Thursday 14 July 2011

Timperley's Next Top Model

I'm trying to slow down a bit today - so no better time to photograph the roses and show and tell some buried treasure.
Despite the football playing, recent building work and serious lack of attention, one little part of our garden never fails to bring a big smile to my face in July...the beautiful rambling rose.

It was particularly luscious in this mornings sunlight
I walk under it on my way to work (ie the workshop!) lucky?

Down behind said workshop, where the chickens live, we've recently found all sorts of interesting things buried in the mud. The boys (and Cleggy) were delighted with an intact foxes skull, and I've loved the bits and pieces of tile and glass. 

This weeks treasure was an old bottle stop

and a wonky bottle - perfect for tiny flowers

Chipper Nelly has been lovely and busy - but I've also found time to make some gifts for friends and finish some commissions.

Here are some of this weeks makes;
An old favourite - little heart box for one of my oldest friends
 some more friendship boxes:

and a new style home block:

#1 son only has a few days left of primary school - which feels a little sad (although he definitely needs knocking down a peg or two so I'm also looking forward to him starting high school!). He was delighted to be cast as Fat Sam in the year 6 end of year production of Bugsy Malone, which is one of our all time favourite films!
Alfie in white with his hoodlums

The school decided to do use the original screen play - complete with live music - an ambitious project. They absolutely nailed it and I was SOooo proud of Alfie. 
As someone who would rather stick pins in her eyes than be on stage I am always astounded that my children have such ability and confidence - and can say with certainty that they do NOT get it from me!

Although they have been rehearsing for weeks they didn't use the silly string  (splurge) until the actual performance...for obvious reasons. 

It was a great decision - the kids had an amazing time with their full cans and the final scene was just like the film (where I think you can also see the actors enjoying themselves)

Loving your work Alfie!

Apart from having the (fab) songs from the film in our heads for weeks the boys have also picked up some more original name calling. I'm pleased to report that 'you big salami' and 'yooooo knucklehead' (in Italian New York accents) have replaced various less appropriate insults.

Finally - I present to you my first granny square! My lovely friend Jane is the best teacher a (porky fingered, impatient) girl could have and after 2 short lessons I can do links, trebles, corners, changing colour and growing! I do realise these aren't technical terms but you get the idea. How anyone can do it while watching the telly I don't know, but that's the goal.

(must add that Jane did the middle bit - I only did the last four rows!)

Cleggy has been away all week and is driving home late tonight - as always I've missed him terribly. I have, however, been able to indulge in one of my favourite ways to waste the time I don't have...watching Britain's Next Top Model (full of envy for their skinniness whilst making my own lardy arse even bigger with the aid of chocolate). 

Since I have full control of the dibber, I also found an old episode of America's NTM, which I missed first time round. (season 8, fat Tyra). OMG, I'm in heaven.
But I feel the need to share this with you....last night, at dusk, when walking down to put the chickens away, I tried my best catwalk. Yep, full on strut, pout, THE WORKS. And I was wearing crocs. 
fee x


  1. made me laugh so hard I chocked on my coffee! My favorite thing to do is watch biggest loser while I eat...ha! Hate have my better half away. Gotta love boys aren't they truly fun? What a gift to walk under those roses in the morn...smiles...Renee

  2. Oh how I adore you and your wit. I LOVE THAT BOTTLE STOPPER and all of your fabulous creations! I too have been spending FABULOUS time in my little workshop in my basement...dark, a little dank, but full of wonder, it is! I make little books with my own poetry, and PAPER in turquoise hues is my passion. Oh Fee, you are a delight! AND MY ARSE also has had the aid of much chocolate and nuts...yikes! BUT OH THE FUN!!!!

    Have a fabulous day CREATING! Anita

  3. I am just envious of your sunshine - today has been wet,cold and grey here with the promise of the same for the whole weekend :(

    Well done to Alfie - looks like everyone was having a fabbo time :)

  4. Work those crocs girlfriend!!!!

    Jo x x

  5. Well I just don't know what you are talking about. I'm as thin as a ryvita. (wish)

    Oh how I'd love to walk under a rambling rose to my workshop. Actually I'd just like a workshop, and a bit of time to spend in there!! Mr C said I cn have his study one day. That's lovely of him but I really would rather have a shed.

    Alfie is a boy after my own heart, except it looks like he has talent where as I, on the other hand, have none. I just like to fame and glory!

    I don't think I have told you before, how much I love the amazing pieces you make. I don't want to start sounding arse lickity lest you go off me for being a dork, but I do bloody love what you make and I have no idea how you do it what with having all those kids and animals.

    Just wanted to piont out before I go that if you look closely at the 9.43pm photo on my "A Day In The Life" post you'll see it was your blog I was leaving a message on.

    laters chook.


  6. Arse! Forgot to rave about your crochet! Well done! Very very neat, you must be a natural. Very neat love, verrry suuuuuper. Must be totally down to Jane's skilled teaching ;oD hee hee


  7. Wow Fee, your delights are magical, you are very clever (sorry, that sounds a bit pervy), the little treasures are wonderful.

    Oh no, I have crochet beginner envy, clever clever you, so neat and no bumps in sight, well done. Need to keep working on mine I think.

    Alfie looks so cute, one proud mummy.

    Love Cuckoo's arse lick comment, oh how she does love a good ass lick...ha ha!!!

    Can't beat a bit of swinging with your crocs on, I love mine and do everything with them on....oow ere!!!


  8. I would love to know how you make those lovely boxes.
    Well done on the crochet - it looks very neat!
    I'd have loved to have seen that catwalk strut, I bet it was something to behold!

