Saturday 12 March 2011

Inspired by birds...part 2

I was just having a little moan about my favourite jeans finally wearing so thin that my wobbly thighs peeped through (nice!) when the news came on in the tragic what's happening in Japan, moaning ceased. 

Must try and remember those heartbreaking pictures whenever complaining about our perfectly boring British weather...

So, today was cheered by the sunny disposition of a bunch of spring daffodils (do flowers have a disposition?), which are hard to look at without smiling.

They are in a very beautiful vase bought for us this time last year by Nelly and G Kisby as a thank you gift...we absolutely LOVE it.
It has four birds in different finishes (one for each of us!) - every now and then I turn it to the silver one...Cleggy likes the red!

It's made by my all time favourite ceramic artist lee page hanson, who has a studio in the marvellous Manchester Craft and design centre.

....and I also have a tile, and plan on building my collection!

I thought I'd share some more photos of his work - incorporating print, lace, metal and birds....all my favourite things!

Hope you like them too...fee x


  1. Hello! I hope your mister is home safe and sound too now. And yes - I've been moaning about all sorts of trival things too and then one sees the distruction in the pacific. Life is so good for me and it's a quiet morning with the sun shining where I am. Oh for contentment and gratitude every day!

    p.s. LOVE that beautiful vase! Daffodils are the cheeriest (is that a word?) flowers of all time I think!

  2. Your daffodils would cheer anyone up my friend...that vase is stunning! Thank you for sharing such lovely work...I so adore all of his bird.

    My thoughts and prayers are with those in Japan as well.

    Have a blessed day my friend. xoxo

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