:


    Right before she looses her slipper.

    What a wild week at school...Cleggy will know what the hell I'm talking about!!!! TEEEHEEEE...... Give him a HELLO for me and wow...I am FATIGUED to no end!!!

    BRAVO on YOUR art work; doesn't the creative process just make you happy?


  21. Love - love- aloving everything about this post fee.
    I'm so pleased that your creative sparkle is shining again because it results in such fabulous treasures.

    Now I'm fairly certain that in addition to doing the same thing as working your muscles, dark chocolate has the capacity to keep your creative sparkle shining bright......fairly certain.

    Happiest of happy hugs Sweetpea,
    xx f

  22. Been running on the spot whilst snaffling a bar of bournville, phew - double bubble! Must have a celebratory latte now!

    Sarah x

  23. love your blocks...and the news about chocolate sends me over the moon. xoxoxo

  24. Oh Fee. I like reading your blog. It always makes me feel better. You're just so funny. I too have heard the good news about dark chocolate and have embraced it completely. Glory be. Also - what a lovely friend you are to whip up such crafty frames for your friend's medals! xo xo

  25. Blogger is not telling me you have posted. STUPID BLOGGER!!!!!!!!

    Maya Gold is my Favourite. Ever. Ever. EVER! Well for the last several months anyway. So will it tone my leg muscles then?

    I need to email you about blocks. I'll do it now.


  26. Snorted at your comment on Cuckoo's post re stuck bums...hehehehehehehehe. I can laugh because it has happened to me too!
    x Sandi

  27. Super glad you have your mojo back! Loving those block, I have a special place in my heart for Ladybird and Janet and John books.

    Those frames were beautiful and I'm sooooo glad to hear about the chocolate thing *cancels gym membership and spends fees on Green & Blacks*

  28. wow! I love those blocks!! I love vintage images! I think that is so sweet and thoughtful of you to make those frames for your friend's medals!! I love the vintage looking labels you made for them. I'll bet she just loved them!


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