Thursday 16 June 2011

Credit where credit's due!

Did I mention that I had a birthday???
I promise this is the last time... but I received some very beautiful presents worthy of their own post.
Credit where credit's due!

My little sister Nelly was almost as excited as me to open the gift from family Kisby!

It's by ceramic artist Katie Almond whose work I have now fallen madly in love with... you can see more of her makes, and where to buy them, on her site and blog.

Nelly and G Kisby - it is a thing of absolute beauty and I will treasure it forever. And I can't believe I even asked if I could actually use it! What was I will go on a special shelf to be much admired.
My Mum found my first pair of shoes, which will be framed at some point, and chose the perfect Roberts radio, coveted for many years, for the kitchen. Now I can sound even more like her as I fight with the boys each morning! 
Alfie 'Please can we have Capital back on'
Me 'It's giving me a headache'
Alfie ' what are you, some sort of dinosaur?'
Me 'yes. And it's my radio. And I need to hear the news...'

Yep....I seem to have got old. Thanks Granny - Woman's Hour never sounded so good.

M and J bought such thoughtful gifts including a fab coffee table book on photography (right up my street), way too much beautiful stationary (don't worry Mark - I'll give you 2 of the moleskin books back!) including the sunography kit - which I can't wait to play with. 

For me, the pièce de résistance is the Rob Ryan ceramic mug, complete with fully stamped Cafe Nero card. Will definitely be nicking this birthday idea! (J - lets have a coffee soon?)

My super skillful friend Jane gave me the most valuable of gifts - she's going to (try to) teach me how to crochet! She reckons we could do it in a month...

I can hear my Mum chuckling to herself whilst reading this thinking 'poor you know what you've taken on?'

Looking forward to our first lesson next week...hope I don't cry and throw it on the floor (like last time I tried!)

My (glorious/ample/heaving/ *delete as appropriate to how well you know me*) bosson will be adorned with these adorable necklaces (thank you Sara - lots of love over the deep blue sea to you all!). The two bird ones from the boys, along with an ace ring that for some reason I can't seem to photograph!

My hair will never be frizzy (thanks Sandra, great choice), and my lounge will smell of frangipane...which is so much nicer than l'eau de sweaty boy (thanks Julie and Emma)
And as for Cleggy  - he made some lovely new friends whilst choosing the most wonderful gifts! Such a charmer.

Now, I was about to say that I've been a fan of Viv's work forever, but I only came across it through blogging, so it must only be six months or which case I must have 'wittered' on about it a plenty! Cleggy sent the photographs and key bits of info and Viv worked her wondrous magic to create this amazing work:

My Dad died when we were all very young - and like me, he was the picture taker, so we have very few photographs of him. It's amazing to have my favourite one used to make art (and have the original back...Viv is SOOOoooo clever!). The other picture is of my new red patent shoes, worn with red tights...a look I am still fond of 35 years later!
I know Viv is well known in these parts - but if you haven't seen her work make sure and take a look at her blog 'hens teeth' - it's really special.
(that little book...I can't tell you...)

I was also lucky enough to receive a Cowboys and Custard special - check this out;

The colours, the vintage girl, the chicken....way too cute! (and a board game!). I have loved Michele's work for many years and unknowingly bought little things from her fabulous shop 'cowboys and custard', for myself and for gifts, from all sorts of places. I only recently put all the pieces together and connected the buttons, cards, notonthehighstreet shop, blog and finally the lady. This piece of art makes me swoon and will be the starting point for decorating our (currently way too grown up) dining room! Perfect.

And on to share my last treasure. I 'met' Sarah at Northfield Primitives when she bought some (lots!) of blocks from my shop. I could happily buy everything she makes (see the little bird with heart above) and have had a little something on order for a while. Unbeknown to me, Cleggy was in cahoots with Sarah too and asked her to make three little elephants to represent our boys. 

 The skill in making these traditional toys amazes me - and the little mouse made my heart ache...

The little herd came with adorable bunting and ruffles - which I'm going to encourage them to wear for special occasions and Christmas! Aren't they splendid?

Ladies from the wonderful world of blogging - I'm glad now that I did 'witter' on about all your makes - and will never, ever accuse Cleggy of not listening! (although to be fair he does a good impression!). I'm very grateful that you all agreed to help him make my birthday extra special and will treasure these pieces of art forever. You are amazingly talented.

Thank you again friends and family for the most thoughtful gifts - I'm glad I'm easy to buy for! I feel very privileged.
Fee x


  1. Well it must be said fee, treasures for a treasure.

    I've enjoyed seeing your gifts almost as much as if I'd received them myself.

    For reasons that will be obvious to you, I'm most smitten with Michelle's work....oh and don't start me on the elephants & their mouse!

    Happy day!

    x F

  2. I hope you enjoy your jug and thank you for the mention and links :) Your blog is great!

    Katie x

  3. My head is spinning from all the birthday splendor! You REALLY have some lovely friends and family. I hope I get half of the goodies you did for your 40th! Way to go Fee!

    And thank you for the kind words about my hair accessories. They made my day. And Bullet is the name my sis recommended I use for my "crafting pony" mainly because I had lots of work do to for a show and with a name like "bullet" he would surely carry me to a speedy and successful destination. Thus the name lives on..

    xo and happy day!