  9. Work it gurrrrl frieeeeend
    (gay American accent there please)
    Emily x

  10. Awww.. you must be so proud! Doesn't he look a right cutie in that white suit! :-)

    I just lovvveee the rambling roses in your garden, they must be such a lovely thing to look at every time you go to your workshop. They would perk me up anyday!

    Your artwork is amazing.. (I too now sound like a right arse-licker!) But I'll carry on anyway.. they look so professional and individual, I'm amazed that you find the time!

    Great to hear that your getting on well with the crochet! I will warn you though... it does become a Little bit addictive!! And eventually it becomes so easy to do it as well as watching tv.. My hubby now groans when we sit down to watch something and I pull out whatever hooky goodies I'm working on at that moment! :S haha

    Ashley xxx

  11. Me again... forgot to say, I too have a big love for ANTM and BNTM. It made me laugh when you described season 8 as 'Fat Tyra'!

    I'll stop writing now...!

    Ashley xxx

  12. Hehehe, Fee you always give me such a chuckle!!

    Well done on the granny square - if you crochet a granny square you can crochet anything, so go you!!

    S x

  13. Oooo, Mrs, love those gorgeous blocks. And the crochet?
    It looks perfect.

  14. You picked up crochet quickly!! it took me foreverrrrrr, but a year on I am a happy little vegemite (as we say in Australia or Oz for short) Loving your gorgeous rambling rose, its one of the nice things about blogging, we can still see photos of beautiful flowers in the depth of winter :) Loving your little treasures you keep finding, and you made a little treasure box too!
    Well done Alfie, perhaps a taste of things to come. Oh and I don't care if I sound like an arse licker, as a fellow papercrafter I love your makes, I can appreciate all that goes into them, they are beautiful.
    x Sandi

  15. Fab photos and wow well done to your son on his part, he looked fab! I bet you smiled from ear to ear watching that (whilst feeling nervous for him - or is it just me who does that with my kiddies lol).

    Great granny square!

  16. Oh Fee, may you never stop blogging all the lovely tid bits of your life and times. They honestly make me laugh out loud....

    1. Congrats on your granny square! It looks marvelous darling!

    2. Love your little secret treasure finds. That bottle is quite a nice find - including it's wonkiness.

    3. Congrats to your boy who looks like he may be destined for greatness on the stage!

    4. My guilty pleasure when Ike is away is The Bachelorette. It's such trash and I can't get enough. If we were neighbors, I'd come watch Top Model with you.

    5.Thank you for the kind birthday wishes! Much appreciated.

    Have a lovely weekend friend!

  17. awesome crochet progress!! I love your wee blog ^_^


  18. OMG can't believe you shared that - made me smile every time I thought about it. Have so been tempted to do it myself but never in crocs and never remotely in public (and a garden does count as public by the way)
    Nelly xx

  19. Love the crochet, well done!
    I hope you made the most of the sunshine because if your side of Manchester is anything like mine then it's very wet indeed.

  20. I love your found treasures and stunning roses, and your granny square colors are sublime!

  21. Gawd, I might have to stop reading your blog now that you've learnt to crochet. You're clearly going to have an enormous talent and you'll be whipping up all kinds of things in no time at all and leave me in your wake. I spend enough time feeling envious reading your blog without your crochet prowess adding to it. :-)

    That rose is just beautiful. You are so lucky having a workshop outside. I am planning a garden revamp for next spring and featuring heavily is a summer house that I'm going to use as a crafting room.

    I'd say how much I LOVE the blocks you make but that would just be arse-licky.

    Nicki xx

    PS Snorted over the choc sauce/whipped cream/bedroom comment...
    PPS - Dibber - ha! Love that.

  22. Hello again - just to say: a) am v excited re the hook, and b) I've just passed an award on to you
    Emily x

  23. oh yes, cat walk in the Crocs! I love it. I also love the photos of the school great is that. You know, it just makes me sit and wonder why my kids do not do plays. Really, when I was in grade school 150 years ago, we did a class play every year...but I can honestly tell you, my children have never once had a class weird. Not to mention the fact that they don't have recess like we did! Ok, enough of that. Just wanted to tell you I think it's great about the play and it's always fun to visit your blog.
    P.S. The roses are absolutely beautiful!!

  24. I'm back...I just can't help but said in a few days your son would be done with school. I am so curious...does your school year differ from ours here in the U.S. My kids start around the end of August and finish the first week of June. Just wonderin'.

  25. You my dear always make me smile! I have not watched a top model show in ages..I so love that show...must go find me some chocolate and flip through some stations to find it ..just what I need tonight.
    Your creations are adorable...and those roses and your talented son! Such joy. Your son is the white suit!

    Hugs my friend...we are home from California and I must admit I am feeling a bit down today..I so want to be on the beach once again. Just rain rain rain and laundry calling my name today.

    Hugs and love. It has been fun catching up with you. xoxox

  26. Hi Fee,
    it's good to catch up on all your blog news - looks like you have been very 'end of term' busy, but I know how you feel about having bloggers block! Will compile that summer reading list this week! take care xxx

  27. Wow you have been a busy bee. You are so lucky to have such a pretty studio beyond the pink flowers. I love your boxes, and your Granny Square is scrummy- you'll be hooked now (no pun intended)

  28. Oh my goodness you must win the award for prettiest walk to work! How gorgeous!


  29. An archaeological dig in the chicken mire and runway walking in crocs - inspired! and all by that glorious, glorious rose, how divine. Hope Cleggy is back now, I like it when everyone is where they ought if you know what I mean, (Must have been a sheepdog in a previous life!)

    Sarah x


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