Sunday 27 March 2011

lots to show and tell...

Friday night started with an invitation to a charity fashion show held at Mum's church. Now, if I was to be completely honest, I didn't relish the thought. Fashion shows are notoriously hard to pull off and Friday nights are precious! was incredibly well done, an absolute hoot AND I came away with some guilt free purchases!
All the models (and most of the audience) were in their 70's. The clothes they were modeling were all second hand, and the evening finished with a sale of charity clothes and accessories - all in aid of St Ann's Hospice, who do amazing work in the Manchester area, caring for those with terminal illness and their families. 

Along with a couple of tops (LK Bennett and Whistles no less) I picked up two beautiful vintage dresses

This one is floor length (Imagine the parties it's seen!) and is trimmed with pink ric rac!
The blue one will make a perfect pinny...
 a little silk scarf (10p!) and some accessories
how adorable is that little peacock?!

On Saturday we had a visit from Mabel (and her parents!)who was seemingly so bored by our company she slept for 4 hours.

We decorated the easter tree in honour of her visit...
Baked the obligatory cakes...apricot crumb square, recipe here
The recipe is from a little book by BBC Good Food magazine and consists of sponge, topped with apricots, THEN a cinnamon crumble. Never fails! ( I once made it at a holiday cottage where there were no scales so all the measurements were guessed. The crumble literally swallowed the rest of the cake...and it was still good!)

While the boys played happily together (ooh, enjoyed writing that!) we spent the afternoon around the little table (we've lost the big one to piles of paper!!!) and laughed....a perfect way to pass the time.
Mabel LOVED lying under the Easter tree
 Then got bored again and fell asleep!
Off to see some friends we haven't seen for TOOOOOoo long...fee x


  1. Fabulous photos Fee! I cannot believe how lucky you were with your vintage purchases! just goes to show it's worth going along to some things (I have become a tad anti-social too when it comes to Friday nights!)

  2. Great finds! I love the floor length dress, so lovely.
    Mabel is ADORABLE!

  3. What fun....Mabel is adorable. I love that name!

    Ok...I soooo want to make that cake...I do need to buy a scale though as your UK recipes always are measured my everything is in cups.

    BUT apricots are my worth buying a scale for.

    Happy new week to you. xoxo

  4. Hello!

    1. The friday night fashion show sounded like a riot! LOVE your finds - especially the costume jewlery. Jack pot!

    2. That apricot cake looks like pure heaven! I'm going to have to give that a whirl.

    3. Mabel is the sweetest! And I think that photo of you all laughing and chatting around the table is so homey and dear.

    4. I'm glad you and your hubby are enjoying learning about the Easter egger chickens! Your comments on my blog made me laugh - especially the part about the chickens bum and how clean the eggs are when they arrive. It is a lovely mystery!

    xo xo!

  5. Hello - just found you via Northern Hi-Lights blog.

    Great dress purchases - looking forward to seeing what you do with them :)

    Back to visit very soon - Vicki xx

  6. I love that blue dress and that kitchen is the cutest! I love the big lettering on the wall

  7. Mmm... I shouldn't have looked at this post so long before lunch. Is it bad to request Apricot Crumb Cake as a meal? Looks awesome!


  8. We had our 'take away' portion of that cake today, in the car, with a flask of coffee (doesn't coffee taste good in a location you wouldn't normally get it?) Despite having lost a bit of crunch it was still too good. Will you stop raising the bar, G Kisby already thinks he has married the wrong sister xxx

  9. Thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment.Love meeting new (to me) bloggers.You are so creative,love your new vintage dress.
    Lisa x


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