  4. Gosh Fee you are a lucky lady. I am very jealous of your lovely gifts.

    I also wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, I'm a viewer not a do-er and I wish I had just a wee bit of your creativity (and many others).

    All my friends will have to watch out as their gifts will be coming straight from your links!

    Best wishes xxx

  5. My word Fee, you are a very lucky lady indeed!
    I love the elephants and the little mouse, so adorable. I have one of Sarahs dogs and love him to bits.

  6. Fee...I am so happy you have had such a special birthday...I has been a joy to be part of it...thank you so much for writing such sweet words and I am thrilled you are pleased...Each of your other gifts are without doubt the very best. x

  7. Happy Birthday - such lovely pressies :)

    I think I've found some lovely new blogs via your sidebar too :)

  8. Wonderful gifts, you are loved - I love all the art but especially the Primitive elephants - I too have been admiring her work from afar - I don't think my hints have been dropped hard enough. (only kidding actually I am not good at dropping hints really).

  9. Just found your blog - what a delicious post! Such gorgeousness on your birthday - lucky you! Belated Happy Birthday! Abby

  10. Wow! Didn't you get such lovely thoughtful presents! Lucky you! They definitely deserve a post of their own. I love the Katie Almond jug, it's beautiful. Never seen her work before but I'm going to have a look at the link now. But - OMG - the Northfield Primitives stuff... Wow. I love it. Oh, I just love it. I hope Sarah will be busy in the run up to Christmas because something from her Etsy site is going on my Christmas list!

    And your little shoes!! Beautiful. Good on your Ma for hanging onto them.

    Your comment about the spend up before your frugal month made me laugh. Sounds like me on a diet - I'm starting my diet again tomorrow so have eaten absolutely loads this week. But yes, if you need help in justifying a bread maker I'm your gal.

    Haven't you been lucky with your birthday celebrations, have enjoyed reading about it all.

    Nicki xx

  11. Am speechless.
    All too lovely for words.

  12. What gorgeous, gorgeous presents (I'm going to leave my laptop running with this post in full view of Mr N. Wonder if he can take a hint?) I think things are extra special when they're handmade, aren't they?
    Glad you had such a wonderful birthday
    Emily x

  13. I love each and every one of your beautiful, thoughful pressies, but I have a special love for the little mouse, he is just so......words fail.
    x Sandi

  14. Fee I am sure that your lovely brod will be gentlemen as teens considering your Cleggy. He is making my husband sound worse by the day with all this pomp and circumstance...amazing gifts...i am so impressed. Maybe Cleggy could give seminars? Just kidding...smiles....Renee

  15. Capital you say - is that the station of choice for the kids nowadays?
    'Bryce-Kisby' if you will. It's taken me 10 long years to get G Kisby to commit to that name - ha!
    Nelly xxx

  16. Hi Fee, thanks so much for entering my giveaway & putting it on your side bar. Your blog is fantastic, looking forward to following you.
    Suzie xx

  17. Oh pass me the smelling salts.. What a lovely collection of goodies and I am so honoured to be mentioned alongside these lovely talented lasses. Thank you Fee.. It was great fun hunter gathering the pieces for your frame.. even the elusive chicken! As for that little mousie.. he has stolen my heart and that of Pickle's.. my cat.
    Michele x

  18. such beautiful presents ~ lucky you! x

  19. Oh my goodness my much jOY...I love those are so blessed. Thank you for sharing all the love you received.

    Hugs for a wonderful weekend. xoxox

  20. Can your family adopt me? Just so much joy around parties and presents. Should think you felt faint with delight Fee. Love everything, but wasn't familiar with elephant and mousie lady. Will go and have a peek as I'm smitten.


  21. Oh my goodnes, where does one start?
    I love those adorable little shoes, isn't it just so poignant that your feet used to fit into those dinky shoes?
    You have some truly thoughtful friends and family to think of such fitting gifts for you.

  22. So many beautiful gifts and so much new information for me to take on board re people that make COOL stuff! Glad you're embracing the birthday to the max. xx

  23. You got some amazing stuff there, love the Roberts radio and the ceramic mug :)

    And a happy weekend to you!

  24. I adore everything I see here, Fee. The mug is gorgeous! Enjoy your treasures, sure you are enjoying them.
    Have a sweetest of Sundays, tons of sweet raindrops on my windowpane xxxxx

  25. I always enjoy reading your blog Fee, and missed you when you were on your holidays! So glad you liked your little elephants and mousie, they were such a pleasure to make for you, although keeping the secret was hard at times when you kept dropping hints about YOUR elephant order!
    Glad you had a wonderful day, Sarah x

  26. Dang, that's like, the best collection of birthday presents I have ever seen! I know it's because they are all handmade! Handmade are the best gifts ever! My family and friends are not really like me..I mean, we all get along well, but they don't think like this. That's one of the reasons I love blogs and blogging so much...I have finally found people that are like me when it comes to art and crafts! How wonderful for you!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  27. You are one lucky lady - look at all your beautiful gifts! I especially like the elephant and mouse - so sweet. x

  28. Hello Fee
    I just wondered if you did commissions? I was hoping to get one of your lovely hooks for my girl. What's the best way for me to contact you about it?
    (god, that's a bit exciting!)
    Emily x


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