Thursday 30 June 2011


I'm in the club, I'm no longer green with envy, I can talk the language, I belong...

I  can  crochet!!
Ok, I exaggerate somewhat. I had one lesson and I've added 4 rows to a granny square.

What's more, my friendship with Jane survived (I hope?) and I'm allowed back for another lesson next week. Yippppeeee....
Thank you lovely and generous friend.

So, I'm taking a quick break from my crocheting (yipppeeeee) to have a quick blog surf, then back I go, with my little porky fingers weaving away like Edward Scissorhands! (I can't tell you how slow and cack-handed I am!)

So, what else?
Well, firstly I'd like to add this to my list of things I'd like for Christmas
available here
Isn't it amazing? and best of all there's only room for two - so the boys would have to be in the tent. Shame.

I also thought I'd share some pictures of my little nephews Sonny and Luca taken at the weekend. Sonny had a big balloon from the church fair and played catch for (what felt like) two hours!
It was so hard to capture in a photograph but you get the idea...
I love the over dramatic hands on head when he didn't catch it!

Meanwhile little Luca is such a quiet, gentle soul. He was mesmerised by a bead on granny's bracelet...

We love seeing them.
We also love our Mabel around - and tonight she's sleeping over! (downstairs with Granny)
I stupidly didn't take any photos today but can confirm that she LOVED my rendition (complete with an impressive dance routine) of Beyonce's 'If you like it then you should have put a ring on it'! Nelly laughed so much she nearly wee'ed.

I've also managed to put in some hours in the workshop over the last couple of days - making tons of teachers blocks

My friend Alison asked me to make her a little box for Evan's baby teeth. I did - and now feel guilty that I have no idea where any of my boys teeth are...(bad mother)

To be honest if I had a good root round the bottom of any random drawer I'd no doubt find them....

I also made this big block for my most regular customer (thank you Paula!) I hope Mrs Townsend likes it too...

That's it - as random as ever.
Before I go (back to my crochet!) has everyone else been getting the weird comment from the man who hates American women? I've left it in my comments from last post so you can share the craziness! (then I'll be deleting it)? My - he has some beef with you lovely ladies. Fortunate for us foreign (non American) ladies there are still such amazing men out there for us....! What the heck?
fee x
ps just to be clear - I don't actually get things like caravans for my Christmas!!! just in case you were wondering...


  1. Congratulations on the crochet and welcome to the dark side :)

  2. Hooray for crocheting (cack-handed or otherwise)! Congratulations and welcome to the wonderful world of the John Lewis yarn will never be the same again...
    Emily x

  3. Could we go halves on the trailer van?? it could be a moblie crochet club :) oh the possibilities x x x x x x

  4. Don't worry, I was like a duck with a shovel when I first learnt to crochet - it'll soon be second nature!!

    I have seen the anti-american women comment on someone else's blog - what a NUTTER!!

    S x

  5. Well done you! I saw a project in a magazine today that has convinced me I MUST learn to crochet - a dishcloth, no less! Love your teachers' blocks (as a part-time teacher I can say that any teacher would be really touched to receive one. And I want that caravan too!
    Cutest nephews!

  6. Yay! Congratulations on mastering crochet! Go you!! Soon you'll be taking photos of your delicious crochet makes to share with us :)

    Oh my GOD! How blinkin' bloomin' lovely & desirable is that caravan!? To die for :) Loving your teacher blocks and the tooth keepsake box is just lovely you clever talented lady :)

    Jo x x

  7. Duck with a spade!! Sarah you made me laugh.

    Now then Fee, I believe we must get together and learn every single move to that dance. Then we can go nuts with the spray tan and wigs and be a tribute band. Yes.


  8. Ooo. Entering the land of crochet at last!
    You will be brilliant in no time, missus.

  9. Now then, I want it noted that I left the above comment before reading your message at mine. So there! You are forgiven since I know it to be sheer green eyed monsterness and I really can't blame you!!! Wah haaaaa!

    Also want it noted that I am neglecting all other blogs to write on your twice. So there. Again.


    ps. i have that caravan.
    pps That was a fib. Just wanted to turn you a deeper shade of GREEN!!!!

  10. Yay! There will be no stopping you now. You did well to master it in one day, I'm still super slow.

    Laughed at the thought of you dancing to Beyonce and it made me snort with laughter again that Nelly laughed so hard she nearly peed. Ha ha ha! Can just imagine.

    Also laughed at the thing about the American-woman-hating man! My favourite bit of the comment was the 'check out my new blogspot, beautiful Indian women.. ha!)

