Monday 7 March 2011

New Spring blocks, despite the snow!

It snowed here in Manchster this morning, but only for about 5 minutes, after which the sun came out and stayed there all day!

The builders have (finally) made the driveway look vaguely like a driveway once more so I planted up some primroses at the front door to make it feel a little more like home should...

Inspired by their gorgeous colours I also made some new chipper nelly spring blocks...
Perfect for a sunny day! fee x


  1. Your blocks are lovely...the colours are amazing....and I am so glad the sun is shinning in your part of the means it is also shinning down on my daugher who is attending school over there.

    Sending you some Monday Joy!


  2. I did exactly the same thing today!! although your flowers look a lot brighter than mine, maybe I should have gone for those colourful ones onstead of trying to co-ordinate with my front door!! Snow! for goodness sake!! I am in denial about the 's' word!

  3. Loving the colours of those new blocks. Snow here too so wrapped up very warm before I left the house...soon regretted that when the sun came out in the afternoon and I was too too overdressed. Dam this transitional weather!

  4. It's so gray and cold here today so your primroses were a welcome sight. Your blocks are just lovely too. So cheerful!

  5. Those are really adorable...I love all the stuff you make - so talented!

  6. Love them, very cheery!

  7. What kind of paper did you use? These are beautiful.

  8. Hi. I'm a new fan of your lovely page. Great combination of paper. The birdies are so cute.


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