Sunday 31 July 2011

My guest blog (by geordie)

We had 2 ducks called Coco and Lola. They escaped through a hole that a fox left after he took one of the chickens for his dinner.
[see saga] We looked for them but we didn't find them. 
[random story] This week was a sad week because my hamster Banana Joe died [yep, known as wrong!] 
He died in his sleep and we buried him in a small box in the garden. We had a kind of funeral where we all said bye and Dad found some fake flowers to mark the spot... 

[back to the point]   When we thought our old ducks weren't coming back we were allowed to go and get some new ones. Me and my friend George went to the duck lady with dad. Mum stayed at home for the peace. [true] 
We saw lots of ducks, like these runner ducks. They are funny and all run in the same way.

The geese with the orange bills were noisy and duck with the red face was creepy. At first I thought it was a statue but then it moved.

The crows and jackdaws were being mean to the chicks and stealing eggs so the lady found a poorly one and when it died they hung it up to let the other ones know not to be mean or they would get hurt.
We also saw some llamas. 
They have very big front teeth that stick out and they can spit. Me and George couldn't pose for the photo because we were too worried that the llamas would nibble us. 
We found lots of llama poo![nice]

After that we were allowed to go into the farmhouse for a drink. It's apple juice in that glass. I made myself at home and had a good chat.

We were allowed to play with the camera. George took this one of me being surprised to see chickens

The lady called Anthea let us pick some ducks. We chose one boy and 2 girls.  They are Call ducks and were born in April.

You can tell its a boy because it cheeps rather than quacks and has a curly tail. We put them in a box and took them home.
When we opened the box the chickens were very nosey. We called the boy duck Bertie after George's Grandad. The girls are called Polly and Dolly. 

We played in the chicken area for a bit. There's Bertha in the picture - she still hasn't got many clothes. Dad says she looks like she's doing a BBQ . She's done a good job of scaring the foxes away and always gives Granny a scare if she has to go down at night.
We needed a house for the ducks so Dad bought a kennel. It was in the sale  [or so he said]
We were  allowed to paint it [Farrow and Ball? I ask you...] 
and I was allowed to use a hammer by myself [where was I?]
Then Dad built a tree house for it to sit on. The ducks are very happy in their new house.
They are at the bottom of the pecking order. This is Muriel  
[bottom until this point] chasing them
I also built a den this week. One day I found a letter from someone magic in it. I've written a letter back and it has disappeared so I'm waiting for a reply.
I hope you liked my blog.
Geordie x


  1. Geordie that was the very best of blogs - it was informative {I now know how to tell what gender a duck is if I ever need to] and gave me lots of giggles.
    You certainly have been busy and it's great that you have recorded everything here to share with us and for your own happy memories down the track.

    Best wishes to you and your amazing Mum,


  2. Thank you so much my dear !!

  3. I love ducks, they are hilarious just to watch and listen to. If I had a big enough garden I would have a few ducks. x

  4. Geordie, I was just saying to my mum and dad today that I missed living where I used to, because the wild ducks would swim in the little pond at the bottom of the garden and the mummy duck and her ducklings would have a walk through our property, so cute. I'm sorry to hear of BJ, but so excited for you getting your new ducks. You have been very busy settling them in and a duck house to paint. I would have been scared that the Llama would spit on me!!!! Yuck Llama spit! AND Llama poo, whoa that is a lot isn't it, I wonder if it would be good for mum and dads garden.
    Thank you for your great post, I really enjoyed reading it and seeing all the photos.
    xx Sandi

  5. Oh Geordie dearest, I am a fan of your mum's blog and now I think I am hoping you have your own corner column on a regular basis! You are a good writer and reporter of animal antics! I think you made a good choice of ducks (that Bertie is super cute) and that little haven you have made for them and the pool is just what ducks need. I wish I could have ducks, but I delight in the wild rabbits that come to play in my garden and lounge under my garden furniture to escape the heat. WELL DONE MI MAN!


