Sunday 11 September 2011

Pimp my yard!

My brother and his gorgeous wifey Janet have two little boys, Sonny and Luca...and the 
smallest back yard!

Luckily there are loads of great parks and play centres within a short distance of their house - but we thought it would be nice if they could use their outside space to better effect.
Both the boys had a birthday last month, Sonny turned 2 and Luca 1, so we got together with Nelly/G Kisby and decided to 'pimp their yard' as a joint present. This weekend the family were away with friends, and the forecast was dry (ish) so we set to with gusto!

Now, this was always going to be a challenge....the budget (£100) disappeared fast and the Victorian brickwork did not like the drill. Next doors dog didn't like the drill either. And the weather wasn't as dry as the man on the BBC said. 

HOWEVER...the bacon butties (thanks Granny) and delicious cake (thanks Tracy) kept us going and here's what we did:

As Sonny and Luca are still small we decided to keep all the activities at ground level. The raised border is ripe for making into a larger scale sand/bark pit - maybe next year! So that left us the small rectangle.

Now, Cleggy works in Early Years( so had tons of ideas (that the budget didn't allow!) and was really keen to make plenty of provision for mark making.

 We did 2 boards - one fixed directly onto the wall for chalking on, and one on battons so you can use pegs to attach paper on for painting etc. 
 For extra options we chose magentic blackboard paint (B+Q) - which
actually worked! 
It's best to roller it on for a smoother finish (said Mr Clegg)

Next was an area for imaginative water play. There was an old pulley attached to the wall so we hung a bucket from it - hours of fun! The guttering was cut to size and attached using the clips a builder would use, and placed at angles so the water tumbles down. It could be made higher as the boys grow - and can be used with other things such as different sized balls etc if the boys need to stay dry. The bowls,cups and funnels were all really cheap from Asda.

We brightened the opposite wall up by hanging some old buckets from Casa Clegg. They are filled with herbs that the boys can smell (and M and J can use!)
The little gardening set and mini brush are from B&Q.

We filled some big plastic tubs with some of my boys old toys, dinosaurs, cars etc
and no garden would be complete without a chipper nelly sign!

The boys were a big help:
(no idea where Alfie was!)

and here's the final ta daa

We all hope your new revamped yard gives you hours of fun boys...
and gives your Mum and Dad ten precious minutes peace now and again! 
Fee x
(yes, I know using the word 'pimp' might attract some unwanted blog visits - kind of think it serves them right!)


  1. Wow, I love what you did! I bet the boys have loads of fun out there now!
    xXx Helen

  2. It looks amazing! The gutter water feature is a touch of genius, you know what its crying out for now? A sandpit in that wall - but when they are older! :) x

  3. Oh that is what I call a pimped up garden!!! BRILLIANT!!!
    I reckon half sunflowers|other flowers and half sandpit when they get older. It's so colourful and I bet they were all thrilled.
    What a generous, thoughtful bunch you all are.
    Gem x

  4. What fun! So creative you are and what a sweet thing to do! Those little boys are going to LOVE their garden. :) (I bet the parents are too, now that they have somewhere to send the kids for a moment!)

  5. YOU are so smart!!!!

    AND LOOK AT WHAT ALL OF YOU DID! BRAVO, and what a fascinating YARD. Your yards resemble those in Boston, "British" and different. Our here have lots of grass and gardens, but this is a wonderful enclosure for the boys! YEAH FEE AND CLEGGY!

    Have a wonderful week, Anita

  6. Maaaaaan, that's one AWESOME birthday present!
    (It's possible I might have been spending too much time with my boys...)
    Emily x

  7. O did a great job !! it looks so nice and colorful !!...enjoy a happy week from me

  8. What an amazingly kind thing to do!!!!
    I cannot imagine anything more exciting than to come home to find that!!!!
    I was reading an article in yesterdays paper about "paying it forward" and random acts of kindness, and this certain qualifies as both!!!
    SO lovely!!

  9. Really unsure how you managed to get it looking like that considering we were still fighting with the drill bit when I abandoned ship yesterday afternoon. Good work man. Reckon they are going to love it,
    Nelly xx

  10. You are such a beautiful family...can I adopt you, or rather...will you adopt me!!
    Bet the boys love, love it, I know I would, although my legs are a bit long for the little bike.
    x Sandi

  11. G.E.N.I.U.S!!!

    It's not hard to see that the boys are going to be spending lots and lots of time in this fabulous space.

    BBC are you seeing this? Cleggy & fee need their own show!


  12. WOW, awesome makeover. What wonderful family you are to do something so magical.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Anne xx

  13. guys are amazing...pure joy happened over guys are really the BEST!

  14. i literally just said, "oh my gosh" out loud at my computer screen when the photo of your finished project came up. it looks AMAZING! my kids would go crazy for the gutter project.

  15. Who are you people?! This is down right adorable! What a kind and generous bunch you are! I'm sure the fam was tickled pink when they saw your labor of love!

  16. WOW! genius! Such a generous gift of both your time and effort - bet the boys love it. Cute photo of Kenzie doing his baby sitting bit...Boy behaviour has taken a nose dive in this house since the start of school again, might be visiting Cleggy's website for advice! Have a good week Fee ♥ Elaine x

  17. What an amazing 'pimp' of the yard you all did! That was such a lovely gift to give. The boys will love having somewhere to play, and as for mum and dad? Well, five minutes to sit and chat or have a cuppa, well that is truly a godsend!


  18. Great idea. Sounds like you all had a good time doing it too. Very pimped and perfect, bet they were so thrilled when they got back.


  19. Now THAT was wonderful to see. What a special gift, the gift of time. The time and great thoughtfulness that you gave to your precious nephews. really special.

  20. Well, that was just the nicest thing ever!!! I love the idea of making it a surprise for them to come home cool!

  21. I bet they were all blown away - it looks awesome! And very generous of you all to spend so much time, thought and effort into creating an original gift. Well done. Can you come and do my garden next weekend?! xx

  22. What a wonderful thing to do, hope they loved it! x

  23. You totally crack me up Fee 'Pimp my Yard', I love this post, well done you guys, what a fantastic job and so well thought out, what lovely friends you are, big kisses.

    Luv Bee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. This is so fabulous Fee! I wish we were closer so you could come help me design the next disasterous place we're moving to!

  25. Now more than ever I wish I were part of your family! Such a kind and thoughtful thing to do. I'd love something like that. You lovely lovely people.

    You are lush.


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