Thursday 3 March 2011

Grandma's old stool gets an extreme makeover...

So, I'm (really) cleaning the kitchen (could not ignore it any longer, builders or no builders) and came across Grandma's very old stool...yes, the kitchen was SO cluttered you could actually lose, then find, a stool!

I have been planning to paint it up since it moved in some months ago, but it was never going to be top of the list.
if ever a stool needed a makeover....
UNTIL.... I came across Dottie Angel's post a couple of days ago where she used Mod Podge to cover a plain old Ikea stool. I use Mod Podge every single day in the workshop, and have used it for many and varied projects but had never thought to use if for stool decorating.

After a quick sand (no prep for me...too busy for all that!)I gave it a couple of coats of eggshell antique white paint, another rub down so keep it looking as old as it is, then covered the steps and top in wrapping paper (paperchase) and coated with plenty more Mod Podge.

The brilliant thing about Mod Podge is that it's glue and varnish in one so I'll be able to stand on it for years. If a small girl is to reach the highest of cupboards it's only right that she has a beautiful stool...
the big reveal!!
perfect for the tall utility cupboard...
special little corner to sit in....and I will call her flossie!
This particular Grandma is the one known as Nelly - from which Chipper Nelly came! If Grandma Bryce is looking down, I hope she has a little chuckle to see her old stool going strong...fee x
 (Thanks Dottie Angel - another inspiring post!)


  1. Cor blimey, thats lovely! Such a great transformation.

  2. Oh my goodness...I love her!!! What a great know I will be looking for something to mod podge now. xoxoxox

    Happy day to you.

  3. Your stool looks gorgeous Fee. I've never heard of mod podge before - me thinks I need some too! xx

  4. flossie is adorable. such a dramatic before and after. i especially love the paper.


  5. FAB!!! I need mod podge!!! Actually I don't really need it I just LOVE the name, mod podge...mod podge.... mod podge.....mod podge
    Well done you, its lovely
    Jane x x x x x x

  6. I know, Modge Podge sounds like how my bum looks!!!
    Fee x

  7. oh flossie and ben would make quite the dashing pair would they not! ben and his broad shoulders, flossie and her delicate height and dainty feet, not to mention pretty paper :)
    i am in love with flossie, did you know that was my name when i was little, floss drop...
    and ben is actually my brothers name :)

    thank you for showing me your modge podge make over
    Tif x


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