  6. Loved reading you post Geordie. We're animal mad here too, but haven't got ducks (yet) so you're making me wish we had as they're fabulous aren't they. Sounds like you had a brilliant day and made a great home for your ducks when you got home. Love the idea of your den, wonder who the notes from?


  7. Oh Fee, I so enjoyed Geordie's post!

    Thank you dearest for coming on over. It is evident that you are enjoying a summer full of fun!!!!! I so wish I could get over to your part of the world!


  8. Geordie! I LOVE your blog post! I do hope you will do more are Wonderful at it.

    I adore Polly, Dolly and Bertie!!! And your Bertha makes me laugh! I think you did a wonderful job of picking out your new ducks! The other ones were not as cute as yours... for some reason those runner ducks give me the ebee gee bees!

    Please update us on them from time to time...I would love to here more!

    Hope your Summer break is going well...enjoy the rest of it.

  9. I love your post. Well done you. The ducks are adorable hope they are all ok. Sorry to hear about Banana Joe, Hamsters are great pets but they don't live very long. My girl's were very sad when Baby (their hamster) died because she was such fun and so fluffy. We have Dylan the dog now though and he is fab. Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays, tell your mum I was thinking about her today because she hadn't posted for a while I bet you are all busy having lots of fun. Tell your Dad to get some clothes on that lady in the garden Autumn is on its way and she will catch a chill.

  10. This is cuter than cute! I especially like the part about the kennel being for sale. Does your husband do that to??? Have a great day. :)

  11. Oh Geordie, that was a fabulous post! I would love to have some hens and ducks of my own but we only have a small backyard. We already have two cats and two dogs so there's not enough room for anything else.
    I was so upset after the fox took your hen and your ducks escaped, so now i'm chuffed to billy-o that you have some new ones. They are gorgeous!
    I can't wait to see how they get on in their new home. They look very happy already with their freshly painted house and little pond.
    Keep up the good work x

  12. Very nice blog Geordie = a star in the making

  13. Hi Geordie,
    I am loving all your hard work - you write an amazing blog, you are obviously great with ducks and you painted their new home beautifully too.
    I am sad to hear about BJ, but at least you gave him a great burial.
    My daughter is 7 and a real tom boy and she says she wishes she lived nearer to you as would love to play football with you and George and paint duck houses.
    Love the names of the new ducks. I nearly called my little boy Bertie! It's a great boys' name and Polly and Dolly sound cute.
    Hope you are enjoying the school hols and give your lovely mum a big "smacker" from me (she'll know what I mean).
    Gem x

  14. Hi Fee,

    You have got some great boys :-)! I enjoyed reading about the ducks, not the olds unfortunate... And than your hamster... Luckily your week ended better!

    Thanks you for becoming a new follower and taking part in my giveaway! I feel very much flattered ;-)!

    Happy new week!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  15. Too too funny. I could hear GB saying all that...
    Bertha makes a naked appearance on the blog? Really?
    Did they really hang up the crow to stop them bullying the chicks? I'm really not sure if that is something you have just told GB? Also unsure I should be asking in such a public forum?
    Nelly xxx

  16. Well done Geordie on a fantastic blog post! I especially enjoyed seeing the close up of the llama poo. It was so nice of you to enjoy an apple juice and chat with the duck lady. I'm sure your friend had a great time helping you choose the ducks and I look forward to reading more blog posts from you in the future. I will say a little prayer for Banana Joe tonight. xx PS. The ducks are very lucky to have an F&B painted house, hammered together by your good self!

  17. What a fab post GB, I particularly Like the photo if you
    Looking shocked.
    Also does your dad do BBQing naked..... He seems to know alot about what Bertha is doing!!
    Keep up the good work
    Love Alison - eloise's mum

  18. Now then Geordie Boy, it appears you have gained some fans. You have been complimented hither and thither by many folks on your writing. But let me tell you this, the only one you should pay any attention to is Gem because she does know what she is talking about. So when she says amazing work then you must believe her. She is a journalist, not the nasty fibbing sort, but a real life good honest journalist. So well done to you!