    I always wish I'd been a teacher but never more so than at this time of year. They get wicked presents these days. I think I took my teacher a pair of deeley boppers once, that was it.

    Nicki xx

  11. We came across that kind of caravan last year and it was so cute inside! No toilet though... ;-)
    So now that you say you can crochet (yippie!) we want to see proof! ;-)
    And that crazy American, what can I say, a nutter indeed...

  12. Hahaha...imagining the dance now, sure it was a spectacle!! and yay welcome to the crochet club!!! As a newbie myself, it is nice to have someone else slow and a little ropey to join me! Sure you will be whizzing them out soon though - I only did one this evening, but I am pleased to say I have managed a little crochet every day for the last few weeks! (have got no social life) happy hooking! xxx

  13. hi, yes been a leftie cack handed whatever we are ha ha makes it slightly more difficult but well done you it is very addictve and the amercian man nutter what is he on ??

  14. You are sooooo funny...yes that crazy man has been stocking me too....what's up with that??? So sad he has nothing better to do with his time.

    Congratulations ...I bow down to are now one of those crochet gals I alway look up too....can't wait to see what you have been up to.

    Your sweetpeas are adorable...I want to bounce around a ball all day...good therapy.

    Hugs and love for a happy creative weekend. xoxoxoxo

  15. Super cute. I can't wait to see if Santa gets it down your chimney!
    Enjoy your your crochets....smiles...Renee

  16. OMG, that caravan is just gorgeous Fee, fingers crossed!!

    Well done you on the crochet, you'll be addicted from now on, post some pictures of your progress, I'm hoping to start my Granny Blanket while I am away next week.

    Go Beyonce!! shake that butt..


  17. Hurrah at cracking the crochet - welcome to the club :)

    I keep getting spammed by the Anti-american women man - I just delete him.

    BTW has the postie been??

  18. Fee, thank you so much for making me laugh again at your wonderful posts.
    I too would love the caravan for christmas but will be lucky to even get a tent. It is fabulous though.
    I'm off to check out why American women are so bad.

  19. Well done with the crochet - I'm not quite in the 'club' yet! I've lusted after those caravans for a while - for the moment I'll have to make do with a dinky toy one I aquired the other day!

  20. Absolutely LOVE those blocks you've made. How do you do those for heaven's sake?
    And I may well join you and Cuckoo in the Beyonce dance stakes, especially if you get that caravan.
    I am sure the three of us could shoe horn ourselves into it.
    May be hard doing the booty shake though......
    Have a wonderful weekend my lovely and thanks for your recent post on my blog.
    x x

  21. Hooray for 'clicking' with crochet!!! Show us, show us!

    Dearest pictures of your nephews and I love your blocks - what a gorgeous idea.

    Shame that tosspot has cropped up again - I had the same comment to a post of mine a couple of months ago.

    Have a super weekend.


  22. Loved your random post! oohh I may have to add that caravan to my wish list and congrats on the crochet.

  23. Welcome to the crochet fold! Looking forward to seeing your first crochet blanket some time next week! Love the mini caravan although slight claustrophobic symptoms are bubbling to the surface every time I imagine trying to sleep in one of those things. Maybe not for me after all. Can I just say, Dr Seuss rocks, as do the two cute kids in the photos. No, I am not getting broody, honestly.

  24. Hooray you can crochet! Now to start with grand and impossible projects! That van looks very cute, but I would kick hubby out into the tent and keep it all for myself :)
    xXx Helen

  25. I just ADORE YOU!!! I can feel your EXUBERANCE as well in your wonderful images and perfect word choice to describe your day. You just make me laugh! And oh dearest....the coats on my post...teeeheeee....put your seat belt on...there is more where that came from !! Oh I love that aqua colored balloon the little man is playing with!!! Now you go and get in your little trailer, crochet, listen to the music with your eyes and make THE MAGIC!


  26. You crack me up Fee! I love how your posts dart here and there with every kind of curious tid bit! Makes for good reading! I too want a little camper (love the shape and color of the one you picked!) and I too want to learn how to crochet! Congrats! Must feel good...

  27. Okay. I'm jealous! I want to learn how to crochet! But I have to tackle the other things I've started on and made basically no progress with: embroidery, quilting, sewing...
    I can't tell you how much I agree with you on the camper - it's adorable! My Mister and I have been keeping an eye out for an older, cheaper Airstream trailer to fix up. I'm insiting on one because you can't camp in a tent in Kentucky. He'll get a kick out of this one when I show him...


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