Tuesday 29 March 2011

The modge podge fairy is back....

It's hard to justify to Cleggy why the house looks like it's been burgled (by a particularly messy burgular) when there's clearly a new birdhouse outside the back door...but that's exactly what I'm going to attempt!

The modge podge fairy has been busy again, nothing is safe! (see Grandma's stool) and this time she has made a little house for teeny tiny birds:

cute, but could be cuter
White washed
then the ta daaa

In situ
Also enjoyed soaking in the glorious colours of my primulas, especially after they've been watered...now, back to the housework! fee x


  1. oh, so lovely! You are so talented Fee!

  2. I'm sure Cleggy won't be bothered by a wee bit of mess when he sees such a delightful birdhouse. You are clever, I'd be sure to move in if I were a bird.
    Is it weatherproof? I've never used modpodge so I have no idea about these things.

  3. Cute.....am loving the excuse to say mod podge again..mOdPoDGe!!!! if cleggy objects you could modpodge him!!!! (only kidding if he reads this)
    see you tommorrow.. YaY x x x x x x x x x x

  4. I am so loving your birdhouse....I just know that the couple that calls that home will be very happy idea...could you come on over and modge podge my home...it really could use a facelift.

    Happy day to you...your flowers are lovely...my daughter informed me today she needs to start knowing the names of all the flowers as she wants to open a flower shop...yahoo...so I have been quizing her on all the names.

    hugs. xoxo

  5. the bird house is soo cuteee! love mod podge!

  6. Oooh I feel the Mod Podge love too! I have a serious craving for covering everything at the moment. LOVE your Mod Podge steps!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  7. that bird house is seriously adorable, fee. love where you put it, next to that gorgeous green door. what bird wouldn't want to move in?

    love, love your super colorful primulas, too. so happy.

  8. If I were a bird, that's exactly the kind of house in which I would like to live. Just darling.

    And I can completely relate to being "a messy burgular." I can't get any crafting done without creating a giant mess. I try to contain the disaster to one room only, but it goes tend to grow and spread....

    P.s. LOVE your green door. xo xo

  9. <3 it!

    Thanks for following my blog!
    Following back now!

  10. wonderful little home for some lucky little birdies!!

  11. Oh I would live in it if I was a little Blue Tit! Just lovely!


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