    Can I just say your surprised face gave me quite a jump. I found it almost a scary face...but I loved it. I'm super good at pulling faces too so I know a good one when I see one.

    What a lot of poo llama's create! I was thinking of getting some llama's for our paddock but I have changed my mind, buck teeth, spitting and dirty great dollops of turdy whatsits. No there's quite enough of that sort of thing inside the house what with my husband and 3 sons, don't need more outside thank you very much.

    The ducks are fab, I especially like the fact that the boy duck only cheaps, that the girls are louder, seems about right!! Loving their house too but not as much as your uber coo-el den. My eldest boy is 6 soon and he would so love a den like that. Did you use the hammer for that too?

    Tell your Mum I can't bear to see Bertha's pert bottom anymore, I feel so silly feeling inferior to a shop dummy!!

    Big bogeys and trumps,


  19. Geordie, that's a brilliant blog post - you're very funny, just like your mum. I love the new duck house (especially the tasteful blue colour) and, do you know what? Call ducks are my ABSOLUTE favourite ducks of all time. We stay on a farm in Devon every summer and they have call ducks and every time we go I want to pinch the ducks and take them home in my car, but I think they'd miss their pond (which is actually a big, old sink) so I have to leave them behind.
    Hope you have a brilliant summer holiday with lots of football and hammering things and not much in the way of school work
    Emily x

  20. I loved reading your blog post Geordie, although the news about BJ made me feel sad. Hope you will report more on the antics of the ducks v hens soon!
    p.s. loving the duck house.

  21. Nice one G.B your post is fab and can't wait to hear more about the mystery den friend, tell your mum well done on the granny's
    x x x x x x x x

  22. Hi you :)
    I actually knew that about flamingos, we saw thousands and thousands of them when we were in Kenya one year and the safari guide told us that their color comes from some small shellfish in their diet! Fun fact :)

    Hugs and a happy new week to you!

  23. How lovely to hear from you - I really enjoyed your post!! I bet it was such fun seeing all the different animals and choosing 3 ducks to take home!!

    You did a great job of painting the duck house!!

    I think you should get your Mum to sort out some trousers for Bertha, the poor girl will catch a chill!!

    S x

  24. Geordie, sorry to hear about your hamster. I am very happy to see that you have made room for more ducks. These are much bigger than I thought you would be getting. Since the last ducks were just babies. Fantastic house and pond for them. I could use your help painting around here although you wouldn't care for the heat. Your mum is such a lucky mum to have you help around the blog. Great job. Let us know how the ducks are doing...smiles...Renee in Kansas
    By the way it is 105' F here today eww!

  25. Only you could have a 'poo shot' (hilarious) I adore the ducks, and I will say it again, I am very envious of your birdy paradise. The new members of the brood are just gorgeous, and your boys are so scrummy.

  26. Oh what a wonderful post. Thank you for showing us everything about your day and selecting your new ducks. Um, that dead crow is scary!! yikes! If I was a crow, I certainly would not come around those parts anymore!

  27. I love this post, Geordie. Tell your Mum to let you do another one soon!

  28. Hi Geordie, I have to agree with you that the white duck with the red face does look a bit scary. I wouldn't like to have it in my yard! I think you made a really good choice, your ducks look lovely, and letting your friend choose one of the names was a really nice thing for you to do. I am very interested in hearing about your magic letter. I think your mum should let you do another post one day to update us about your magic letter.
    xXx Helen

  29. Thank you so much for this blog post Geordie, it made me laugh a whole lot! Although I'm sad to here about Banana Joe.. your right, what a funny name!
    Thank you for the close-up shot of the llama poo, I never knew what kind of poo they did before. Very interesting...
    Blimey, poor Bertha! She must get rather chilly out there with the ducks and chickens. Your Dad is definitely right though, she does look like she's cooking a BBQ! :-)
    Brilliant paint job on the ducks new house.. I love that colour blue, very tasteful indeed.

    Ashley xxx

  30. Loved this post Geordie, my kiddies would love to live at yours with all those ducks and trips to see larmas (and their poo :-)). Hope the duck loves its new home.


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