Saturday 5 March 2011

Our lovely friends swap Manchester for Sydney....

 When we met Sara and Andrew at our very first antenatal class almost 12 years ago we knew they would be friends for life....funny how you just know isn't it!?

They have always both been there for both of us, were incredibly supportive when Kenzie was poorly... but most importantly they have made us laugh, laugh again and LAUGH some more!

Before their adventure in Australia begins they've been doing the difficult last visits to all their friends and family, saying cheerio, coping with the emotions of those clossest to them, and doing a great job of trying to keep it in perspective.

So, it was our turn last night, and being ever so classy, we decided a friday night chippy tea was as good a send off as you could ask for. 
Unfortunatly, our even classier kids all ordered doner kebabs - and I draw the line at having photographic evidence of that on my (precious?) blog!! It feels bad enough just writing it!

Tastefulness returned with cupcakes and sparklers - unfortunatly my rubbish camera didn't cope to well but you get the idea!

Now, as you may have read, my #1 son has been particularly tricksy over the past few months....not last night! he sat with Sara and chatted away about his plans to woo the pretty girls in his class, and about how difficult it is to behave well when you are 'born obtuse'! 

This is sara having the kind of conversation I could only dream she explains that sometimes you need to take a long hard look in the proverbial mirror and check you feel comfortable with yourself. See my child absorbing her every word!!

Nobody really wants them to go (weeping all round) but we wish them lots and lots of love for their trip and all hope they meet some great new friends to laugh with!

And yes.....that looks like the very beginnings of an Easter tree starting to form....surely it's not to early?
fee x


  1. Very festive pictures, Fee. I like your idea of the sparkles in the cupcakes!
    Have a hApPY weekend xxx

  2. What sweet times...goodbyes are always so sad...but just think how much fun it will be to say "Hello" again!

    Your evening looked perfect! Your boys are charming.

    happy weekend...xoxoxo

  3. Ah bittersweet moments - I know them oh so well as my little brother and co live in Melbourne and Dad in Brisbane. You do savour every drop of time spent with them though.Your friends sound amazing. It will be so brilliant when you next see them I just know it,

    Love Sarah x


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