Wednesday 9 March 2011

I can sew!!!

Ta daaaaa....I made a dress! (sorry to sound so overly pleased with myself but until this year I haven't ever sewn a single thing)

and here it is:
I wore it to the fabric shop today (to show the lovely lady Gisela, as promised) and, buoyed by my new found skills, bought lots (and lots) more fabric to make lots more dresses (in all my spare time...!)

Had a very nice day out with good pal Jane - we didn't resist fabric but we did resist cake...unheard of! 
Somehow (giddiness no doubt) I also managed to shower said pal in cappucino - v sorry Jane!

Whilst in Chorlton I bought a huge loaf of bread that looked like a space ship...the boys loved it. They loved it even more when it was smothered in Nutella! fee x


  1. Now I am impressed my friend...I forget what a sewing machine looks has been that long! I adore the fabric and I bet it looks amazing on you....flower and all!

    Sounds like a lovely day....xoxoxo Thursday hugs to you.

  2. I looks beautiful, Fee! The fabric and colors are very very pretty too. Blue and flowers will be the hit this Spring and Summer!!
    Have a lovely Thursday xxxx

  3. Looked even lovelier on:)..very, very impressed, frenzy in the fabric shop....(good title for a book)
    Washed my coat..smelt like starbucks :) :) :)

  4. I declare! The details on that dress look far too nice and polished to be your first one! Bravo!

    That giant loaf of crusty goodness looks heavenly too. I need to go get me some nutella!

  5. wow what a dress, it looks beautiful x

  6. Its lovely, the fabric is stunning. If only I could sew.


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